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Ian Winstanley

Alphabetical List of Mining Victims in Great Britain

1870 - 1879

- Y -

YALE John 1872 - 06/12/1872 – Age 21 – Miner. Dawley, Coalbrookdale Co., Wellington, Shropshire. Breakage of three link chain. 8 killed.

YARD W 1870 - 26/05/1870 – Pikeman. Park Lane, Messrs Colbourn, Tipton, Stafford. Injured by premature explosion of gunpowder whilst charging the hole 19th. Died this day.

YARKER John 1875 - 20/07/1875 – Hewer. Howden, George Hutchinson and Co., Crook, Co. Durham. Fall of stone.

YARWOOD Henry 1878 - 27/03/1878 – Age 17. Apedale, Stanier and Co., Newcastle, Stafford. Explosion of firedamp 23 killed.

YATES David 1872 - 31/10/1872 – Age 34 - Coalminer. Hagside, Knowles and Hall, Radcliffe, Lancashire. Coal falling.

YATES E 1870 - 27/09/1870 – Age 60 – Collier. Bradley Green, Bradbury, Congleton, Cheshire. Fall of roof.

YATES George 1873 - 21/11/1873 – Age 32 - Collier. Menses, W and J Turner, Wigan, Lancashire. Explosion of gas in Yard Mine. 7 killed.

YATES George T. 1875 - 24/09/1875 – Age 13 – Drawer. Ince Hall, Ince Hall Coal and Cannel Co. Ltd., Wigan, Lancashire. Fall of roof.

YATES J. 1873 - 22/01/1873 – Age 21 – Bondsman. West Cannock, West Cannock Colliery Co., Cannock, Stafford. Explosion of firedamp. Injured 9th. Died this day. 2 killed.

YATES James (injured) 1879 - 11/04/1879 - Manager. Red Walls, Thomas Simpson and Co., Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire. Hurt by pipe he was assisting to put in shaft.

YATES James 1872 - 15/11/1872 – Age 58 – Underlooker. Park Hall, Arley Main Co., Blackrod, Lancashire. Crushed in riding down the engine plane. It was near the bottom and was caused by a long timber intended for a coupling which had been sent down lying upon the top of three tubs in the previous train and the end of it without having been perceived by the bank rider or anyone had moved to one side as the waggons turned round a curve in the siding.

YATES James 1877 - 07/03/1877. Yew Tree, Tyldesley Coal Co., Tyldesley, Lancashire. Falling in the shaft while removing a scaffold.

YATES James William 1872 - 07/10/1872 – Age 14. Morley, W Ackroyd Bros., Leeds, Yorkshire. Explosion of gas. 34 killed.

YATES John 1870 - 04/10/1870 – Age 14 – Assistant banksman. Ashtons Field, Bridgewater Trust, Little Hulton, Lancashire. Falling off the stage to the ground. Died 19th Nov.

YATES Joseph 1875 - 09/11/1875 – Age 25 - Sinker. Aldridge, Aldridge Colliery Co., Walsall, Stafford. On the day of this very unusual and unfortunate accident, and whilst two sinkers were descending the pit on change of shift, the "bow" of an ascending full bowk snapped, and, together with its contents, fell down the shaft and striking the two deceased men, killed them on the spot, several others at the bottom escaping in a remarkable manner. So fortunate an escape was doubtless due to the large size of the shaft. After the accident the point of fracture exhibited a flaw in the iron, the result of bad manufacture, or the making of the "bow" by unskilled hands afterwards. 2 killed. (Durham Mining Museum)

YATES Peter 1870 - 09/01/1871 – Age 32 - Sinker. Parr, Richard Evans and Sons, St., Helens, Lancashire. Fall of dirt from sides.

YATES Richard 1870 - 22/03/1870 – Age 64 - Labourer. Bickershaw, Ackers Whitley, Wigan, Lancashire .A coal tub falling on him above ground.

YATES Roger (injured) 1879 - 12/11/1879 – Dayman. Towneley, Brooks and Pickup, Burnley, Lancashire. Back hurt by a coupling and some dirt falling he having knocked out a prop under the coupling whilst turning a tram load of rails on a platform.

YATES Thomas 1870 - 01/11/1870 – Age 27 – Banksman. Holme House, Ralph Rommer, Wigan, Lancashire. Falling into pit from surface.

YAUDLE William 1875 - 26/02/1875 – Age 28 – Haulier. Risca, London and South Wales Co., Risca, Monmouth. Crushed by trucks on surface.

YEARDLEY H. 1877 - 31/05/1877 – Age 13 - Gin driver. Thorncliffe, Newton Chambers and Co., Sheffield, Yorkshire. Fell down shaft.

YELLOWLEY Thomas 1878 - 02/02/1878 – Age 45 - Master shifter. Newbottle, D Earl of Durham. Fence Houses, Co. Durham. Caught by fall of stone while renewing timber in an old board.

YEMM E. 1876 - 08/08/1876 – Age 32 – Collier. East Slade, New Bowson Coal Co., Forest of Dean, Glamorgan. Fall of roof.

YEMM George 1871 - 09/12/1871 – Timberman. Victoria, Ebbw Vale Co. Ltd., Ebbw Vale, Monmouth. Fall of roof in No.6 colliery.

YORK J 1872 - 13/04/1872 – Age 35 – Hewer. Seaton Delaval, Seaton Delaval Coal Co., Newcastle, Northumberland. Crushed by tubs.

YORK Noah 1871 - 24/05/1871 – Age 21 – Collier. Cross Knave, Benjamin Davis, Forest of Dean, Gloucester. Fall of coal.

YORK W. 1874 - 14/04/1874 – Banksman. Kemberton, Anstice and Co., Shifnal, Stafford. Struck by spur wheel which broke.

YOUNG Arthur 1873 - 29/10/1873 – Age 49 – Collier. Twerton, Bath Coal Co., Twerton, Somerset. Heavy fall of stone. 2 killed.

YOUNG David 1879 - 31/12/1879 – Age 37 - Coal trimmer. Four Feet Level Aberdare, Rhondda Coal Co., Hirwain, Glamorgan. Crushed between buffers of two trucks at the screens.

YOUNG George 1875 - 02/11/1875 – Age 16 – Putter. West Cramlington, JC Lamb and Co., Newcastle, Northumberland. Fall of stone. Died 16th Nov.

YOUNG George 1878 - 08/03/1878 – Age 34 – Collier. Barrwood No.2, William Baird and Co., Kilsyth, Ayrshire. By fire in shaft and explosion of firedamp. 17 killed.

YOUNG George William 1879 - 13/08/1879 – Age 14 - Helper-up. Usworth, Elliot and Johnassohn, Gateshead, Co. Durham. Crushed by tubs in inclined plane.

YOUNG Henry 1871 - 02/06/1871 – Age 15 – Labourer. Mells, Vobster and Mells Co., Mells, Somerset. Fell on pick 2nd June and received injuries he died 7th. He had been to the smiths to get his tools sharpened and on returning slipped on the rails and the point of the pick entered his neck.

YOUNG Hugh 1871 - 17/07/1871 – Age 20 – Collier. Rhymney, Rhymney Iron Co., Rhymney, Monmouth. Fall of coal by two slips.

YOUNG J 1876 - 07/09/1876 – Age 16 – Driver. West Retford, B Huntsman, Rotherham, Yorkshire. Crushed by corves.

YOUNG James 1870 - 07/01/1870 – Age 45 – Hewer. Dearham, J and F Walker, Maryport, Cumberland. Fall of coal.

YOUNG James 1875 - 11/01/1875 – Age 46 – Sinker. Tinsley, B Huntsman, Rotherham, Yorkshire. Fell into sump from scaffold.

YOUNG James 1877 - 12/09/1877 – Age 18 – Carter. Clandown, Messrs Hollwey, Somerset. Killed by trams.

YOUNG John 1871 - 17/04/1871 – Age 52 – Deputy. West Cramlington, W Maud and Partners, Newcastle, Northumberland. Fall of stone.

YOUNG John 1873 - 04/09/1873 – Age 20 – Collier. Garrion Gill, Coltness Iron Co., Cambusnethan, Lanark. His father and he descended the shaft the former had stepped off when the cage with the latter fell to the bottom. It appears that the cotteril which kept the bolt in the muzzle had come out unobserved and the bolt had gradually worked out.

YOUNG John 1877 - 06/03/1877 – Age 50 – Joiner. Ryhope, Ryhope Coal Co Ltd., Sunderland, Co. Durham. Crushed by shill board of a matal drum falling in him while removing it in pit.

YOUNG John 1879 - 14/02/1879 – Hewer. Asby, Executors of W Irving, Whitehaven, Cumberland. Fall of coal.

YOUNG Robert 1879 - 03/11/1879 – Age 51 – Surveyor. Littleburn, North Brancepeth Coal Co. Ltd., Durham, Co. Durham. Neck dislocated by meeting the empty set of tubs on engine plane in Busty Seam.

YOUNG Thomas 1872 - 28/10/1872 – Age 46 – Underviewer. North Staveley, Staveley Coal and Iron Co., Sheffield, Yorkshire. Fall of roof.

YOUNG Thomas 1874 - 14/08/1874 – Age 21 – Stoneman. Dipton, John Bowes and Partners, Gateshead, Co. Durham. Explosion of powder.

YOUNG William 1871 - 25/10/1871 – Age 67 – Shifter. Seaham No.3, Earl Vane, Sunderland, Co. Durham. Explosion of gas. 26 killed.

YOUNG William 1872 - 14/09/1872 – Age 42 - Sinker. Springhill No.1, Pettigrew and Spencer, Baillieston, Lanark. Fell part way down by a bunting giving way.

YOUNG William 1873 - 09/01/1873 – Age 16 - In charge of incline. South Hetton, South Hetton Coal Co., Fence Houses, Co. Durham. Struck by prop while riding in set.

YOUNG William 1877 - 06/09/1877 – Age 48 – Shiftman. Binchester, Bolcklow Vaughan and Co. Ltd., Bishop Auckland, Co. Durham. While engaged in taking plates out of board a piece of stone fell on his leg and head for long suffered from heart disease. It is supposed he died from fright. There were no injuries to his body.

YOUNG William 1878 - 11/09/1878 – Roadman. Abercarn, Ebbw Vale Iron Co., Abercarn, Monmouthshire. Explosion of firedamp. 268 killed.

YOURAN James 1870 - 29/01/1870 – Age 14 – Driver. Wearmouth Bell, Stobart and Co., Monkwearmouth, Co. Durham. Run over by set of tubs on engine plane. 2 killed.

YOURIN William 1873 - 10/12/1873 – Age 37 – Hewer. Wearmouth Bell, Stobart and Co., Sunderland, Durham. Run over by tub.

YUILL Robert 1878 - 13/06/1878 – Age 50 – Brusher. Braidholm, Nitshill and Lesmahagow Coal Co., Lesmahagow, Lanark. Fall of side in a road while drilling a hole to blast it. Long wall.

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