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A Comprehensive History Of Mining In The Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire And Leicestershire Coalfields - Page 40


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Peter Hewes - Silverhill Colliery Management
Tessa Safhill - Portland Fields, Kirkby-in-Ashfield
Anthony Hopkins - My Father, Edward Arthur Hopkins
Cathy Budworth - Where Can I Get a Markham Colliery Print
Peter Whattler - Colourful Coal Names

Peter Hewes
13 Jul 2018
Silverhill Colliery Management

Update for the above

S.Parkin (Manager Silverhill et al, died 2017) He was manager after Brian Allen and was replaced by Ian Clayton when he went off to manage Welbeck.

Undermanager, A Britton left 1992 to go to Harworth.
Replaced by Mark Bradbury early 1992 ... there to closure.

Mr Flynn was an assistant undermanager who went to Asfordby.


Peter Hewes

Ex Deputy Manager ... Silverhill Colliery
(I left in 1993 to become an offshore Inspector with the HSEx, and later worked for BP).

Tessa Safhill 
Wed 11 Jul 2018
Portland Fields, Kirkby-in-Ashfield

Dear Webmaster,

I'm interested in early industry in the upper Erewash Valley and am finding your site completely absorbing....

I'm very intrigued by a number of references on Robert Bradleys 'History of Mining' site to Benjamin Outram and Company / The Butterley Company in connection with their activities in Kirkby-in-Ashfield in the area of Portland Fields.

There's an entry for Portland Fields under the year header 1760, and another (1954) within the information for the Portland Pits; there are a few others scattered throughout.

In particular there are references to a blast furnace at / near Portland Fields / Lower Portland, with ironstone being mined in the vicinity and delivered directly to the furnace.

I wondered if there might be further information about this, as I would be very interested in following it up; any advice you might be able to give as to sources / references would also be very much appreciated.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Best wishes,

Teresa Safhill

First of all I am delighted that there is information in my work relating to the Portland pits that you are interested in. For a time I was a member of the committee, meeting at Jacksdale, and supplied plans and information to the Portland Path Project. Unfortunately I had to resign due to my wife's disability and awkward time schedules for meetings. However a book was produced in 2012 by Martyn Taylor - Cockayne called The Portland Path. ISBN: 978-0-9572416-0-2 which may contain information you require. Martyn lives in Jacksdale, and maybe he is in the phone book. He could help you. Another source is the Derbyshire archives at Matlock. Try them as they have a lot of info for Butterley Co. I hope this is helpful. Regards, Bob Bradley

Anthony Hopkins
6 July 2018
My Father, Edward Arthur Hopkins
Hello Bob

A friend of mine passed me a URL of your site, it is a very interesting site and there has obviously been much love and attention to get such a wealth of information in one place.

My father had a career in mining. He worked his way up from a lad in the mines, I think he started at Denby in Derbyshire from the age of 14 which would have been in 1922. He retired from Swanwick in 1968 or 1969, cannot quite remember.

Like many miners he would not entertain the idea of his sons working underground.

His name was Edward Arthur Hopkins not Ernest.



Cathy Budworth
4 May 2018
Markham Colliery Prints

I am looking to try and get a copy of a print of the layout of Markham colliery.

I visited the site at Pleasley today and they had a print by Coles or Cotes J Jones a sketch showing the layout of the pit.

Have you any idea where I could purchase a copy or indeed something similar black and white drawings of Markham pit in Derbyshire.

I have met an ex-miner and it would be lovely if I could  get something  for a present  for him



Peter Whattler
20 Apr 2018
Colourful Coal Names
As someone with no pedigree in coal I find it fascinating all the different names for the coal seams – thank you for presenting these.

I guess my reason for emailing is to ask if you know anyone that could enhance the lists by adding the names of the other rocks that had to be mined through – some of the names I have come across are really colourful – I wonder who and why these names were established – sure there must be some interesting tales here!!

Thanks for the site

I have added some Strata Names, Trusting this will give you an insight into geology.
Bob Bradley