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Book 8 – Retired Surveyor


List of Collieries - Page 3

Collieries & Owners: The list is incomplete and I am continually researching and updating as information is found

Date Colliery Open or Closed Owners
1800 Alfreton sunk Rev’d Henry Case Morewood
  Barlborough Common closed  
  Coal Aston sunk  
  Coleorton closed  
  Deep Foundation sunk Earl of Moira
  Four Lane Ends closed Morewood
  Gander Lane closed Morewood
  Gresley Hall closed Sir Nigel Gresley
  Marsh closed Eckington
  Shilo some closed Skegby Colliery Co,  
  Smoile sunk (Leicestershire)
  Swannigton closed (Leicestershire)
  Swanwick Cinder opened Morewood
  Wollaton accident Lord Middleton  
1801 Farnsworth closed Morewood
  Overthorpe closed  
  Parkin sunk Morewood (Swanwick)
  Skegby Old Wharf sunk Dodsley
  Springwood sunk Skegby Colliery Co
  Stoney Dale sunk Nadin
1802 Beggarlee sunk Thomas Barber
  Bilborough sunk Thomas Barber
  Brinsley sunk Jos Wilkes
  Brinsley New sunk William Fenton 
  Britain sunk Gabriel Britain
  Butterley sunk Benjamin Outram 
  Cinder pits, Cinderhill sunk Morewood
  Codnor Park sunk Outram
  Cossall sunk Middleton 
  Denby sunk William Drury Lowe
  Eastwood sunk Luke Jackson & John Bourne
  Farnsworth’s sunk Morewood
  Greasley sunk James Potter & John Bourne
  Hartshay sunk Butterley Co
  Hartshay sunk James Fletcher & Henry Hunter
  Heanor sunk Sutton
  Heanor sunk Thomas Charlton
  Ilkeston sunk  
  Newthorpe  sunk  
  Parkin sinking Morewood
  Pentrich sunk Thomas Pearson & Henry Goodwin
  Pinxton opened Rev’d D’Ewes Coke
  Pinxton Mill opened Thomas and Sam Hodgkinson
  Ripley opened Henry Hunter
  Ripley opened James Fletcher & Henry Moore
  Robeyfield  opened  
  Shipley opened Edward Miller-Mundy
  Simonfield opened  
  Skegby old Wharf opened Dodsley or Skegby Colliery Co
  Somercotes opened Rev’d Henry Case Morewood
  Springwood opened Dodsley or Skegby Colliery Co
  Stoney Dale opened Nadin
  Swanwick opened Morewood
  Wollaton opened Lord Middleton
1803 Clay sinking Morewood    
  Lodge closed  
  North  opened Morewood
  Spinney opened Wilkes
  Staveley closed Staveley Colliery Co.
1804 Beresford Moor closed  
  Biggin closed  
  Bole Hill closed  
  Clays sunk Morewood
  North sunk Morewood
  Potters closed Sam Potter 
  Spinney or Double sunk Moira
  Trowell Moor  opened  
1805 Adelphi sunk  
  Alton Grange closed (Leicestershire)
  Blackwell opened Eddison to boundary with Hucknall, Mellers
  Cossall opened Lord Middleton (1795-1800 sunk), leased to Barber Walker
  Heather   closed William & Robert Abney
  Oaktree sinking Morewood
  Parkins opened Morewood
1806 Awsworth closed Awsworth Coal Co
  Beauvale Abbey closed Barber Walker 
  Bond opened Morewood
  Bramcote closed  
  Denby  closed Lowe
  Dimingsdale closed Chambers
  Eastwood  closed Barber Walker
  Greenhill Lane opened Morewood
  Oaktree sunk Morewood
  Skegby Old Wharf  closed Mrs Lindley
  Swanwick opened Morewood
  Wood End  closed Skegby Colliery Co
1807 Baker closed  
  Barlborough Widespread closed  
  Beauvale 1-8 sunk Barber Walker
  Beggarlee sunk Barber Walker
  Berristow  closed South Normanton Colliery Co.
  Bond sunk Morewood
  Brinsley Old sunk Barber Walker
  Brinsley New sunk Kirkby Fenton
  Brinsley Brook Cordy Lane sunk  
  Bank End Whaley Bridge sunk  
  Eastwood sunk Dr. Manston
  Four Lane Ends sunk Boden
  Furnace or Harveys sunk  
  Gander Lane closed (Killamarsh)
  Greasley sunk accident
  Little Common   closed (Brampton)
  Oaktree sunk Morewood
  Skegby Wharf sunk Dodsley
  Skegby working Dodsley, accident
  Stanfrey or Horsecroft  closed  
  Stanton closed Stanton Iron Works
  Clays Whymsey sunk Morewood
  Waterfield closed  
  Woodhouse Lane closed  
1808 Aldercar sunk Butterley Co
  Ankerbold sunk  
  Arborlands sunk  
  Ashgate closed Barnes
  Aperknowl Common closed  
  Baker Pit sunk Morewood
  Bank End sunk (Whaley Bridge)
  Carter Lane closed Mr Heslehurst
  Clay’s Whymsey sunk Clay
  Coldwell closed (Renishaw Park)
  Cossall closed  
  Holbrook closed  
  Little Common sunk (Brampton)
  Lumsdale closed   
  Newbold Common closed   
  Nitticar closed   
  Overthorpe closed  (Killamarsh)
  Skegby Wharf sunk Dodsley
1809 Berristow sunk  
  Calow Old Level closed   
  Carter Lane closed  Mr Heslehurst
  Donisthorpe closed Mammatt, underground fire
  Greasley sunk  
  Holbrook closed  
  Hucknall New sunk Mellers
  Lane Pit sunk Morewood
  Pike pit sunk Lord Middleton
  Wood Nook closed  
1810 Alderwasley sunk EM Wass, lessee
  Alton Grange closed (Leicestershire)
  Awsworth closed Awsworth Coal Co.
  Berristow (…?) 2 shafts closed (South Normanton)
  Bilborough working Barber, pit renamed Hollywood
  Blackfordby sunk  
  Bramcote closed (Stapleford)
  Bretby sunk  
  Cockspur opened (Donisthorpe)
  Coleorton sunk  
  Cossall closed Lord Middleton
  Donisthorpe closed Edward Mammatt
  Dronfield sunk Morton, Drabble & Bennett
  Folly pit  sunk Morewood
  Gosley Waste sunk  
  Hallfields sunk  
  Heath End sunk  
  Heather sunk (Leicestershire)
  Holbrook closed (⅓ mile East of town)
  Little Common closed (Brampton, 1½ miles West of Chesterfield)
  Littleworth sunk  
  Lount New sunk Sir Geoffrey Beaumont
  Lount Old closed Earl Ferrers
  Measham sunk  
  Milk Hill sunk  
  Nether Leys closed (South Derbyshire)
  Newhall sunk  
  Newhall Park sunk  
  Oakthorpe sunk  
  Overthorpe closed (Killamarsh)
  Packington sunk  
  Perkins sunk  
  Pistern Hill sunk  
  Ripley closed  
  Robey East Fieled closed Drury Lowe
  South Wood sunk  
  Stanfree or Horsecroft closed  
  Stanton sunk  
  Staunton Harold sunk  
  Swadlincote sunk Fletcher Bullivant
  Swadlincote area sunk Bernard Dewes (previously Sir Nigel Gresley)
  Sweet Hill sunk  
  Swepstone sunk  
  Swepstone sunk  
  Waterfield closed  
  Warren Hill Furnace sunk  
  Woodenbox sunk  
  Woodfield sunk  
  Whiteley re-opened Butterley (closed since 1715)
1811 Aspley (Espley) closed Lord Middleton, 1763/65 as Engine pit
  Bagthorpe sunk Fenton
  Brinsley New or Bagthorpe sunk Fenton
  Brinsley Old closed Barber Walker
  Brook pit  closed Donisthorpe
  Dam pit sunk Morewood (Swanwick)
  Grass Hill sunk John Brocksop
  Heath sunk Humphrey Goodwin
  Ilkeston sunk James Potter
  Pinxton sunk D’Ewes Coke
  Riddings sunk Nathaniel Edwards, James Oakes
  Riddings sunk David Mushet
  Shilo pits closed Skegby Colliery Co
  Shipley sunk Edward Miller Mundy
  Swanwick sunk George Haslam
1812 Bath pit sunk Moira
  Crabtree sunk Morewood
  Hallfield sunk (South Derbyshire)
  Lower Somercotes/Smotherfly sunk Turner?
  Measham closed Fisher and Simmonds
  Newhall sunk William Nadin
  Newhall nearby sunk William Nadin
  Orchard pit closed Morewood
  Springwood sunk (South Derbyshire)
  Waterfield sunk (South Derbyshire)



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