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Book 8 – Retired Surveyor


List of Collieries - Page 6

Collieries & Owners: The list is incomplete and I am continually researching and updating as information is found

Date Colliery Open or Closed Owners
1869 Holmewood sinking Hardwick Colliery Co
  Molyneux inrush Buxton, closed temp
  Skegby closed John Dodsley
  Speedwell (Notts) closed  
  Teversall Butcherwood sunk Stanton Ironworks 1867-1869
1870 Alabama closed  
  Holmewood opened Hardwick Colliery Co
  New Heanor sunk Sutton
  Nutbrook sunk  
  Tibshelf 1,2 sunk Tibshelf Colliery Co
  Waingroves closed Butterley Co
1871 Albert sunk Sheepbridge Coal & Iron Co
  Clay Cross Co developing Taken over by Sir Wm Jackson
1872 A Winning sunk Blackwell Colliery Co
  Beggarlee closed Barber Walker
  Bestwood sunk Bestwood Colliery Co
  Brinsley sunk Barber Walker
  Eastwood closed Barber Walker
  Eastwood Hill Top changed T  North’s pits held by J Wright sold to C Seeley
  Mapperley sunk Mapperley Colliery Co or Checkland & Co
  Watnall sunk Barber Walker
  Whiteborough closed Skegby Colliery Co
1873 Barlborough closed Staveley Coal & Iron Co
  Cossall 3 sunk Cossall Colliery Co
  Oxcroft 3 sunk Oxcroft Colliery Co
  Shirland sinking Shirland Colliery Co
  Skegby closed Skegby Colliery Co
  Steetley sunk Shireoaks Colliery Co
1874 Albert sunk Barrow
  Heanor Lane     re-opened Mrs. Sutton
  Ilkeston sunk Stanton Ironworks Co
  Ireland sunk Staveley Coal & Iron Co
  Linby sunk Linby Colliery Co
  Old Wingfield closed  
  Newstead     sunk Newstead Colliery Co
  Pye Hill sunk James Oakes
  New Skegby sinking Skegby Colliery Co
  Selston (Underwood) sinking Barber Walker
  Watnall New sunk Barber Walker
  Wollaton sunk Wollaton Colliery Co
1875 Albert closed Derbyshire Silkstone Co
  B Winning sunk Blackwell Colliery Co
  Coppice sunk Stanton Ironworks Co
  Dunstead closed John Beardsley
  Grassmoor sunk Barnes & Co
  Pleasley sunk Stanton Ironworks Co
  Shirland sunk Shirland Colliery Co to S Yorks Miners’ Association
  Southgate sunk Shireoaks Co
1876 Commonside Heanor sunk Mrs. Sutton?
  New Hucknall sunk New Hucknall Colliery Co
  New London sunk Digby Colliery Co
  Old Hucknall closed Hucknall Colliery Co
  Pollington sunk Jas Oakes
  Silver Hill closed / dev Stanton Ironworks deepening DC & new UC shaft
  Steetley sunk Shireoaks Colliery Co
1877 Alma 1,2,3 closed Geo Turner
  Awsworth sunk Awsworth Colliery Co
  Ell sunk  
  Giltbrook sunk  
  Granby sunk Butterley Co
  Manners sunk Manners Colliery Co
  Shirland changed sold to Benton & Woodiwiss
1878 Gents Hill sunk Clay Cross Co
  Grassmoor sunk Barnes
  Hornthorpe closed  
  Lodge sunk Wm Hall
  Renishaw Park closed J and G Wells
  St John’s closed College
  Silver Hill sinking deeper New pit, Stanton Ironworks Co
  Temple Normanton sunk Temple Normanton Colliery Co
  Tibshelf 3,4 sunk Tibshelf Colliery Co
1879 Langwith sinking (1876) Staveley Coal & Iron Co
  Molyneux closed Lord Carnarvon
1880 Cotmanhay closed Butterley Co
  Hartington closed  
  Hill House closed  
  Langwith sunk Staveley Coal & Iron Co;
opened, sinking 1876-1880
  New Skegby sunk renamed Brierley Hill, Skegby Colliery Co
  Pentrich sunk Haslam
  Rutland sunk Whitehouse?
  Springwell sunk  
  Tom Lane sunk Barrow
1881 Avenue sunk Clay Cross Co
  Carnfield closed Coke, abandoned
  Eastwood closed Barber Walker
  Exhibition 9 closed Butterley Co
  Marehay Main closed Fords
  New Main sunk Butterley Co
  Trowell Moor sunk Dunn
1882 Glapwell sunk Sheepbridge Coal Co
  Ilkeston closed  
  Markham 1 sinking Staveley Coal & Iron Co
  Newcastle sunk T North
1883 Ell closed  
1884 Hasland & Storforth closed  
  Markham 1, 2 sinking Staveley Coal & Iron Co,    
  New Brampton closed  
  New Hucknall 3 sunk New Hucknall Colliery Co
1886 Alfreton sunk Blackwell Colliery Co
  Heanor Lane sunk  
  Marehay closed Butterley Co
  New Heanor sunk Mrs Sutton
  Old Beighton closed  
  Selston sunk Barber Walker
  Underwood closed Barber Walker
1887 Addys closed Bennett
  Granby closed Butterley Co
  Hundall closed  
  Markham 4 sunk Staveley Coal & Iron Co
  New Winnings Footrill sunk  
  Portland 2 developing Butterley Co
  Stoneyford closed Butterley Co
1888 Shirland sunk sold to Blackwell Colliery Co
1889 Boythorpe closed Boythorpe Colliery Co
  Reservoir (Chesterfield) sunk  
  Winterbank closed South Normanton Colliery Co
1890 Bolsover sunk Bolsover Colliery Co
  Kirkby (Summit) sunk Butterley Co
  Portland 2 (Jerry) closed Butterley Co
  Whitwell sunk Shireoaks Colliery Co
1891 Bathurst Main closed Bathurst?
  Church (Heanor) closed  
  Peacock drift opened  
1892 Albert closed Sheepbridge Coal & Iron Co
  Forty Horse closed Butterley Co
  New Selston sunk J Oakes
  Old Dunston closed Beardsley?
  South Normanton sinking South Normanton Colliery Co
  Winterbank pumping South Normanton Colliery Co
1893 Grasscroft Wood closed Barnes?
  Mexbro’ closed Butterley Co
  Nesfield New sunk  
  Old Nesfield closed  
  South Normanton sunk South Normanton Colliery Co
  Stanley closed  
  Tibshelf 3, 4 sunk Tibshelf Colliery Co
  Top Mexbro’ closed Butterley Co
  Watnall sunk Barber Walker
1894 Mexbro’ (Bog & Wink) closed Butterley Co,  flooded
1895 Nelson Street Heanor sunk  
  Pinxton 1,3 closed Pinxton Coal Co
  Unstone closed Unstone Coal Co
  Warsop Main sunk Staveley Coal & Iron Co
1896 Barlborough sunk  
  Bentinck sunk New Hucknall Colliery Co   
  Commonside Heanor  sunk  
  Creswell sunk Bolsover Colliery Co
  Peacock drift sunk water  
  Pebley sunk  
1897 Bond’s Main sunk Staveley Coal & Iron Co
  Kilburn sunk J Ray
  Kimberley sunk T North
  Markham 4 sunk Staveley Coal & Iron Co
  Owl Coates sunk  
  Shirebrook sunk Shirebrook Colliery Co
1898 Albert closed  
  Awsworth closed Awsworth Iron & Coal Co
  Holme closed  
  Lings closed  
  Peawit closed John Chambers
1899 Arkwright drift, Calow sunk Staveley Coal & Iron Co
  Brierley Hill, renamed  working Sutton Colliery, Blackwell Colliery Co
  Woodside 2, 3  sunk Miller Mundy
1900 Radford  sunk Wollaton Colliery Co
1901 Babbington 5  sunk Babbington Colliery Co
  Oxcroft  sunk Oxcroft Colliery Co



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