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Book 8 – Retired Surveyor


List of Collieries - Page 4

Collieries & Owners: The list is incomplete and I am continually researching and updating as information is found

Date Colliery Open or Closed Owners
1813 Bath pit sunk Moira
  Coal Aston closed 4 Shafts  
  Denby Old closed Lowe 
  Fernylee    sinking (North West Derbyshire)
  Quon pit sunk Morewood
  Smotherfly sunk Turner?
  Stone House Foundation opened  
  2 o’clock Sun opened (Salterwood)
  Waterloo  Jacksdale sunk  
  Wellingtons sunk Morewood
1814 Fernylee    closed (North West Derbyshire)
1815 Chest closed North West Coalfield
  Combes Moss closed  
  Deep Foundation (Moira) closed Underground fire
  Fernilee closed  
  Gap Sitch closed  
  Hay Clough closed  
  Latche closed  
  Mousetrap closed  
  Notbury closed  
  Quarnford closed  
  Robinsclough closed  
  Stoneyford changed George Woolley to Thomas Fletcher & Robert Wood
1816 Bramley Moor sinking Joseph and George Wells
  Lings closed Joseph Butler  
  Marquis sunk Marquis of Hastings
  Norbriggs closed Barrow? (Staveley)
  Smotherfly sunk Turner
  Whimsey pit sinking Joseph & George Wells (Mosborough)
1817 Bassett Pit sunk John Ray (Kilburn)
  Eastwood sunk Barber Walker
  Shipley Field pit sunk Mundy
  Smotherfly sunk Turner
1818 Eastwood sunk Samuel Deakin
  Greasley accident Attenborough
  Hill Top sunk Richardson and Co.
  Lings sunk Joseph Butler
  Norbriggs closed Barrow? (Staveley)
  Whymsey  closed J and G Wells
  Wollaton accident Lord Middleton
1819 Double Pit sunk Moira
  Lightwood sunk Morewood
  Meadow Pit sunk Morewood
  Old Delves sunk Morewood
  Old Stoneyford sunk Earl of Mexborough
  Portland No1 sunk Butterley Co
  Stoneyford sunk Butterley Co
  Staveley closed Richard Barrow
  Whimsey sunk (Eckington)
1820 Bramley Moor sunk Mark Morton 
  Cockspur closed (Donisthorpe)
  Dunsil pit sunk George Goodwin & Peter Webster 
  Heanor Hall sunk Mrs Sutton
  Heanor, Whysall Street sinking Turton
  Pentrich Foundation sunk Haslam
  Portland No 1 sunk Butterley Co
  Rawdon sunk Moira Colliery Co
  Whitwick sunk (Leics)
1821 Birchwood Lane sunk CRP Morewood
  Glossop No9 sunk Glossop
  Glossop’s sough dev sunk Glossop
  Long Lane (Whitwick later) sinking William Stenson
  Lounsley Green sunk Sir George Sitwell
  New Delves sunk  
  Rawdon sunk Earl of Moira
  Stone’s Old Sough dev sunk  
  Summercoates sunk Charles Rupert Penrith Morewood
  Wood pit sunk Skegby Colliery Co
1822 Bookers closed Mr Booker
  Bramley Moor closed Mark Morton
  Green Pit Closed Coke and Co (Pinxton)
  Old Pit Langley Mill closed W. Morewood
  Marquis (part of Bath pit) sunk Moira
  Morley Park closed Mold (South Derbyshire)
  Padley sunk CV Hunter (Pentrich)
  Stayton or Staton closed  
  Swanwick Delves closed Rev’d Case Morewood successor to Geo Morewood
1823 Birchwood sunk Butterley Co
  Church Gresley sunk George Gregory
  Crofty or Croppit Pit sunk Morewood
  Dronfield closed Drabble and Bennett
  Kettle Bank Common sunk (High Spania)
  Molyneux sinking, stood Countess of Carnarvon
  Water Pit sunk Morewood
  Wellington sunk Moorewood
1824 Bramley Heath closed  
  Bramley Moor closed (Lightwood Pit)
  Bullocks Pit sunk Morewood
  Church Gresley sunk George Gregory
  Gleadalls closed Gleadall
  Long Lane sunk J Whetstone and W Stenson and Co
  Ormonde sunk Butterley Co
  Sandy Dale closed  
  Shipley sunk Miller Mundy
  Stanton Old sunk Nathaniel Nadin
  Statons closed Staton (Marsh Lane)
1825 Bagworth sinking (Leics)
  Blackwell Old sunk Duke of Devonshire
  Granville sunk Court Grenville
  Ibstock sunk William Thirlby
  Old Ormonde sunk John Beardsley
  Old Pit sunk Morewood
  Outseal sunk Morewood
  Smotherfly sunk Coupland and Riley
1826 Bagworth sunk Viscount Maynard
  Carnfield sunk Coke
  Heanor Hall closed Turton
  Cold Harbour sunk (North West Derbyshire)
  Ormond sunk John Beardsley
  Pool Drift sunk Charles Fletcher Bullivant
  Rutland Engine sunk Potter
  Sleetmoor sunk (Swanwick)
  Staveley Lower Ground sunk St John's College, Glebe
1827 Awsworth sunk Thomas North
  Bagworth developing (Leics)
  Hard coal pit sunk Skegby Colliery Co
  Heanor Whysall Street closed Turton
  High Lane closed  
  Run In pit sunk Skegby Colliery Co
  Newlands sunk Butterley Co
  Stanton Old closed Nadin (Due to objection by surface owner)
1828 Blackwell Old sunk J Mellers
  Ibstock  sunk Thurlby
  Heather closed (Water ingress)
  Hoolding sunk  
  Kilburn  sinking John Ray
  Kimberley sunk North
  Old Blackwell sunk J Mellers
  Pegg’s Green sinking Edward Price
  Swanwick Delves sunk Morewood
  Langley Old sinking Butterley Co
1829 Church Gresley sunk Gregory
  Langley Pit opened Butterley Co
  Overthorp  closed (Killamarsh)
  Stanton Lane sunk (Bretby)
  Wooden Box closed (South East of Newhall)
1830 Ashgate sunk John G Barnes
  Birchwood sinking Humphrey Goodwin
  Clowne Pit closed  
  Cottam sinking Appleby & Co
  Eckington Lees or White Lane, Silkstone closed  
  Handley 1,2,3 sunk Barrow?
  Hard Coal Pit  sunk Skegby Colliery Co
  Kilburn open John Ray
  Newbold sunk T Wearmouth
  Nibland closed Dodsley
  Pegg’s Green  sunk Edward Price
  Portland 3,4 sunk Butterley Co
  Riddings closed Morewood
  Ryefals closed Morewood
  Smotherfly sunk Turner?
  Upper Birchwood sinking J Poundall
  Wood Pit sunk Skegby Colliery Co
  Woodhouse Lane  sunk Rhodes
1831 Alton Grange sunk Mrs Swinburne
  Birchwood sinking Humphrey Goodwin
  Bramley Moor closed  
  Cottam, New Foundation sunk Appleby and Co
  Smoile sunk Benjamin Walker
  Snibston 1 sunk J and N Nadin and Co
  Underwood (Selston No 1) sunk Barber Walker and Co
1832 Birchwood  opened Humphrey Goodwin
  Eastwood sinking Barber and Walker
  Loscoe opened Butterley Co
  Hastings or Newfield sunk Moira
  Newcastle opened Mundy (Shipley)
  Norbriggs closed Barrow? (Staveley)
  Sinbston No 2 sunk George Stephenson
  Staveley Lower Ground closed Barrow
  Upper Birchwood sunk John Poundall and others
  Underwood opened Barber Walker
  Whiteborough closed Skegby Collier Co
  Wingerworth closed Wingerworth Iron Co
1833 Church Gresley sinking Marquis of Hastings
  Crich Cliff closed  
  Coal Aston closed James Baggaley
  Dog Kennel closed  
  Eastwood opened Barber Walker & Co
  Newlands closed Butterley Co
  Oxclose closed James Ward
  Skegby Wharf sunk Dodsley
1834 Blue Clay closed Clay and Coal
  Church Gresley opened Marquis of Hastings
  Crich Cliff closed  
  Dog Kennel closed (Near Pinxton)
  Eastwood opened Dr Manson
  Handley Wood opened Coal and Ironstone
  Kilburn opened John Ray
  Newfield sunk (Leics)
  New Whitwick opened (Leics)
  Nuttall opened Hutchby 
  Portland 5 opened Butterley Co
  Ripley closed Butterley Co
  Upper Hartshay closed Butterley Co
1835 Abbotsford closed  
  Birchwood closed Humphrey Goodwin
  Bulguy closed  
  California opened Sir George Beaumont
  Carnfield opened Coke & Co
  Denby Old Hall closed Lowe
  Job Lane closed Job B Troughton
  Newbold closed T Wearmouth
  Newmarket sunk  
  Tom Lane or Duckmanton opened Barrow
  Trowell closed Lord Middleton
  Wearmouth closed T Wearmouth
  White Lane closed Morewood
1836 Ashgate closed Duke of Devonshire
  Blackwell Pastures closed Diminsdale Colliery Co
  Holmewood opened Hardwick Coal Co
  Loscoe sinking Goodwin & Co
  Pinxton 2 (Plymouth) opened Coke & Co (No1 known as Palmerston)
  Swadlincote closed Nadin (Darklands)
  Tom Lane opened Barrow
  Twiggers or Flying Nancy sunk Thomas North
  Underwood opened J Oakes
  Upper Birchwood closed J Poundall & Co
  Willey Lane sinking Barber Walker
1837 Awsworth closed Awsworth Coal Co
  Calow Old Furnace closed  
  Loscoe  sunk Goodwin & Griffin
  Mexbro’ 1,2 sinking Butterley Co
  Riddings sunk Jas Oakes
  Shady Birchwood sunk Chas Seeley
  Unstone closed George Mower & Co
  Willey Lane sinking Barber Walker
1838 Beggarlee re-opened Barber Walker, old pit
  Clay Cross 1 sunk George Stephenson
  Comber Wood sunk Ashley
  Comber Wood  closed Ashley
  Dodd’s closed John Dodd
  Dolly pit sunk Clough Head
  Eastwood re-leased Dr Manson to Barber Walker
  Hempshill sunk Thomas North
  Newbold sunk Botham
  Pigeon’s closed (Pinxton)
  Radford Old sunk Lord Middleton
  Riddings closed James Oakes
  Rutland No2 sinking S Potter
  Thornsett sunk  
  Tupton sunk  
  Willey Lane  sunk Barber Walker
1839 Bell House closed George H Barrow
  Denby sunk Denby Colliery Co
  Eastwood High Headstock change Dr Manson, taken over by Barber Walker and Co
  Grassmoor sunk John Barnes
  Hall Lane or Halt closed  
  Hard coal pit Skegby sunk Dodsley
  Lower Hartshay closed CV Hunter or Butterley Co
  Nether Thorpe closed  
  Newfield sunk Moira
  Old Radford sunk Lord Middleton
  Padley closed C V Hunter
  Robinett sinking Thomas North and Co
  Rutland sinking Butterley Co
1840 Cottam No3 sunk Appleby & Co
  Crompton’s Skegby sunk Crompton
  Lings sunk  John Chambers
  Robinette sunk Barber Walker
  Rutland sunk Butterley Co
  Skegby Old Wharf  closed Dodsley
  Skegby New Wharf sunk Dodsley
  Turkey Field sunk North
1841 Ashgate closed JG Barnes
  Birchwood closed Humphrey Goodwin
  Brinsley Old closed Barber Walker & Co
  Denby closed WD Lowe
  Lockoford  sunk  
  Portland 6,7 sunk Butterley Co
1842 Cinderhill sunk Thomas North
  Old Birchwood sunk Butterley Co
  Winterbank sunk Minnikin



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