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Book 8 – Retired Surveyor


List of Collieries - Page 8

Collieries & Owners: The list is incomplete and I am continually researching and updating as information is found

Date Colliery Open or Closed Owners
1950 Avenue 11 closed Clay Cross Co
  Brinsley  merge Selston Barber Walker
  Clipstone deepened NCB, Bolsover Colliery Co
  Grassmoor closed Hardwick Colliery Co
  High Park merge Moorgreen Barber Walker
  Pinxton Plymouth closed Coke & Co
  Watnall closed Barber Walker
1951 Bestwood Lancaster drift opened Bestwood Amalgamated Collieries (B A Co)
  Renishaw Park drift  sunk NCB
  South Normanton closed South Normanton Colliery Co
1952 Calverton 2 sunk B A Collieries and NCB
  Manton 3 sunk NCB
  New Watnall closed Barber Walker
1953 Denby Hall drift closed Butterley Co
1954 Woolley Moor drift sunk NCB
1956 Oakwood Grange closed Oakwood Grange Colliery Co
1957 Lodge merge Moorgreen closed Wm Hall and Barber Walker
  Pilsley closed Pilsley Colliery Co
1959 New Langley  merge Ormonde Butterley Co
1960 Oakerthorpe closed Butterley Co
  Woodside No2 (Shipley) closed Shipley Collieries
  Radford merge Wollaton Wollaton Colliery Co
1961 Parkhouse closed Clay Cross Co
1962 Cotes Park closed Jas Oakes
1963 Wingfield Manor closed Wingfield Manor Colliery Co
1964 Blackwell B Winning closed Blackwell Colliery Co
1965 Mapperley closed Mapperley Colliery Co
  Morton closed Clay Cross Co
  Radford & Wollaton closed Wollaton Colliery Co
  Shirland closed Beavan & Woodiwiss
  Swadlincote closed Hall & Boardman
1966 Coppice closed Shipley Collieries
  Cossall closed Cossall Colliery Co
  Merry Lees closed Desford Coal Co
  Ramcroft closed Ramcroft Colliery Co
  Woodside (Shipley) closed Shipley Collieries
1967 Bestwood closed Bestwood Colliery Co
  Denby Hall closed Butterley Co
  Granville closed Granville Colliery Co
  Harper Hill closed Horace Taylor
  Langton merge Kirkby Pinxton Collieries
  Nailstone  merge Bagworth Nailstone Colliery Co
1968 Clifton closed Clifton Colliery Co
  Denby Drury Lowe  closed Drury Lowe
  Firbeck closed Doncaster Amalgamated Collieries
  Kirkby Summit closed Butterley Co
  Lount closed Leicester Colliery & Pipe Co
  Selston split merge Pye Hill   Barber Walker
  Moorgreen closed Barber Walker
  Whitwick No5 closed Stenson & Co
1969 Blackwell A Winning closed Blackwell Colliery Co
1970 Ormonde closed Butterley Co
1974 Oxcroft closed Oxcroft Colliery Co and NCB
  Whitwick No3 closed Stenson & Co
1978 Langwith closed Sheepbridge Coal & Iron Co
1980 Teversal closed Stanton Ironworks Co
1982 New Hucknall closed New Hucknall Colliery Co
1983 Pleasley merge Shirebrook Stanton Ironworks Co
  South Leicester  merge Snibston South Leicestershire Colliery Co
  Steetley  merge Shireoaks Shireoaks Colliery Co
  Snibston closed G & R Stephenson
1984 Desford closed Desford Coal Co
  Westthorpe closed J & G Wells
1985 Asfordby opened NCB developing
  Moorgreen closed Barber Walker
  Pye Hill closed Jas Oakes
1986 Babbington  merge with Hucknall  Thomas North 
  Bagworth merge Ellistown New Bagworth Coal Co
  Donisthorpe  merge Rawdon Donisthorpe Colliery Co
  Ellistown merged Joseph Joel Ellis
  Hucknall closed Sherwood Colliery Co
  Ireland closed Staveley Coal & Iron Co
  Measham merge Donisthorpe W Tate, Measham Collieries
  Rawdon closed Moira Colliery Co
  Whitwell closed Shireoaks Colliery Co
  Whitwick closed Stenson & Co
1987 Newstead closed Newstead Colliery Co
  Whitwell  closed Shireoaks Colliery Co
1988 Arkwright  closed Arkwright Coal Co
  Bentinck merge Annesley New Hucknall Colliery Co
  Cadley Hill closed Halls Collieries
  Linby closed Linby Colliery Co
  Mansfield  closed Bolsover Colliery Co
1989 Blidworth closed Newstead Colliery Co
  High Moor closed NCB
  Kiveton Park merge High Moor Kiveton Park Coal Co Ltd
  Renishaw Park closed Furnace Hill & Renishaw Park Collieries
  Sutton closed Blackwell Colliery Co
  Warsop closed Warsop Main Colliery Co
1990 Bagworth/Ellistown closed Bagworth Colliery Co
  Donisthorpe closed Donisthorpe Colliery Co
  Shireoaks closed Shireoaks Colliery Co Ltd
1991 Creswell closed Bolsover Colliery Co
  Gedling closed Digby Colliery Co
1992 Cotgrave closed NCB
  Sherwood closed Sherwood Colliery Co
  Silverhill closed Stanton Ironworks Co
1993 Bevercotes closed NCB
  Bolsover closed Bolsover Colliery Co
  Calverton closed NCB
  Markham closed Staveley Coal & Iron Co
  Rufford closed Bolsover Colliery Co
  Shirebrook closed Shirebrook Colliery Co
1994 Annesley Bentinck closed NCB
  Calverton re-opened RJB Mining
  Doe Lea  drift closed Dominic Lavin
  Eckington drift opened Mosside Colliery Co
  Manton closed Wigan Coal Corporation
  Ollerton closed Butterley Co
1995 Annesley Bentinck re-opened Coal Investments
1996 Annesley Bentinck take over Midland Mining
1997 Asfordby closed Br Coal. Working panel flooded
  Bilsthorpe closed Stanton Ironworks Co
1999 Calverton closed again RJB Mining
2000 Annesley Bentinck closed Br Coal when merged
2003 Clipstone closed again RJB Mining
2006 Harworth mothballed Barber Walker & Co
2010 Welbeck closed New Hucknall Colliery Co
2012 Maltby (Yorks)  closed Hargreaves. Irruptions of hydro carbons
2013 Daw Mill (Warwickshire) closed UK Coal.  Heating got out of control
  Eckington Drift suspended Mosside Coal Co. Monetary problem
2014 Eckington Drift re-commenced Mosside Coal Co. Monetary problem solved
  Harworth closed since Oct 2006 
2015 Hatfield (S Yorks)  closed Hatfield Main Colliery Co
July Thoresby closed, Last Pit in Notts Bolsover Colliery Co
Dec Kellingley (N Yorks)  closed, Last Deep Mine in UK NCB