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Book 8 – Retired Surveyor


List of Collieries - Page 2

Collieries & Owners: The list is incomplete and I am continually researching and updating as information is found

Date Colliery Open or Closed Owners
1702 Loscoe sough    
  Langley sough    
  Robey Fields sough   John Fletcher
  Owlgroves, Shipley    
  Swanwick sunk Obadiah Boot for 31 years
1704 Bokay sough driven  
  Whymsey sunk  
1705 NW Derbyshire   Ollersett & Beard
1713 Denby sinking Robert & John Fletcher
1715 Littlemoor sunk Chambers
  Newbold Common    
  Whittington Moor    
1718 Nether Green    
1720 Nuthall sunk J Wolston
  Trowell recommenced  
1723 Langley Old closed  
  Langley Common   George Bircumshaw, Kerry
1723-1725 Loscoe sough    
  Nuthall   J Wolston
  Smalley, Shipley   Richardson
  Strelley   Firestone
1724 Beggarlee   Barber Walker
1726 Denby   John Fletcher, for 99 years
  Swanwick   Charles Turner, for 24 years
1734 Heanor   Mundy
1738 Strelley   Barber Walker
1739 Bilborough sunk  
  Brinsley sunk Barber Walker
  Cossall sunk  
  Kimberley sunk  
  Marehay sunk  
  Ripley sunk  
  Selston sunk Sir Robert Sutton
  Shipley sunk Mundy
  Swanwick sunk Morewood
  Wansley sunk Saville and Sir Wolston Dixie
  Wollaton sunk Middleton
1740 Denby Old Hall Opened Lowe
1747 Barlborough sunk Cornelius Heathcote Rode
  Brinsley sunk Barber Walker
  Chesterfield sunk Ebenezer Smith
  Cossall sunk Barber Walker
  Denby sunk Wm Drury Lowe
  Denby (old Hall) sunk Jas Wolston
  Eastwood sunk John Bourne
  Eckington sunk Richard Wells
  Heanor sunk Mrs Sutton
  Higham sunk Miss Willoughby
  Killamarsh sunk Joseph Butler
  Kimberley sough driven Lord Stanford Nuthall
  Nuthall closed Holden, closed by fire (sunk 1720)
  Pentridge sunk Haslam
  Renishaw Park sunk Sir Sitwell Sitwell
  Ripley sunk E Fletcher
  Selston developing Sir Wolston Dixie and Sir Robert Sutton
  Shipley sunk Potter & Bourne
  Smalley sunk T Allen
  Wansley sunk Wm Fenton
  Wollaton sunk Lord Middleton
1751 Nuthall working accident
1753 Fackley Engine Pit sunk Peter Webster
1750s Alderwasley sunk Hurt
  Alfreton sunk Morewood
  Brookhill(Hall) sunk Coke
  Blackwell sunk Smith
  Denby sunk Lowe
  Horseley sunk Fletcher
  Killamarsh sunk Jos Butler
  Riddings sunk Oakes
  Shipley sunk Miller-Mundy
  Staveley sunk Barrow
  Swanwick sunk Turner
1755 Furnace pit (Fackley) sunk Peter Webster
1757 Swanwick sunk Anthony Tissington
  Swanwick New pit sunk Morewood
1758 Nuthall working accident
1760 Hard coal pit sunk Peter Webster
  Nibland (Skegby) sunk John Dodsley
  Shuttlewood Common sunk Stevenson
1761 Dirty Hucknall closed Mellers
  Dirty Hucknall sunk Mellers
  Hard Coal pit (Skegby) sunk Dodsley
1763 Barlow sunk John Barnes
1764 Hard coal pit sunk Dodsley
1765 Alma Hill sunk Holdsworth
  Butterley sunk Ben Outram & Partners
  Kimberley sunk Middleton?
1767 Awsworth sunk Awsworth Coal Co
  Fackley Lane End accident Goodwin & Webster
  Fackley Engine Pit closed Webster
  Nuthall sunk Lord Middleton
  Strelley sunk John Thomas Edge
1769 Fackley Hard Coal Pit sunk Webster and Goodwin
1770 Hard coal pit sunk Dodsley
1773 Gresley sunk  
  Swadlincote sunk Sam Fletcher (Heanor)
  Several pits (Langley)  sunk John Bullivant
1774 Springwood (Skegby) sunk Dodsley (Skegby Colliery Co)
1775 & 1776 Bilborough working accident
1776 Coopergate sunk James Fletcher
  Rutland No4 sunk Rutland Colliery Co
  Sudbrook sunk Moses Tagg
1779 Pinxton sunk D’Ewes Coke
  Pinxton sunk Fletcher
  W of Coton sunk  
1780 Dirty Hucknall sunk Mellers
  First Dunsil pit, Fackley sunk Webster & Goodwin
  Goyte Moss sunk Robert Longden & Wheeldons
  Granville sunk Court Granville
  Gresley closed Sir Nigel Gresley
  Hard Coal pit (Fackley) deepened to Dunsil Webster & Goodwin
  Hartshay Foundation sunk Outram
  Hill Top sunk  
  Marehay sunk  
  Pentrich Foundation sunk Haslam
  Pinxton No1  Sleights sunk John Coke
  Stanton sunk Wm Nadin (previous Capt Philip Barnes d 1770)
1781 Quarry pit, Fackley sunk First Dunsil pit, Webster & Goodwin
1782 Furnace pit (Fackley) closed Webster (sunk 1753)
  Swanwick sunk Duke of Rutland, lease 29½ years
1783 Dale sunk Stanhope
  Newhall sunk Wm Nadin followed by Stanhope
  Stannyfield sunk Godfrey Booker & John Cartledge
  Stanton sunk J & N Nadin
1785 Lings sunk Joseph Butler
1787 Oakthorpe (S Derbys) sunk Joseph Wilkes first beam engine
  Stanton sunk to Thomas English  21 years
1788 Heanor Hall closed Sam Richardson died 1788
  Nethermoor Lane sunk Shirtcliffe Bros (Eckington)
  Ripley Foundation sunk Outram & Jessop
  Swanwick (Old) sunk 1636, Morewood took over
1789 Bramcote Moor closed  
  Swanwick working Turner sold to Morewood
1790 Brampton sunk John Smith
  Butterley opened Ben Outram & Co, ancient mines developed
  New Rise Pitt sunk  
  Old Rise Pit closed  
  Ripley Foundation sunk Outram
  Tissington Engine sunk Anthony Tissington
1791 Butterley working Butterley Co formed April
1792 Selston sunk James Oakes founded
1793 Bilborough accident  
  Cossall sunk Lord Middleton
  Oakthorpe sunk Francis Rawdon Hastings
  Oakthorpe sunk Hastings & Joseph Wilkes
  Stanton closed Burslem & Sketchley
1794 Ballyfield sinking 1790-1795  
  Bilborough working accident
  Codnor Park sunk Butterley Co
  Coleorton Old re-opened Beaumont
  Measham Slack Pit opened Wilkins
  Greenwich sunk Outram & Jessop, First whimsey
  Shilo sinking Skegby Colliery Co
  West Hallam sunk John Sutton
1795 Coleorton Old closed again Beaumont
  Shilo sunk Skegby Colliery Co
  Swanwick Old Colliery sunk  
  Whiteborough inundation Skegby Colliery Co
1796 Measham Slack Pit closed Wilkins
1799 Brook Pit at Donisthorpe sunk Joseph Wilkes & Edward Mammott
  Donisthorpe sunk Joseph Wilkes
  Newlands, Swanwick sunk  
  Nuthall sunk Wigleys



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