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Book 8 – Retired Surveyor


List of Collieries - Page 5

Collieries & Owners: The list is incomplete and I am continually researching and updating as information is found

Date Colliery Open or Closed Owners
1843 Pinxton Sleights closed Coke   (sunk 1780)
1844 Springwood  sunk Skegby Colliery Co
  Wood pit sunk Skegby Colliery Co
1844/46 Langton sunk Pinxton Collieries
1845 Forty Horse sunk Butterley Co
  Hollingwood sunk Richard Barrow
  Hopewell sunk Richard Barrow
  Kimberley sunk Thomas North
  Skegby sunk R Dodsley
1846 Grasscroft Wood  sunk Barnes?
1847 Bailey Brook  sunk Butterley Co
  Grassmoor sunk Barnes 
  Skegby sunk R Dodsley
  Speedwell sunk R Barrow
  Woodside  Shipley sunk Miller Mundy
1848 Britain sunk Butterley Co 
  High Holborn sunk Cornelius Black (Dr)
  Skegby New Wharf closed Dodsley
  Turkey Field sunk Thomas North
  West Hallam sunk H B Whitehouse and Son
  Whiteley sunk Butterley Co
1849 Butterley 3 sunk Butterley Co
  Cotmanhay sunk Barber Walker
  Kilburn sunk John Ray
  Peawit sunk Wingerworth Colliery Co
1850 Clay Cross 2 sunk George Stephenson 
  Cotes Park sunk Jas Oakes
  Dunstead sunk John Beardsley
  Kilburn sunk John Ray
  Marlpool sunk Gould and Checkland
  Top Mexbro’ sunk Butterley Co
  West Hill Heanor sunk Sutton
1851 Brinsley sunk Barber Walker
  Exhibition sunk Butterley Co
  Giltbrook sunk Company of Colliers
  Portland 1 – 5 closed Butterley Co
1852 Bagthorpe sunk Kirkby Fenton 
  Campbell sunk Richard  Barrow
  Newcastle sinking sinking
  Old Watnall closed Barber Walker
  Pinxton 6 sunk Pinxton Collieries
  Reservoir sunk Moira
  Underwood Selston sunk Barber Walker
1853 Bagthorpe closed Fenton
  Crompton’s  sunk George Crompton
  Hempshill merged Thomas North, Cinderhill
  Newcastle (Notts) sunk Babbington Coal Co
  Old Watnall closed Barber Walker
  Springwell sunk R Barrow
  Stoneyford sunk Butterley Co
1854 Addy closed Booker & Owen
  Clay Cross 3 sunk Clay Cross Colliery Co
  Granby sunk Butterley Co
  Kimberley sunk Thomas North
  Molyneux developing Buxton, then Eastwood & Swingler
  Shireoaks sinking Shireoaks Colliery Co
1855 Alabama sunk  
  Eastwood Hill Top sunk Richardson and Co.
  Mexbro’ Bog & Wink sunk Butterley Co 
  Molyneux sunk Lady Carnarvon lease to Buxton
  New Hollingwood sunk Richard Barrow
  Seymour sunk Richard Barrow
1856 Alfreton sunk  
  Codnor Park closed Butterley Co.
  Hartshay sunk Butterley Co.
  Turkey Field  closed North
1857 Albert closed Staveley Coal & Iron Co 
  Avenue sunk Clay Cross Co.
  New Winning (Heanor) sunk Toplis and Co.
  Old Ormond sunk J Beardsley
  West Hill Heanor sunk F B Charlton
1858 Addys closed Thomas Holdsworth and James Addy 
  Eastwood Hill Top sunk Barber Walker
  North Wingfield 4 sunk  
1860 Do Well sunk Richard Barrow?
  High Park sinking Barber Walker,  1854-1860
  Hucknall closed J Clegg (Huthwaite)
  Kimberley sunk Thomas North
  Langley sunk Beardsley
  New Langley sunk Butterley Co
  Owl Cotes closed G & C Goodwin (or Old Cotes)
  Renishaw Park sunk Sitwell
  Shireoaks  sunk Duke of Newcastle
  Turkey Field  closed North & Co
  Whiteborough sunk Skegby Colliery Co
1861 Barlborough Lane closed JH Gosling
  Belper closed  
  Birch Lane closed O Pierce
  Boyfield closed Wright & Oldfield
  Buckland Hollow closed Wheatcroft
  Bull Close closed Ann Wright
  Burton closed High Peak Railway Co
  Clay Cross closed Elliott
  Clay Cross closed George Parker
  Foxley Oaks closed Pierce
  Heanor closed J Argill
  Heanor closed Swan & Wharton
  Newbold closed Wallsend Colliery Co
  Old Tapton closed John Clayton
  Pegg’s Green closed Knight & Co
  Rough Piece closed R White
  Springwell sunk Richard Barrow
  Stubley closed Johnson & Lucas
  Tapton New sunk Sayers & Co
  The Lodge closed Miss Milisent Smith
  Tibshelf closed R Millward
  Tupton closed Wingerworth Iron Co
  Wallsend closed Abbott, Baker & Co
  Walton closed Dawson & Co
  Whittington closed IC Plevins
1862 Hucknall No1 sunk JE Ellis
  New Hucknall sunk J Clegg
1863 Broxtowe sunk Thomas North
  Morton sunk Clay Cross Co
  Newthorpe Bully Rag sunk Wm Hall
  Ripley sunk Butterley Co
1864 Babbington 4 sunk Thomas North
  Marlpool sunk Moody and Newbold
  Shirland  sunk Shirland Colliery Co
1865 Moorgreen sunk Barber Walker
  Park House 6 sunk Clay Cross Co
  Pilsley sunk Pilsley Colliery Co
  Teversall (Silver Hill) sinking Stanton Iron Co
  Whiteborough closed Skegby Colliery Co
1866 Annesley sinking Worswick
  Digby sunk Digby Colliery Co
  Dirty Hucknall Old closed Hucknall Coal Co
  Hucknall 2 sunk Worswick
  Swanwick sunk Morewood
  Teversall 1 (Silver Hill) sinking Stanton Ironworks Co
1867 Annesley sunk Worswick   
  Denby Drury Lowe sunk Drury Lowe
  Park House 7 sunk Clay Cross Co
  Teversall 1 (Silver Hill) sunk Stanton Ironworks,   
  Teversall 2  sinking Crompton
1868 Broxtowe 2 sunk T North
  Bulwell sunk T North
  Clifton sunk Nottingham & Clifton Colliery Co
  Holmewood sunk Wingerworth Colliery Co
  Hucknall New closed Eddison
  Teversall 2 sinking Crompton, sold out



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