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A Comprehensive History Of Mining In The Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire And Leicestershire Coalfields - Page 36


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Corinne Ansell - Was There An Accident At Manton/Worksop Collieries Involving Patrick Lee Martin?
Jim Garner - Missing Name, William (Billy) Jepson, Age 26, Cossall, Nottinghamshire, Late 1930s

Corinne Ansell
25 Jan 2016
Information - Was There an Accident at Manton/Worksop Colliery’s Involving Patrick Lee Martin?

Was there ever an accident at Manton/Worksop Collieries involving a Patrick Lee Martin or just Lee Martin in the 1980? Think could have been head injury. Just can't seem to find it recorded.

Yours Sincerely

Bob Bradley
5 Feb 2017
Patrick Lee Martin

Accident at Manson 1980s.

We have no record of an accident but it is possible that he would have been taken to a local hospital for treatment etc. Such as Bassetlaw.

Worksop library have copies of newspapers for the area...Worksop Guardian? I would visit there. Records on film or microfiche.

Accidents of a serious nature or admissions to hospital are usually reported in the paper.

Sorry I can't help further but that is the only option I can think of.

Bob Bradley

In Memory Bill and SamJim Garner
14 Jan 2016
Missing Name, William (Billy) Jepson, Age 26, Cossall, Nottinghamshire, Late 1930s

I think it possible that there is a missing name from the list of miners killed at Cossall.  My near-neighbour, Billy Jepson, age 26, of Blake Street, was killed in the late thirties. The story circulated locally was that he was caught between two trucks.

It may be that he was employed at some other mine, but generally the Blake Street men went to Cossall.

I know about this as I was a child at the time and living on the same street -- next door to the Oldknow family and Mrs Oldknow was my babysitter. You have Sam Oldknow on the list at Mill Street.  One assumes that the widow and kids moved to Blake Street between his death and my arrival next door in 1934.

The name on Billy's birth certificate would probably have been William.


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