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Linda Knights - I believe my grandfather, Nathan Inger, was killed at Markham
Paul & Ren Whiten - William Grant died in 1866 at Moor Hall Colliery, Eckington, Derbyshire
Kevin Weaver - William Grant died in 1866 at Moor Hall Colliery, Eckington, Derbyshire
Sue Murgatroyd - Enquiry re death of John Thomas, 1937, Possibly Glasshoughton Pit
Janet Dernie - Grandfather, Joseph Moore, Killed Down Manton Pit, Worksop

In Memory NathanLinda Knights
16 Jan 2018
I believe my grandfather, Nathan Inger, was killed at Markham

I believe my grandfather, Nathan Inger, was killed at Markham pit at that time or around then how could I find out for sure thank you.

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Nathan was killed at Bolsover, a Shotfiring explosion killed 3 miners

See also Bob Bradley's History of Mining

Wm GrantPaul & Ren Whiten
12 Jan 2018
Correction to Details
On your list of fatalities for Notts. Collieries you have George Edwin Bates killed on 28 Oct 1950. The address you have is incorrect, Cross Drive is in Rainworth not Edwinstowe. His widow, my Great Aunt, lived at No. 9 until her death in 1981.

Kind regards

Paul Whiten

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Also Bob Bradles, History of Mining, Rufford Colliery

Wm Bradder Wm GrantKevin Weaver
11 Jan 2018
William Grant died in 1866 at Moorhole Colliery, Eckington, Derbyshire

William Grant was my (x4) great grandad. Here's some more details of William Grant, including his date of birth, if you'd like to update his details on your website (his age at death is missing currently).

The second ancestor I have discovered, who died in a mining accident in Derbyshire, was William Bradder, he was injured 24 Feb 1892 at Barlborough Colliery, a Stavely Coal and Iron Co., pit. William was a Miner, a Stallman, he was working coal in faulty ground when there was a fall of bind, he died the next day, 25 Feb 1892.

See also Bob Bradley's Mining History, Barlborough Colliery Wm Bradder

Keep up the great work


John ThomasSue Murgatroyd
7 Dec 2017
Enquiry re death of John Thomas, 1937, Possibly Glasshoughton Pit
I am wanting to try and find any information on the above who was my grandfather. I believe he was killed in a rail accident, crushed between the buffers in 1937. I understand he was a shunter. I am unsure of the pit. He lived in Castleford, West Yorkshire and worked at a local pit, possibly Glasshoughton but I am not certain.

I really would appreciate any help you can provide me on the grandfather I never knew.

Yours gratefully

Photo from Wikipedia - Glasshoughton is a neighbourhood of Castleford in West Yorkshire, England, that borders on Pontefract. For most of the nineteenth century Glasshoughton was a separate village with an economic, social and religious life of its own. In 1869 the Merefield Colliery was sunk. Merefield later became the Glasshoughton Colliery. Fryston Colliery followed in the early 1870's and Fryston village was built to house the miners in 1890. Glasshoughton closed in 1986

NottsNottsJanet Dernie
14 Nov 2017
Grandfather, Joseph Moore, Killed Down Manton Pit, Worksop
Having accidentally found your web site, I decided to see if my grandfather Joseph Moore was listed as being killed down Manton Pit Worksop.

It was not.

My family understand he was killed underground by a fall of coal that broke his neck. In or around the 1940s.

He lived in Kilton Rd., Worksop Notts.

Yours truly
J Dernie (Mrs.)

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I have made further progress in my research and have now his birth certificate.

Joseph Moore was born in Worksop on the 2nd October 1883 in Cresswell Street, Worksop, Notts.

His father was James Moore, also a miner, and his mother was Jane Moore, formerly Butcher, 'x' the mark of Jane Moore, mother. His birth was registered on 12th November 1883.

I also have an old cutting which I presume is from the Worksop Guardian which states:-
The death, at the Victoria hospital, following injury in a fall of coal at Manton Colliery of the above aged 60 yrs. 249 Kilton Rd., Worksop.

Present at the inquest among others was the colliery manager Mr. P Gaskill.
Also H M. Inspector of Mines Mr. W.I. Cumpsty.

James Keywood of 58 Manton Crescent said he was working near Mr. Moore in No. 2 east panel. Moore was setting a bar to the roof when a prop from beneath another bar flew out owing to roof pressure, and allowed a piece of stone to fall from the roof and strike Moore on the shoulders and neck.

The stone was immediately removed and he was treated for shock by ambulance men before his removal from the pit. There was no sign of a break and no bump was heard prior to the fall.

Mr. Moore was admitted to hospital with compression of the spinal cord. He passed away on Monday.

The coroner returned a verdict that death was accidental, dated 1943.

Mr. Moore was the father of 3 sons and 5 daughters. His eldest son Herbert was my father and was the licensee of The Royal Oak Inn, Abbey St. Worksop and later The Peacock Inn, Netherton Rd.

His other 2 sons followed their father as miners at Manton.

During my childhood living at the 2 pubs I knew many miners.

Also you have reference to Mr Derrick Cooper who was killed at Manton. My husband and I were childhood friends of Derrick, we all went to the Priory schools and lived on the same street.

If you would like further details about him for your records I would be happy to oblige.

I do hope this information is useful for someone for future family research.

Yours sincerely
Janet Dernie

See also entry in Robert Bradley's History of Mining



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