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Norma Cleary - Warren Vale Mining Disaster 1851
Mike Finch - Picture of a Group of Gedling Miners . . .
Deborah Kane - My Grandfather Was Roland (Duke) Langrick

Sue Baxter - Herbert Hill, killed at Brodsworth, Yorkshire, 1939
Frank Arrowsmith - Yorkshire Main Commemorative Trust, in Edlington

In Memory Herbert-HillNorma Cleary
24 May 2017
Warren Vale Mining Disaster 1851
Hi, I've been doing a family tree for a friend, his great, great grandfather John Pursglove (41) was killed in the Warren Vale along with his 2 sons, James (14) and Henry (12). Is there any memorial plaque in Rawmarsh with the names of those who died in the accident?

Regards Norma
Sent from my iPad.

The Accident =>

Memorials Page (Non at Rawmarsh)

Durham Mining Museum Memorials (Non at Rawmarsh)

Public Art Research Archive, Sheffield Hallam University (Non at Rawmarsh)

Mike Finch
14 May 2017
Picture of a Group of Gedling Miners . . .

This is a bit of a long shot!! Recently I noticed a photo of a group of Miners underground on The Friends of Gedling Country Park website and other sites on the internet. On further inspection of the photo, one of the Miners looked very familiar, my Father!

I've been desperately trying to find out when this photo was taken. I’ve been to the library trying to find it in the Nottingham evening post because that seems to be the link from where it came from! Here are some places I’ve spotted the photo:

Gedling Miners
This is the photo (Nottingham Post)

I’m wondering if any of your members or colleagues might be able to shed some light on the date? Maybe there’s someone out there might recognise a relative!

Many thanks in anticipation with any help or advice you might be able to give.

Very Best wishes
Mike Finch

In Memory Herbert-HillUSADeborah Kane
3 May 2017
My Grandfather Was Roland (Duke) Langrick

Hello from America. My grandfather - whom I never met - was Roland (Duke) Langrick.

Do not know if there is anyone around that would remember him but if there is I would love to hear from them.

Also my grandfather - Roland Duke Langricks’ father was Lloyd Langrick and he, I am told, was one of the managers of the mine in Warsop Main

Thank you
Deborah Kane, USA

See also Bob Bradley History of Mining

Your Grand Father, Lloyd (5068 / 2nd class certificate) was an undermanager at Warsop Main from 1908-1921

Nottingham Journal - Wednesday 06 March 1929


A verdict of “Accidental death” was returned at the inquest in Mansfield yesterday on Roland Langrick thirty, a colliery corporal, who died in Mansfield Hospital on Sunday as a result of injuries he received in Ollerton Colliery on Friday. Langrick was engaged in coupling empty tubs, at a junction when a full tub became uncoupled and ran into him. He was severely injured about the head and body. Patrick Murphy, 15, Burns Avenue, Mansfield Woodhouse, a deputy, said that about a quarter to one in the morning he noticed the endless rope had stopped. He went to investigate and at a junction found Langrick lying across the road where the empties ran, with his feet towards a full tub which was off the rails, having become uncoupled. The spring point had thrown the tub of the rails, as it ran away, by the tub continued off the rails and struck him. Wilfred Seeds, 183, Walesby Lane, New Ollerton, a clipper, said that Langrick was walking towards him when he (Seeds) saw the tub coming down the gradient. He shouted a warning but Langrick was caught.


In Memory Herbert-HillSue Baxter
25 Apr 2017
Herbert Hill, killed at Brodsworth, Yorkshire, 1939
I am interested in the entry for Herbert Hill which appears in the list for 1939 aged 28 and killed at Brodsworth.  Although he is shown in the list for 1939, the date of death is shown as 22/8/1928. Is this a mistake? If I have the right person, Herbert was my Great Uncle.

Sue Baxter

Sent from my iPad

Thank you Sue, the date should be 22/08/1930

Frank Arrowsmith
15 May 2016
Yorkshire Main Commemorative Trust, in Edlington

Hi ALAN, I am the Chairman of Yorkshire Main Commemorative Trust, in Edlington, we constructed a memorial garden in the village in 2013 we did lots of research in to miners killed finding 133 killed at Yorkshire Main Colliery. Just looked at your list we have a few you don't have, you also have ones not on our list.

We can't trace Albert Creaser 39 - 1912, Isaac Beddington 1933, Thomas Carr 1920 or Robert Hill 1920, even using burial records / inquests / newspapers / m&q reports.

  • William Cocking - 34 1916 – found him Wm-Cocking
  • F Ward and J Powell 1972 – 1973, I was a Union Official at this time and have no recollection of these two, also asked and checked records and can’t confirm.

I wonder about the background of original checks

I can send you our list some of the names are spelled different but same guys

Thanks Frank Arrowsmith

Yorkshire Main Commemorative & Heritage Trust



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