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Bob Osborne - Mining Deaths, Jeremiah Farmer, Swadlincote Colliery 1859, Aged 40
Bill Wright - Correction - Jacob M Davison Killed at Hickleton Main 1939
Lynne Smith - My Father, John William Northend, Died at Morton Pit Derbyshire

In Memory JacobBob Osborne
5 Feb 2017
Mining Deaths, Jeremiah Farmer, Swadlincote Colliery 1859, Aged 41
Dear Sir,

Thank you for your web page on Mining deaths.

I am researching my family and have reached my Great, Great Grandfather who was Jeremiah Farmer, born 1820 in the Measham area. He disappears from the Census (He had a wife and seven children) in 1861.

I found his burial in Measham Parish records (December 4th Aged “41”). He had been living at 42 Bosworth Street Measham.

Looking at your webpage I was greatly saddened, but not too surprised, to find he had been killed on the 1st of December 1859 in Swadlincote Colliery by an Explosion of Methane.

Would it be possible to correct his age to age 41 years…as this would be more accurate.

I sit at my computer, some 158 years later feeling rather emotional for not only Jeremiah but the other men lost in the appalling conditions that they faced.

I would have liked him to know that his Great, Great Grandson, a retired RAF and Civil Airline Pilot… shed a few tears on his behalf.

Would there have been an inquest of any sort that I could look up?

Kind regards and thanks  for your historical efforts to honour these men.

Bob Osborne

See also Bob Bradely's History of Mining

In Memory JacobBill Wright
26 Jan 2017
Correction - Jacob M Davison Killed at Hickleton Main 1939
Aerials Jacob M Davison: The dates of accident and death are transposed (17/12/39 and 19/12/39)

Bill and Hilary Wright

In Memory CharlesLynne Smith
10 Jan 2017
John William Northend Died at Morton Pit Derbyshire
Hi, maybe I am not emailing the correct site but I have searched on and off over the years for some record of my father’s accident when he worked at Morton pit in Derbyshire.  I have a copy of his obituary but I was just over 2 years old at the time.  My father was John William Northend and he died in a roof fall whilst working at Morton pit.  Would you be able to advise me where to look, or is a single death not recognised as such a tragedy as more numerous fatality.

I hope you will be so kind as to reply.

Lynne Northend



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