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Alan Beales Database of Fatalities in the Coal Fields

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Alan Beales, Miner at Gedling 1953 - 1965, Deputy 1965 - 1988
Union Secretary for NACODS (National Association of Colliery Overmen, Deputies and Shotfirers) 1980-1988

Alan has been researching mining fatalities in the Midlands and Yorkshire for many years.

Photo of Gedling Pit by Darren Haywood
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The information given in the following tables is the result of seven years research into fatal coal mining accidents in several counties.

I have transcribed the detail found giving the sequence of events, if detail is missing it is noted or left blank.

The Mines Inspectorate was formed after the 1842 report into the lives and working conditions of children in mines. It took several years for a national system to be implemented and from July 1852 HMI published annual reports of deaths and serious accidents in mines and quarries, these covered every part of the country where this activity occurred. This reporting continued until 1914, after this date reporting became fragmented some inspectors produced reports as before naming individual victims the majority gave numbers and detail of some individual accidents.

For an accident to be classed as a disaster ten lives must be lost ensuring a public enquiry into the event and a command report published.

Also note, that for a name to appear in an annual report death had to occur within a year and a day of the accident. It is unlikely the true figure of coal mining deaths will ever be known, the names in these lists are from 1800 onwards with a few previous to that date.

In the tables the date of death is noted with a previous date if relevant. In many cases death occurred years after the injury but coroner’s juries decided that the injury contributed to the cause of death.

During this research I have come across many errors both in official and newspaper reports, where possible I have corrected them, but with such a large number of names and dates it is likely that others remain.

Anyone wishing to check an individual event should check a local library to see if there is an inquest report in a newspaper in that area.

Alan Beales August 2012

HMI annual reports 1852 – 1914 Local newspaper’s from 1800 in Derbyshire, Leicestershire,
Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire, Coal mining resource centre, various sites on the internet and individuals giving information.