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The Decline Of The Industry Continued
After Nationalisation 1947

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1980 - Page 8

(Teversal Colliery Closed After 111 years - Continued)

Agents: Stanton Ironworks Co:

  • William Clark (service cert) 1868-1887 (promoted to General Manager then Director, ‘died suddenly!’ Dec 1888, committed suicide by jumping down Teversal shaft)
  • John A Longden (16 service cert) Agent 1887-1899 (from Blackwell) appointed General Manager and in 1891 Managing Director to 1917 when EJ Fox succeeded as Managing Director to 1940
  • Jonathan Piggford (1084 service cert) 1910-1921 (transferred from Sheepbridge Coal and Iron Co)
  • Norman D Todd (3058) Agent, transferred from Blackwell Colliery Co, 1921-1940, promoted to General Manager 1924-1946 and appointed Area General Manager No2 Area NCB, Woodhouse, 1947-1949, transferred to Area General Manager No3 Area 1949-
  • John Brass Agent 1940-1946.

Sub-Area Managers / Group Managers / Production Managers: NCB:

  • John Brass No2 Area 1947-1949, later General Manager Wigan Area
  • Major FMT Bunney (2760) (No4 Area, No4 Sub-Area, transferred to No6 Area, Bestwood, later Gen Manager No7 Area Fife 1954) Office at Silverhill (moving to No4 HQ at Huthwaite, 18th Sep 1962, later to North Nottinghamshire HQ Edwinstowe in 1967).
  • Alf Maddox (2385) – 1954
  • Jack Frith (3831) 1954 - 8th June 1964, to Reconstruction at HQ for a short time
  • Ray Gregory (4354) transferred from No4 Area No1 Group 8th June 1964-1967. Production Manager North Nottinghamshire Area April 1967- December 1980 (d Jan 2011).

Manager and Agent for Teversall:

  • William Clark (Service cert 985, issued 22nd April 1873) Agent 1868-1887 also for Silver Hill and later Pleasley
  • H Gibson (resident Manager, 1868-1871 Teversall Collieries, removal, presentation 11/3/1871)
  • William Hey, Manager 1878-1886, for Teversall 1&2, Silver Hill and Pleasley (also died suddenly 19th June)
  • James Morton, Manager 1886-1889
  • JCB Hendy (1123 c) Manager 1889-1894 (for all 3 pits, Teversall, Silver Hill and Pleasley)
  • Jonathan Piggford (1084 service cert) Manager 1893-1910 (for all 3 pits to 1899), (came from Sheepbridge Co, promoted to Agent, Stanton Ironworks Co).
  • Charles William Tagg (3272) first sole Manager for Teversal 1910-1935
  • A Scott (2630) Manager 1935-1939 (for Silver Hill also, then transferred to Pleasley)
  • J Johnston (1243) Manager 1940-1941 (for Silver Hill also) for Teversal only was Fred Thompson (2483) Manager 1941-1942
  • Jacky P Mehers (1984) Manager 1942-Aug 1951 (promoted from Undermanager Silver Hill, transferred to Manager Kirkby, then Blackwell B Winning, later Mechanisation dept No4 HQ)
  • Jimmy A Wright (3926) Manager Sep 1951-Dec 1953, (transferred from Cotes Park, transferred to Kirkby, later Group Manager, Chief Mining Engineer, then Deputy Director South Nottinghamshire Area) d 2012
  • Horace O Gubbins (2928) Manager 1954 - 31st July 1960 (transferred from Sutton, retired at 66)
  • Ray Scothern (5252) (Deputy Manager Pleasley, assisted Apr 1967 (8s), appointed temporary Manager Sep 1957, whilst Horace O Gubbins off work sick due to serious car accident)
  • Joe A Rodgers (4226) (temporary Manager Aug – Sep 1960)
  • George K Noble (5852) Manager Sep 1960-1980, (transferred from Cotes Park, previously Undermanager Kirkby Low Moor, appointed Agent Manager Dec 1968, transferred temporarily to Rufford March-July 1969) and A John Burgess (6153) acting Manager 1969, for that period, promoted from Deputy Manager Silverhill, promoted to Manager Sutton, later General Manager Harworth
  • George K Noble (5852) returned from Rufford, (Aug 1969 until closure and abandonment 1980) completing a period of 20 years, and one of the longest serving managers at a mine. He remarked on the closure how he had enjoyed his time there and how it was always looked upon as a ‘happy pit’. He was upgraded to Agent Manager when the tonnage for the pit exceeded half a million tons in 1967. (He died 19th June 2004, aged 79, of pneumonia following complications following a leg amputation due to gangrene).

Deputy Managers:

  • Harry Coppell (6314) (Grade II), (first one but only for a few weeks, promoted from Undermanager, 9th Oct 1967 then transferred to Harworth (Grade I) 27th Nov 1967, later left to Lecturer at Worksop Technical College, (but died in service aged 55 in Jan 1985)
  • Horace Henshaw (3328) Dec 1967-1978 (transferred from Harworth), not replaced to closure.

Assistant Manager:

  • William H Anderson (6165/2nd) (returned from Undermanager at Sutton as Assistant Manager in 1978-1979, died in service from heart attack).

Undermanagers for Teversal: as per Silver Hill,

  • George Radford (Underviewer)
  • George Davis (Deputy Underviewer)
  • J Smith (Service Cert 779) pre 1877-1889
  • Josiah Ball (Service Cert 756), 1889-1899 (transferred to Silver Hill)
  • W Bentley 1899-1901
  • WJ Warner 1901-1908
  • Chas William Tagg (1797) 1908-1910
  • then none listed until H Rickers 1937-1941
  • Fred Thompson (2483)
  • J Johnston (1243) 1941
  • Jim E Davies (1489) 1942- 31st July 1958 (promoted from Senior Overman Bilsthorpe, retired at 65)
  • Willis Bacon (5574) Sep 1956 - 31st Aug 1962 (promoted from Afternoons, injured in explosion at Sutton Feb 1957 whilst on temporary transfer, (sick leave 1957 having skin grafts to his face) transferred to Brookhill, later Assistant Manager Bentinck)
  • William (Billy) H Anderson (2nd) (promoted from Overman Nov 1956-1957 to Afternoon Undermanager Aug 1957-1959, promoted to Undermanager Sutton)
  • Ernest ‘Ezra’ Brookes (75..) (Afternoons) Aug 1960- 30th Apr 1961 (promoted to Brookhill, later transferred to Method Study dept No4 Area HQ)
  • Terry Wood (76..) (Afternoons) 10th Dec 1962- 18th Nov 1963, Assistant to Manager – 1st Sep 1967 (promoted to Undermanager Sherwood, but suffered a breakdown, was demoted 21st Jan 1968 and returned to Teversal on Special duties, and committed suicide by shotgun within a few months whilst living at ‘Howlish’ at the bottom of the pit lane)
  • Harry Coppell (6314) 1st Sep 1962-1967, (promoted from Bentinck, promoted to Deputy Manager)
  • Ron Wood (7435) 1st Dec 1967-1980, closure, (transferred from Silverhill, previously at Blackwell B Winning).

Technical Assistants / Assistant Undermanagers: included

  • Sammy P Greaves (5674) 1950-1953 (later Undermanager Woodside)
  • Fred B Turton (5713) 1951-1954 (promoted to Undermanager Pleasley, later Manager Shirland, Silverhill, then joined HMI)
  • Mick Yallop (Sep 1967 transferred from Sutton - Apr 1968, left industry)
  • Terry Wood (76..) promoted to Afternoon Undermanager Teversal)
  • Roy Sims (6002) appt'd Undermanager Pleasley 1968, later Area Dust Suppression Engineer North Nottinghamshire
  • Alan Vincent (9400) (transferred from Sutton Sep 1967- Sep 1968 to Teversal, appt’d Assistant Undermanager 1st Sep 1969 - later Undermanager Bolsover, later Manager Ireland, then joined HMI)
  • Lenny HT Hallam (9909) (Practical work for Diploma Aug 1967- Jan 1968, Junior Undermanager 6th July 1970 - 1972, later Deputy Manager Pleasley, finally North Derbyshire Salvage Manager)
  • Robert (Bob) G Siddall (9974) 7th July 1969 transferred to Bilsthorpe 17th Aug 1970, later Undermanager Sherwood, Manager Blidworth and later Deputy Chief Mining Engineer North Nottinghamshire, Deputy Director North Derbyshire Area, Deputy Director Yorkshire, Director Selby, Director Opencast)
  • J Chris Allen (9808) 27th Nov 1970 - (transferred to Clipstone, later Undermanager Mansfield)
  • Stefan Daft (left to South Africa), died young
  • Richard Dalton (10661) (later Undermanager Rufford, Assistant Manager Sherwood, Deputy Manager then General Manager Welbeck)
  • George Brown (5088) (transferred to Bilsthorpe)
  • Frank Bagguley (2nd) (transferred from Bilsthorpe) -1980.
  • Neville Clarke (1st Class cert), Back shift Overman/ acting Undermanager) 1978-1980 (from Denby Hall as workman, transferred to Clipstone as Safety Engineer).

Overmen included: whilst I was there …

  • Cyril Wright
  • Fred Green (transferred from Silverhill) -1962
  • (William) Bill Head
  • Jack Gilbert (nights)
  • Albert Woodfield (died in service of brain tumour)
  • George Daft (promoted from Deputy on 50s)
  • Eric Ball
  • Howard Scothern (development)
  • Billy Anderson (promoted to Afternoon Undermanager) -1957
  • Ralph Bradshaw (promoted from Deputy on 10s)
  • Johnny Duffin (ex-Bramley Vale)
  • Harold Humphries (Chocks) then later
  • Frank Brookes -1980 (transferred to Silverhill)
  • Jack Sparham -1980 (transferred to Sutton)
  • George Kirman 1968-1980
  • Graham Bradshaw, promoted from Deputy on 21s, took over from Albert Woodfield, 1971-1980 (transferred to Safety Officer Sutton on closure).

NACODS included:

  • Secretary Harold Humphreys
  • President Jack Sparham


  • Terrance Hemmings (joined staff 1974, was the last Deputy and transferred to Sherwood at closure in 1980).

Miners on the last shift are shown in the picture.

Deputies just before closure included:

  • Dennis Daws
  • William Daws
  • Malcolm Mowbray
  • Harold Rymel
  • Stanley Bailey
  • Peter Cobley
  • Sid Wright
  • Oswald Whitfield (pit bottom)
  • Ramon Davies and
  • Terrance Hemmings last 2 Deputies for 35s panel.

NUM Officials: Presidents 1945-1980:

  • Arthur Jones
  • Walter Pickering
  • Terry Toon
  • Gerry Todd.

NUM Branch Secretaries:

  • Jack Bower
  • Cyril Barksby
  • Albert Froggatt.