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PLEASE HELP!!!!!!! 1878 Abercarn mining disaster
Mary Warner Pit Disaster in Fife, possibly Knockshinnoch Castle
Fleetham 7 Any Information About The Linday Pit Explosion 14 Dec 1957?
Ray Robinson Any Pictures of Shotton Colliery?
John Maddison Nationalisation of Lyme and Wood Collieries
Barbara Hoyle When Did Sutton Manor Colliery Close?
Peter Woodward  Any information about local mines drift or deep near Strelley?
Richard Windle Any pictures of Killamarsh Collerie?
fosterplly When did Howe Bridge pit close down?
Darren Brown My dad died in the Bentley Accident 1978 - Any Information?

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From: Ray Robinson
Sent: 12 August 2004 17:29
Any Pictures of Shotton Colliery?

Can you help me? I am trying to find old photos of the coal mine at Shotton Colliery, County Durham and also any old film footage relating to Shotton Colliery. I am hoping to organise a historical day latter in the year and display photos etc. to the people of Shotton Colliery.
Please can you help?
Thank you

  From: John Maddison
Sent: 12 August 2004 18:57
Lyme and Wood Collieries

I have been attempting to find on your web site when Lyme and Wood collieries, both in Haydock, came under the control of the National Coal Board. Was it 1947?

Many thanks

John Maddison
Certainly most were nationalised in 1947, but if anyone knows any more please let us know.

  From: Barbara Hoyle
Sent: 22 July 2004
When Did Sutton Manor Colliery Close?

I have almost completed a "History of Bold in the 19th Century" and cannot find the date when Sutton Manor Colliery closed. I know it did not start until 1906 but it was such an important part of Bold's 20th century history that I have included a few facts in my "Collieries" paragraph.

If you can tell me the date it closed, I would much appreciate it.
Barbara Hoyle.

Many thanks for your e-mails. Since e-mailing you I have asked at St. Helens Local History Library about the closure of Sutton Manor Colliery and they have a newspaper cutting showing that the Colliery closed on the 28th June, 1991.

  From: Peter Woodward  
Sent: 28 June 2004
Subject: Local Mines

Has anyone information about local mines drift or deep in a two mile radius of Strelley, Ie Babbington, Cossall, Awsworth, Harwood, Bilborough, Nuthall or where to access it.
All for now

"My Broxtowe Hundred Journal"
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When did Howe bridge pit close down?
13 April 2004

When did Howe bridge pit close down


My dad died in the Bentley Accident 1978 - Any Information?
Darren Brown
Sun 12 April 2004

I have recently discovered that my estranged father Kenneth Green was one of the men who died in the 1978 Bentley mining accident. Do you have or anyone else have any information about him or the accident.
Darren Brown
7 killed. (manriding train derailment).
Bentley Pit

From: Fleetham7 
Sent: 01 September 2004
Subject: Linday Pit Explosion 14 Dec 1957

I am looking for information on Linday Pit explosion 14 Dec 1957

From: Mary Warner 
Sent: 17 September 2004
Subject: Pit disaster in Fife

I'm sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you could help me find info on mine rescue teams?
My father was a rescue worker who I know attended one of the major fife disasters.
My brother says he attended one in Fife he thought was called Nockinch? Sorry not sure of the spelling.
Are you able to help please?

Also Would you know if there would be a record of the rescue teams that came to help and their individual names?

Once again thank you very much for your help.
Mary Warner

I think the disaster was probably the Knockshinnoch Castle Disaster. Although it was in New Cumnock, Ayrshire on 7th. September, 1950 Rescue teams from Fife could well have been called in. 13 lives lost in an inrush of liquid peat and moss from the surface.
You can find some information on my site at
Knockshinnoch Castle Disaster

  Sent: 04 December 2004
Subject: PLEASE HELP!!!!!!! 1878 Abercarn mining disaster

Do you have any other information on the Abercarn mining disaster as I am doing a school project and would like to find out as much as possible. Thank you

All we can find is: -
September, 11th. 1878. Prince of Wales, Abercarn, Monmouthshire. There were 325 men and boys working underground when a massive explosion ripped through the workings,268 died.

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