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Tony Eaton - Is there a history book about Bentley Colliery?
Neville Greenhalgh - Cotgrave Colliery - underground working
Karen Spake - Looking For Information On Either The Gater Family Or Talk O'th Hill
Terry Crook
- Not Bickershaw Headstock
Obillyeagl - Whereabouts was Stones Pit

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From: Obillyeagl
Sent: 19 December 2006
Stones Pit

Have you any information or know of any websites that I can gain information on the whereabouts and staff of Stones Pit.


From: Terry Crook
Sent: 20 December 2006
Not Bickershaw Headstock


Re-page 10 error this is not Bickershaw headstock but in fact Astley Green Colliery.

Thank you very much Terry, hopefully I have moved the photo to the correct page.


From: Neville Greenhalgh
Sent: 12 January 2007
Cotgrave Colliery - underground working

Maybe you will consider this to be an unusual request.

I am the process of buying a house in Bingham, Nottinghamshire.

Bingham is about five miles or so from Cotgrave where there was a colliery until the 1960's (I think it closed in the 1960's)

I approached my solicitor regarding the possibility of subsidence and suggested a mining search.

My solicitor advised that a mining search has never been requested in the Bingham area and is of the opinion that none of the colliery workings came in the direction of Bingham. The opinion is that a formal search would not reveal anything of any interest.

Is it possible to check this as a fact or can you point me in the right direction in this matter?

Neville Greenhalgh


From: Tony Eaton
Sent: 15 January 2007
Is there a history book about Bentley Colliery?

Hello, I worked for a brief time 1954-55 down Bentley Pit in haulage. It was an experience I would not have missed. I left to join the RAF.

Could you tell me if there is a history in book form of Bentley.

Many thanks,

Tony Eaton.

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