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Lisa Deakin - Looking for a photo of Pollington Pit, Brinsley
Carol Blackwood - Aiming To Create A Snowdown Colliery Memorial Sculpture
Jemmy Hanson - 'Park Colliery', but known locally as 'Stonses', after the owner.
Barry Yeardley - Looking for Drift Mine Near Barnsley, Early 50s
Linda Stringer - Silverwood Colliery - American Relative Sinks Mine


From: Lisa Deakin
Sent: 21 September 2008
Subject: Looking for a photo of Pollington Pit, Brinsley

Dear Sir
I'm looking to find some photo's of Pollington Pit, Brinsley.

My mother used to sit at the top of the pit hill and dangle her feet down the hole and the times I've heard that story! I would love to be able to print a photo off and frame it for her.

I hope you can help.

Lisa Deakin



From: Carol Blackwood
Sent: 14 September 2008
Subject: Aiming To Create A Snowdown Colliery Memorial Sculpture

Well this is an excellent web-site! I am looking to have contact with any miners who have worked in the Snowdown Colliery in Kent, know as Dante's Inferno. I am aiming to create a memorial sculpture which captures the grit and hard work this job entailed, and I can only really get a good impression of this if I speak to some miners about their memories.

Look forward to hearing from anyone who can help

Kind regards

Carol Blackwood


From: Jemmy Hanson
Sent: 13 September 2008
Subject: 'Park Colliery', but known locally as 'Stonses', after the owner.

Hello again
In case you've not seen this at all, I wondered if you'd care to have a read through these recollections of working in a coal mine, in Ashton in Makerfield, Lancashire, which is long gone. The pit was called 'Park Colliery', but known locally as 'Stonses', after the owner. It closed in 1957, and the site is now an industrial estate.
Park Side


The writings are by an old friend of mine, Freddie Foster, who worked, until retirement, at Parkside Colliery, the same as myself.

I know it's not your area, but it's certainly worth a read.

Have a read through, when you've time, and let me know what you think.

Jemmy Hanson

An excellent read, extremely informative.


From: Barry Yeardley
Sent: 9 September 2008
Subject: Looking for Drift Mine Near Barnsley, Early 50s

As an engineering apprentice with the NCB Central Workshops, Birdwell, in the early 50s I was taken by my fitter who had previously worked underground, to a pit in Barnsley which was a drift mine. We walked some considerable way down the drift, and as we had no safety equipment, I'm sure quite illegally and were able to do so as the drift was fairly well lit.

Have you any idea what pit it might have been?

The only drift mine I know of was Skiers Spring and I know it wasn't that, it was much closer to Barnsley town than Skiers.

Barry Yeardley

Ex Rockingham
Ex Barrow
Ex British Aerospace

You could try Ian Winstanley's site -


From: Linda Stringer
Sent: 18 June 2008
Subject: Silverwood Colliery - American Relative Sinks Mine

I wondered if you have any details about when the mine was sunk, such as photos or names of people who worked there?

We have recently found out that my great, great granddad, who lived in Ireland, fell in love with a girl who's parents sent her to America to stop them seeing each other, he then sold his farm and went to America to find her they came back to England and eloped together and married and settled in Rotherham where he worked to sink the Silverwood pit.

His brother went back to settle in America and all these generations later some American relatives are coming over in August and are interested in the history of the family/ Silverwood colliery I would be most grateful if you have anything that may be of interest.

There are one or two photos of Silverwood pit on the site, see above.
You could also try John Doxey's website. He lives in Australia but is from the area and has a lot of information.

From: Peter Woodward
Sent: 22 June 2008
Subject: Re: Dave Stevenson

Hi Fionn
Can you give me Dave Stevenson email address to ask him about "Shonkey pit" Bulwell, or if you have any information about the place and where it was.

Many Thanks
All for now
Pete, webmaster

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