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Barbara and Dennis Hunter What Was Or Is A Galloway Driver?
Nigel Need Eccles GR6 wick
Darren Gerrard Norton Green Foundry and the Menai Bridge Chains
Cristina Rivera Looking For Miners Being Rescued One-By-One In Yellow Cage
Looking For The Wages Book For Brinsley Pit
Ros Currie - Kirchins Restrainers

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From: Ros Currie
Sent: 01 November 2005
Kirchins Restrainers


Could you be so kind as to put a query on your site requesting information on a device called 'Kirchins Restrainers'. They are a Colliery Electricians device which (I believe) allow cable couplers to be opened for testing purposes.

Many Thanks,


Sent: 06 November 2005
Looking For The Wages Book For Brinsley Pit

I have had an email from someone who was born and bred in Underwood and has family connections with the industry. His great grandad, was the ostler (in charge of the pit ponies) at Brinsley pit, at around the same time as Arthur Lawrence (DHL's father) worked there.

Years ago at Lound Hall National Mining Museum, near Ollerton, and about twenty years ago, when the whole collection was moved to Chatterley Whitfield near Stoke, he saw an exhibit which was the wages book for Brinsley pit and was open at the page showing the Arthur Lawrence connection. He believes that the collection was broken up and sold off when Chatterley Whitfield closed.

Does anyone know of the whereabouts of this book? He is trying to trace it so that he might have a look at it and see if his great grandad is also listed. He strongly suspect that he might be!

He has already contacted the National Coal Mining Museum at Caphouse Colliery in Yorkshire and unfortunately, they know nothing of its location either.


From: Cristina Rivera
Sent: 10 February 2006
Subject: Looking For Miners Being Rescued One-By-One In Yellow Cages

Do you know where I can find images of the Miners being rescued one-by-one in those yellow cages that happened a few years ago?

Thank you very much,
Cristina Rivera


From: Darren Gerrard
Sent: 24 February 2006
Subject: Norton Green Foundry and the Menai Bridge Chains

Hi my name is Darren and I live in Norton Green. I have just been on your website page about the Norton pit explosion by John Lumsdon and I am wondering if you could help me to find out some facts on some research I am doing on 'Norton Green Iron Foundry'.

On John’s page he mentions that the chains for the Menai Bridge were cast there but I have looked into the matter and asked this question to many historians and it seems that their research reveals that the 32,000 thousand links were cast in Shropshire.

Although many locals believe that the chains/links were cast at Norton Green and apart from a few mentions in the odd local histories I am beginning to doubt this as fact.

I would really like to prove myself wrong by having some facts on the matter and I am therefore asking if John can help on the matter by passing on any evidence.

Any help on the matter would be appreciated,

Look forward to hearing from you


Hi Fionn,
I got my information regarding the chains being made at Norton from a book by a local historian called Tom Byrne in his book "Tales From The Past" page 90. The book is in Hanley library, not too far from Norton where Darren lives at Norton Green. But when I got your E-mail I surfed the net and came up with an extract from;

Extract from North Wales Gazette Feb 2nd 1826

The 'chains' to suspend the bridge were flat iron bars with a circular surface either end, which were bolted together. The 33,264 bars were made in a foundry in Upton Magna by Shrewsbury and moved by canal to Chester then transported by boat to the Menai Straits where they were bolted together.

The local historian may have been wrong.



From: Barbara and Dennis Hunter
Sent: 18 March 2006
Subject: What Was Or Is A Galloway Driver?


I cannot find the answer to my question anywhere.
What was or is a Galloway Driver?
One of my ancestors was a Galloway driver according to the census, in Yorkshire.


Hello Fionn
I have just found my answer in some old encyclopedia Brittanicca books we have.   A GALLOWAY driver was the man who drove the pit ponies, a special small breed known as Galloways, because of where they were bred in Scotland.   They are now believed to be extinct.

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