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Don Cathro
26 May 2020
Edwin Roland Phillips was a miner in Pontypool in the 19th century. We think he may have gone to South Africa along with many Welsh miners.

I know that you have a comprehensive knowledge of mining history and wonder if you might be able to help with a family history mystery we are trying to solve.

My wife Jayne’s great grandad Edwin Roland Phillips was a miner in Pontypool and his name appears in the 1871 and 1891 census but no mention in the 1881 census.

We think he may have gone to South Africa along with many Welsh miners but not sure.

Do you know where we may be able to source any information which may help.
All the best Don

If you have any information please email -

Paul Lockwood
22 Jul 2018
Where is This Mining Memorial Please?

Could you tell me where this memorial is please as I would like to visit it.
Thank you


Sorry Paul, I know the photo is in my site, I have searched and searched but to no avail. I have almost 14 thousand files in the site. The memorial includes a constructed wheel, as opposed to a cast wheel so is after 1980.

Carole Lewis
14 July 2018
George Denman, a steel worker, was born in Rotherham, he passed away 1915
Hi, am trying to trace the gentleman above, George Denman. He is my great grandfather and was born in Rotherham. He was a steel worker and recorded as passing away in 1915. He was living at Westgate in Holmes with his family on the 1911 census. I know nothing else about him as my grandfather Albert was divorced from my Nan. Would be grateful for any information about him please.

Thank you.

Brenda Storey
30 Dec 2016
Looking For William Street, Trimdon Grange, County Durham
I was born in William Street, Trimdon Grange, County Durham in 1949. I am trying to find out exactly where William Street was, I can remember the pit heaps were close but can’t find any map with street names on.

CHILDREN’S PLAYTIME: Life in Trimdon Grange in August 1969 beneath one of County Durham’s largest pitheaps


CHILDREN’S PLAYTIME: Life in Trimdon Grange in August 1969 beneath one of County Durham’s largest pitheaps

Information and photo from the Northern Echo

It's possible Williams Street had its name changed to or was incorporated into Duff Heap Row, although Duff Heap Row existed in the 1881 census. William Street was either named after the builder, or possibly because Welsh people settled there – it was “at the top end of the pit heap”

In Trimdon Grange, the 1960s saw great change. Old pit slums, like the Plantation area,were demolished;the colliery was closed, with the loss of 700 jobs, and the heap was landscaped. Therefore, nothing remains of Duff Heap Row.

Joan Smalley (NMBT)
12 Jul 2016
Notts Miners Banners Trust - We are hoping to preserve or replicate the mining banners

NCBTHello, I am working for the Notts Miners Banners Trust (NMBT). We are hoping to preserve or replicate the mining banners for use in education and the community. We are also developing a web site about the Notts pits. I found your site whilst researching Lodge Colliery. I was hoping I could use some of your material for our website please. We are a not for profit community organisation. Any information you could help with would be gratefully received.

The web site is live but we are still tinkering.
Thank you from the whole team.

Thank you
Joan Smalley (NMBT)

Nottinghamshire Coalfield Banners Trust (NMBT)Banners

Visit the Nottinghamshire Coalfield Banners Trust - Click Here

The aim of the NCBT is to work with youngsters all over the county of Nottinghamshire. We aim to raise funds to restore the Coalfield Banners and to display them for the community. We will also produce replica banners which can be transported around the area.

We shall use the Coalfield Banners as an incentive to engage with youngsters and then to raise awareness of the coal mining history, the legacy of the area and the contribution to the lives and economy of the community.

We shall work with schools across the county, offering them visits, workshops and interactive website opportunities to help the youngsters become successful members of the community.

The Banners have long been associated with coal mining and its heritage. Most pits had their own banners which depicted the pit and its men. The banners were a symbol of the solidarity and hardship often faced down the pits.

The banners were used in parades and galas across the coalfields. Miners and their families, often dressed in their ‘Sunday best’ would walk behind the banners through their villages.

The Nottinghamshire Coalfields Banners Trust was established to ensure we retain the vibrant heritage of our coal mines. If you would like to help, have any comments or resources that you would like to add to our web site then please do so via our blog or by contacting us. Thank you.


Link Working 29 Dec 2018


See Some Banners Here
Some Lodge Colliery Articles - 1 - 2 - 3

Michael Wolvin
18 Jun 2016
Cotgrave Mining Plates
I am trying to locate an NUM Cotgrave Colliery, South Notts, mining plate.
Pre- 1984 to replace a broken one.

I have contacted Edwardian China Co. but they don’t have any stock and can’t help.

Can you or anyone help, please?


Mick Wolvin
Sent from Windows Mail

Cotgrave Finally Closed, 1993, After 32 Years

Ian Shaw
24 May 2016
Five Pits Trail North Wingfield, Looking for Photo's of the Railway Crossing, Highfields Crossing

Grahamb6I was hoping you will be able to help.

I live at the side of the five pits trail on Williamthorpe Road, North Wingfield and have been trying for ages to find photo's of the railway crossing that went across the road. I have seen a photo of a steam train going past my house towards the crossing. I understand it was called Highfields Crossing.

Hope you can help us locate some photo's.

Kind regards

Ian Shaw

Sarah Kelly
3 Jan 2016
Bradford Power Plant


I wonder if you may be able to assist me. I am doing some family research. My Grandfather, John Kelly, worked for the Electric Board in the 1950's as the area manager for the North West. Apparently he was injured in a fire around 1955 at the Bradford Power Plant whilst he was inspecting it. He rescued a man from the fire whom unfortunately later died. I can't seem to find any mention of this on the internet. Would it have been reported in a local paper and if so would you know the name of said paper?

Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to offer

Sarah Clarke nee Kelly