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From: Donna Hancox
20 January 2008
Looking for Pictures of Bennerley Coal Screening Plant

Hello There!

This is probably long shot, but hopefully not a dead end.... we are looking for a photo of the Bennerley Coal Screening Plant. Me and my Hubby often go on walks at the crack of dawn - catching nature at its best, we have stumbled across allsorts from Kingfishers to Monk-Jack deer (and the odd drunk!) And we were trying to picture what it looked like where the plan used to stand, now it is a haven for wildlife, taking advantage of its uninhabited wildness.

After searching every possible angle (to us) we cannot find any images of this plant - could you help us out or indeed

You could try the site:-
Images from Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire border

steerus in the right direction on how we could obtain images and/or information of dates it operated etc.(We are fast becoming, in our own heads, local historians, and we have some interesting images and documentation on the opening of Stanton Iron Works and early copies of the 'Tizer)

Thank You for reading this email

Kindest Regards
Donna Hancox

Bennerley Coal Screening Plant by Roy Gregory
Bennerley Coal Screening Plant by Roy Gregory
Roy Gregory now lives in Sierra Madre in the USA.

Aerial shot, Roy Gregory
Aerial shot, Roy Gregory
Roy Gregory now lives in Sierra Madre in the USA.


From: Richard Bull
02 February 2009
Bennerley Disposal Point

Could you please pass a message on to Donna Hancox

I have some photos taken whilst I was a driver on the railway working out of Bennerley coal disposal point

They were taken in about the 1993/4 could not give exact dates

There are more but I do not want to clog your in box

If you need them shout

Rich Bull

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From: John Renshaw
31 May 2010
Re: Bennerley Photos Above

Hi Fionn
Have you got the additional pictures that Rich Bull mentioned in his email?  I would be interested in seeing them, also any higher res ones of the ones on your site.

I am a member of the Awsworth & Cossall History Society and as such I have developed an interest in the Bennerley site. 
Would you mind if I used print offs of your Bennerley pictures as part of our display at our village fete this year?


John Renshaw

Email sent to Richard Bull

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