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Working On The Station

Mines Rescue


ReadIlkeston Rescue Station Occurance Book.
Commencing July 1983, Finished 28 September 1983.
I am able to offer you the appointment of Permanent Corps Rescue Brigadesman
at the Ilkeston Mines Rescue Station


There's Been An Explosion
An exercise at the Ilkeston Mines Rescue Station, putting a team of miners from Gedling Colliery through a series of tough tests.


Philip's Roots




Rescues Are Their Business
Bernard Foyster Tells How Men Train at Ilkeston. With the construction of a "hot and humid" chamber, all the conditions likely to be encountered in a colliery accident can now be simulated for training purposes at Ilkeston Mine Rescue Station.


The Training Gallery
Ilkeston Advertiser, June 61
Beneath an imposing building in Manners Road lie hundreds of yards of galleries, complete with tracks and tubs, shored correctly with pit props, and supplied throughout with water and electricity.

What Rescue Work is Like


Radio will help mines rescue workers
Link Between Rescuers And Station
New system installed at Ilkeston

Soaring high above Ilkeston Mines Rescue Station in Manners road is a 60ft wireless mast, focal point in two-way radio contact which will in future keep rescue workers called out to the pits in touch with the station.

Derby Telegraph, Sept 53
Work is expected to be completed before the end of the year on a mining industry project at Ilkeston which is thought to be unique in this country - and one which is already paying dividends in improved underground safety at the collieries.

'You Have Our Gratitude'

Ilkeston, Derbyshire - April 1954


Coal Outlook is Brighter

N.C.B. Chief Tells Rescue Workers


I need more information. This site started off as Philip's scrap book but it is now expanding. As is so often the case we did not get enough information from Philip while he was alive. I need more information, stories and pictures so that those interested can find out more about the mining industry in the UK, what it was like to be a miner what it was like to live in a mining family, or as in Philip's case a mines rescue family.