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Les Calladine

Ilkeston Mines Rescue - Diaries

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Ilkeston Rescue Station Occurrence Book. Commencing July 1983, Finished 28 September 1983.
Monday 4 - 7 - 83 (Continued)


Supt Hodkiss left the station for Mansfield Rescue Station in his own car.
  09:25 Noel Webster left the station for home sick.
Assistant officer Ass/Supt William Fairlie
Duty driver Charlie Snarski, Billy Gemmell covering from 16:15
Rod Harrison
Ian Grady
Rab Wallace
Paul Bullivant
  11:35 Supt Hodkiss back on station from Mansfield Rescue Station.
T/O Pete Searson, Paul Bullivant, Charlie Snarski, Billy Gemmell, Rab Wallace
    back on station from Hucknall
  16:00 T. Clark on duty, George Elkin off.
  18:00 Phone lines tested
  22:00 Phone lines tested
  24:00 T. Clarke off duty
Tuesday 5 - 7 -83
  00:01 George Brock on duty
  02:00 Ashby phoned
  04:00 Ashby phoned
  06:00 Ashby phoned
  07:15 Phone lines tested
  07:45 Alarm bells tested
  08:00 George Brock off duty
  08:00 Mick Donnelly on telephone duty
    Duty officer Supt Hodkiss. Asst Supt William Fairlie T/o. Casson
    Duty men.
Rod Harrison
John Borgoyne
Ian Grady
Rab Wallace
    George Elkin
Charlie Snarski
Dereck Archibald
Pete Sharkey
    Sick Noel Webster
Harry Meakin left station in No2 car enroute to South Normanton Garage
  08:16 Ian Grady left station in No3 car enroute to South Normanton Garage
  08:25 Linby Colliery Rescue Team on station for training
  08:45 BT tested lines in order
  10:01 VHF tests carried out. Nocontact with Chesterfield Resuce Station.
  12:00 Mick Donnelly telephone cover. Leave Asst Supt William Fairlie
  13:00 Mick Donnelly off telephone duty
  14:00 Mick Donnelly on telephone


Duty Officer Supt. Hodkiss
Duty Driver M. Donnelly
Noel Watson
John Burgoyne
Rab Wallace
Ian Grady
  16:00 T Clarke on duty, Mick Donnelly off
  18:00 Phone lines tested
  22:00 Phone lines tested
  24:00 T. Clark off duty

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