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In Memory of Philip Healey - Ilkeston Mines Rescue 1954 - 1971

• See Also Durham Mining Museum Links Page => Mines, Archives, North East Village History, General History, Local Visitor Attractions, Local Sites, Local Newspaper Sites, Miners' Banner Groups, Miners' Compensation & Help Groups, Other Websites.

John has contributed a lot to this site but he now has his own website


This site is worth a look at especially this bit, Historic Mining Photos by Country

The pages for England, Scotland and Wales have some images of life underground and surface images of various rescue teams.

And Markham Colliery Top Hard Ponies written by Godfrey Downs-Rose gives a brief view of pony employment and conditions

Coal, Colliery and Mining Forum Run By
John Waudby

Nottinghamshire Coalfield Banners Trust (NMBT)

Visit the Nottinghamshire Coalfield Banners Trust - Click Here

The aim of the NCBT is to work with youngsters all over the county of Nottinghamshire. We aim to raise funds to restore the Coalfield Banners and to display them for the community. We will also produce replica banners which can be transported around the area.

We shall use the Coalfield Banners as an incentive to engage with youngsters and then to raise awareness of the coal mining history, the legacy of the area and the contribution to the lives and economy of the community.

We shall work with schools across the county, offering them visits, workshops and interactive website opportunities to help the youngsters become successful members of the community.

The Banners have long been associated with coal mining and its heritage. Most pits had their own banners which depicted the pit and its men. The banners were a symbol of the solidarity and hardship often faced down the pits.

The banners were used in parades and galas across the coalfields. Miners and their families, often dressed in their ‘Sunday best’ would walk behind the banners through their villages.

The Nottinghamshire Coalfields Banners Trust was established to ensure we retain the vibrant heritage of our coal mines. If you would like to help, have any comments or resources that you would like to add to our web site then please do so via our blog or by contacting us. Thank you.

Michael Martin began his life as a miner at the age of 15 years. His first job was in the Fife Coalfields at Kinglassie Colliery, in 1954.

Fife's great mining tradition recaptured for you in facts, figures, maps, pictures and tales of her pits and mines - Now contains a school project

Miners Advice - On our Contacts page you'll find the NUM Office or Advice Centre nearest you.
Our Contacts page has telephone No.'s and addresses of Advice Centres and Union Offices throughout the UK. If you know of a useful contact which you think should appear on our Contacts page, then please send an e-mail to us here at @Miner'sAdvice.
Our Further Reading page is a list of books we recommend
The Links Page is a collection of Links to other sites
For the latest news affecting miners and the mining industry, visit our News, Views & Updates page.
Our News Page is the place to find the latest newson what's happening in the mining industry
Read Dave Douglass's Reviews of:Scargill: The Unauthorised Biography by Paul Routledge

The Stainforth 2001 site was launched on New Year's Day 2001 to mark the dawning of the new Millennium. The first pages were written in HTML using note pad and this site is packed with pages about the history of Stainforth, the people of Stainforth, and the issues affecting Stainforth, as well as hundreds of photographs.

Take a look at the Stainforth 2001 Guest book to find comments left by Stainforthians from all around the world.

Mines Rescue UK - Phil Clifford - Much has been written about coal mining, it's effect on the health and welfare of individual miners and their families and, in recent years, the story of conflict with subsequent governments. What is less well documented is the history of the Mines Rescue Teams involved in many of the tragic disasters which were, sadly, all too common. In these few pages I hope to begin to rectify this omission. I am also compiling a book which will go into greater detail but, in the meantime I would use this medium to impart a taste of what is to come and invite you to contribute, criticise (constructively) or even correct me where you feel errors have been stated.

Visitors to the site will find much material relating to individual 'heroes' and pit disasters. The site is not large enough to contain detail of every disaster but more information can be obtained by visiting the 'links' page.
A full listing of awards of Albert, Edward and Empire Gallantry medals is included (for deeds relating to mining only), together with information relating to the George Medal, George Cross and the Order of Industrial Heroism.
I am happy to carry out simple searches of my records to provide more information for any of the named individuals.

KentuckyMining Artifacts And Memorabilia
A Pictorial History Of Kentucky Coal Mining

-Click Here -


If you have questions about a mining artifact that you own or if you have mining artifacts to sell you can
Email Dave

North Staffordshire - Barry Knapper

Interactive Map of the old railways which, among others duties, served all the mines in North Staffordshire.

  • Over the TEN years between 1875 and 1885 there were 12315 recorded deaths in UK coal mines!
  • Over the SINGLE year 1999 to 2000 the UK's Health and Safety Executive report ( Link) there were NO fatalities underground in British coal mines.
Click Here To Go To Ian's Site

Fred Gething’s website The ‘Thurcroft Main Colliery and Village Web Site’ is dedicated to the many Men and Women who have worked at the Pit over its 80 years life. The aim of the site is to log as much information as possible regarding the Pit, its work force, it's Village and the many aspects that was everyday life for the Miners their Family's and the whole community.

More information on this site OR Click here to go to Bill's Site

Johnny Templeton
A project to record and archive the living history of the Coalminers, their families and communities.Lots of updates 2011

Welcome to the Cwm Community Care Website.

Cwm Community Care is a volunteer group working to enhance our local community so that we can have a better and cleaner area to live in and to enjoy the natural surroundings and history we have in our area.

To learn more about Cwm and our projects, please visit our site.

World Coal Association (WCA) is an international non-profit, non-governmental association based in London created to represent the coal industry. The association was formerly called The World Coal Institute (WCI), but changed its name in November 2010. The WCA undertakes lobbying, organises workshops and provides coal information to decision makers in international energy and environmental policy and research discussions, as well as supplying information to the general public and educational organisations on the benefits and issues surrounding the use of coal. It also promotes clean coal technologies.

It has participated in a number of United Nations and International Energy Agency workshops, boards and forums, including the UN Commission on Sustainable Development, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the IEA Working Party on Fossil Fuels and the IEA Coal Industry Advisory Board. It is also part of the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum.

Foto Search Stock Photography and Stock Footage allows users to search from more than 15 million images and 250,000 video clips from 140 quality publishers at one site. Top footage vendors available include Artbeats, Corbis, Creatas Footage, Digital Hotcakes, Getty, Film Disc, National Geographic, Reel House, and many, many more. Our website hosts thousands of photos related to mining, minerals, rocks, geology, etc! - Click Here To Go To Foto Search -

A blog which includes links and information about walks in Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire. As part of this I am including links to other sites with information about the areas covered in each blog post.

I have recently completed a blog about Collier's Wood at Eastwood. This can be found at

Blog Run By Chris Page
23 May 2010

I run the Coal, Colliery and Mining Forum, an open forum for anyone to discuss coal or any type of mining. We have over 160 members now, mainly UK mining based, but there are world wide boards within the forum.
I am also building a website based on my old site I set up years ago called Coal, Collieries and Mining
Kames Colliery Disaster - Miners Voices

Over fifty years have passed since the village of Muirkirk was shaken by the news of an explosion at Kames Colliery.

While living memories of this event remain, Johnny Templeton has been gathering mining memories in audio format which will help preserve the history and heritage of Ayrshire's mining culture - a "living" record of what the men and women of Muirkirk experienced at that time and it's effects on the local community.

Roger is a Fire Service Historian and Author, he is preserving the history of the fire service in Britain and Ireland. He has a lot of material but is still looking for more historical information and printed material about the British fire service, its fire engines and equipment; anything in fact that will help him in his project to record part of our heritage before it is too late.
AditNow is an information sharing resource and discussion forum for the mine exploration community as well as industrial archaeologists, researchers, historians and anybody with an interest in mine exploration or mining history. The site provides a searchable database of mines and quarries from across the UK, comprehensive information and thousands of mining photographs and documents.
In-Bye I left Chandos School in Netherfield, Nottingham in 1956 when I was 15. I hated working in a factory and wanted something more adventurous. The Youth Employment Officer suggested the National Coal Board where there were plentiful opportunities for training. I attended an interview and medical at Gedling Colliery and was signed on as a Trainee Miner - My experiences in the Nottinghamshire coalfield.
coalfields heritage initiative Kent

Chik.coalfields heritage initiative Kent is a website about the Kent coalfield contains brief history of the pits and lots of photographs.

Regards Vic Richards
Aylesham Heritage Centre
Oral History

See Vic's photos of the memorials to the miners of the Kent Coal Field
Women and the Pits
Our goal is to provide an informative and factual site of the history of the women working in the mines of the United Kingdom.
Leah R. Ryan

Associated Northcliffe Digital, the web division of the Derby Evening Telegraph Group.

You and Yesterday
We want this to become the biggest and best site about Derbyshire’s past – but we need your help to make that happen. We want to hear about your memories from the 20th century – or maybe you have stories about your family’s history that go back even further? If something’s happened in Derbyshire, or involved Derbyshire people, we want to know about it.
It is a wiki site, so it allows you to edit and add your own stories and upload photographs.

Wigan World Wigan is a town in Lancashire, north-west England. Discover Wigan as it was years ago, and how it is today. The biggest internet community site for Wiganers, get involved... 

Peter Lindley It’s a great little article about
coal-mining and film.
A definitive guide to Britains Film and TV History

Coal Mining
The rise and fall of a once-great industry

Images from Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire border
Visit Elaine Sarson's Mapperley Village History Project 2011
A wealth of pictures, stories and information from its' Royal Charter in 1267 to the Mapperley of today.
Protector Lamp Ltd, Lansdowne Road, Eccles, Manchester. M30 9PH. England
Email David Mather:-
Blog :-
Tel; +44 161 789 3013 fax; +44 161 789 5294
Dave Johnson Huge site, collection of mining artifacts and memorabilia, photos. Mainly America. Advise given about aretfacts, lamps etc.
Miners Advice You'll find the NUM Office or Advice Centre nearest you. Their Contacts page has telephone No.'s and addresses of Advice Centres and Union Offices throughout the UK. Read about the present situation in the UK's remaining coal mines.
Neils Local History Site. Coal & Ironstone Mining in North Derbyshire. Lots of information about pits and mining companies in the Derbyshire area.
Ilkeston history
Ilkeston and District Local History Society - The Ilkeston and District Local History Society was established in 1966 to foster the study of local history and research into all aspects of the history of Ilkeston and the district and to disseminate this information for the benefit of the public.
Gidman One-Name Study
Our ancestors were sons of the soil, coal and iron.
I have an extensive database of events from 1576 up to those involving our families who were living in 1901. I may have information about your relations to pass on and I would like to add any facts given by you.
Joel Porter has been documenting the Blenkinsopp mine and miners before it closed and has some excellent photographs. He has also been trying to get some interest locally to exhibit the portraits, or even to publish them.
Betteshanger Colliery, Kent. 2000 and Snowdown Colliery, Kent. 1993-2002
Frazer Nairn has just set up a mine web site based on photographs taken over the last 10 years. He intends to expand it in the future. Some great pictures of Headstocks
David Willson's site is dedicated to the heroic rescue of 116 men trapped underground and the 13 souls who perished in the Knockshinnoch Castle Colliery Disaster, September 1950
The history of the parish of New Cumnock, including some pages on the New Cumnock Coalfield Bobby Guthrie
Blantyre Past
Andra McAnulty, born in 1860 in Lanarkshire into a mining family became the first President of The Lanarkshire Miners' Union. While recovering from injuries sustained down the pit there was another massive explosion at the pit which killed 215 miners, one of whom was his father. Andra devote the rest of his life to improving the lot of, not only his fellow miners, but also their wives and families.
John Weedy's Collection of the Illustrated London News magazine. It which was first printed in 1842 and is the finest pictorial example of a historic social record of British and world events up to the present day.
Jack Nadin's Lancashire Coal Mining History Page My interest is in the history of coal mining, mainly in Lancashire, but also in the U.K. in general, and I also have a keen interest in local history of the Burnley area, Lancashire, England.
John Doxey' Site
The first comprehensive study of Thrybergh, Dalton, and Ravenfield, Yorkshire, on the web a study of the history and people. Includes a lot of information about Silverwood Colliery.
Yorkshire Main Colliery - Pete started work at Markham Main for three months underground training having left school three weeks before. Wealth of information on his site, lots of photos.
Picture the Past
'Picture the Past' aims to conserve and make publicly accessible the photographic heritage of the North East Midlands, thus enabling people to see the richness and diversity of the area's photographic collections.
The UK's National Mining Memorabilia Association's Web site
This well presented site is full of mining related memorabilia. You can also become a member of the network and join in on the buying, swapping and selling of memorabilia
Based on mhn logo
Mining History Network
Dr Roger Burt, University of Exeter.
Join the Mining Forum
Heanor and District Local History Society.
Heanor is a market town in Derbyshire, England.
This site is a new venture for the Society (as of March 2004), please keep coming back to see what changes we have made.
Pages include communities surrounding the town, coal mining, local industries, transport and local personalities. All of our pages include historic photographs of the area, many taken from the Society's own publications.

Art - Being Creative

Click here to visit the Black Gold project. It is the main official centre-point for the creative works designed to highlight and mark the 50th anniversary of the Auchengeich mining disaster.

Art - Being Creative

If you like poetry and stories, you will hopefully enjoy visiting my site.
Rose Potter

Art - Being Creative

Painting in the Miners' Offices at Berry Hill. by the artist, pit man's son, Paul Fillingham.
Contact Paul

Art - Being Creative


  Geoff Green

As an ex-Ilkestonian, mine worker, mine undermanager and then HM Principal Inspector of Mines, I am of course fascinated by your web site. I was born in Cotmanhay, Ilkeston in 1945 and was first trained at the Shipley Training Centre starting there in 1962. I went on to be a ‘ganger’ at Moorgreen Colliery, Eastwood, went off to Nottingham University from 1965 to 1969 and was later colliery undermanager at Linby Colliery, Hucknall from 1973 to 1977 after which I joined HM Inspectorate of Mines. I retired from HMI in 1997 at the age of 51 and later went on to become a national and international health and safety consultant. I now live in a village near Chester. My father worked at Cossall colliery and both my grand-fathers were miners.
You might be interested to know that I have written my first novel called ‘In Coal Blood’, it is of the adult, murder mystery, fiction genre. It was released on Feb 3rd 2014 and can be obtained from   or from any book shop or via Amazon Books, including Kindle Edition. It is available as a paperback or an e-book. It is set in and around Ilkeston, Cossall, Strelley and Kimberley.

For Good Men
Denby Drury-Lowe Colliery 1839-1968

Click Here To Contact
Peter Smith

I worked at Denby Colliery 50 years ago (at the Kilburn Pit site) and have just finished writing a book documenting the history of Denby Drury-Lowe Colliery.

Available in early August 2011.  Should any contributor to this site require a copy they will be available at a reduced rate.

Erika's photo's are a revelation but have surfaced too late for inclusion in the book.

A Poetry Anthology
by Jenny Martin

An anthology of poetry about Whitehaven and beyond, published to mark the Centenary of Cumbria’s worst pit disaster on 11th May 1910.

Ann Goddard - Goodbye Old Pick (mining history) - Tribute to Staffordshire miner Charles Lawton

Goodbye Old Pick, a tribute to Staffordshire (later Derbyshire) miner Charles Lawton (1839 - 1921),  is held to be the best account of daily life in the Staffordshire mines and fully reflects the hazards of mining life in that era.   

The story of the Pretoria Mining disaster by Andrea Finney, inspired by the diary of her great, great grandmother, Elizabeth Gore, who lost her son in the disaster, will be published by Peakpublish.

The book will be published in the UK in the autumn of 2009

1910 The death of 344 men and boys at the Pretoria Pit near Bolton, England. At the time Britain’s second biggest mining disaster.
Reel Vision Films tells the harrowing story of Pretoria and how mining has evolved up to the present day. The Documentary investigates how the disaster happened by using local experts, families of those involved, computer graphic reconstructions and actual pictures of the terrible aftermath. All of which brings to light what happened on that fateful day. - Steve Looker, Director (See Trailer on site)

Hector Tyler's book 'The Mysterious Disappearance of Thomas Severn'. Back in 1918 a miner vanished; there was an extensive search of the mine but he was never seen again. His name was Thomas Severn, Under Manager at Mapperley Pit, Derbyshire.

For more information click here

ISBN 978-0-9557146-0-3
UK Price 9.95ukp

ISBN 0-9544789-1-6
Hersden, Chislet Colliery Village, published in 2003. It is the story and history of a colliery and its people brought from all corners of the UK to man a colliery in Kent and the village built to house them. It includes The Birth of the Kent Coalfield, The mineworkers welfare fund and the pit head baths, Chislet Colliery Welfare Association, The Silver Band, The School, Church, Growing up in Hersden, a mining trainee, Kent pit language, to name a few, with many photos of the colliery and village events. A more compressive description can be found at
Ross Llewellyn
Andy Paterson
Long-time mining and social historian and author, Andy Paterson lives in Errol in Perthshire.
Copies of Andy's book "A Blast from the Past" can be purchased directly from him at:
Andy can also be contacted by phone on 01821 642592
Smalley We have just published and printed locally a new book on Smalley's Past.
The book contains maps, photographs and detailed plans of several coal mines in and surrounding Smalley.Also The Turton Family and Smalley Village
"Industrial landscape of the East Midlands"
by Marilyn Palmer and Peter Neaverson
ISDN 0-85033-829-8

"A History of Mining in the Heanor Area"

Heanor and District Local History Society
ISBN 0 9508430 3
George Eyre - Roger Hull
Brian Key - Tom Lorimore
Bill Martin - John Wrigh

Mining Consultant
Brian Robinson. I.Min.E, ISRP.
Breathing Apparatus - Rescue Consultant

Mining Companies
Please Read Disclaimer

J. K. DEY & SONS - Lamp and Safety Equipment Manufacturers, India - Click here for more information


I need more information. This site started off as Philip's scrap book but it is now ready to expand.

As is so often the case we did not get enough information from Philip while he was alive.

I need more stories so that those interested can find out more about the mining industry in the UK, those who worked in it and what it was like to live in a mining family, or as in Philip's case a mines rescue family.

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