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Thomas Severn

100 years on June 5th 2018 since the Mysterious Disappearance of Thomas Severn down Mapperley Pit

Back in 1918 a miner vanished; there was an extensive search of the mine but he was never seen again. His name was Thomas Severn, Under Manager at Mapperley Pit.

There were many theories at the time ranging from murder, to conspiracy, to his fleeing the country but despite police investigations we are no nearer the truth.

Or are we? Hector Tyler, who was a miner at Mapperley pit, has investigated the disappearance himself. His research included interviewing miners, trawling through newspaper articles, studying maps of the workings, visiting libraries and using his own experiences as a miner to come up with a very plausible conclusion.

Apart from Thomas Severn's disappearance Hector also gives a lot of back ground information about the area around Mapperley, West Hallam and Ilkeston going back as far as the Doomsday book and giving an insight into what it was like to live in a mining community.

In conclusion Hector's thoroughly researched book gives the reader some local history, community life, life as a miner and a mystery to ponder upon.

The book is obtainable at News Express in Ilkeston as well as at the Erewash Museum in Ilkeston. I am in the process of putting it on Amazon Books.

Purchase on Amazon here.
ISBN 978-0-9557146-0-3
UK Price £9.95

Paul Bain
15 April 2013
I am the great grandson of Thomas Severn who disappeared in 1918

My name is Paul Douglas Bain and I am the great grandson of Thomas Severn.

I've recently begun investigating my family history and came across a newspaper article from 1918 about the disappearance of my great grandfather which eventually lead me to your book.

I'm so looking forward to purchasing a copy and reading it soon. In the meantime can I ask you if you know of any photographs of my great grandfather or his family? I am living in Australia at the moment and plan on a visit back to the UK soon and will definitely be visiting Mapperly.

If you can share any further information I would be most grateful

Yours sincerely

Paul Bain

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