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From:     Mark Heath
Sent:      29 June 2011
Subject: New Winning Pit at Denby in 1981

These photos were taken by a relative who now lives in Oxfordshire.

My Grandfather, Ralph Brown lived on the former pit road, 'The College' near to Denby Pottery's rammel heap, (Derby Rd, Denby).

I can remember walking up with him, to the cricket ground on a Saturday afternoon frequently. The area was riddled with mines, most were the old fashioned 'Bell Pits', no more than holes in the open air!

New Winning was joined up to Kilburn Pit by an underground run during the 1930's, my mother can recall feeling the blasting as it ran under their home at The College.

Just over the road was another pit - Salterwood, moving towards Kilburn was yet another; Denby Hall, the list goes on and there are more, but there doesn't seem to be many pics of them now, even locally.

I believe that New Winning was usually accessed via Denby Common, the new Denby cricket ground is situated off there now, where the old Copper Yard used to be. It was moved there when the entire area was opencast for the second time, just after these pics were taken.

You are welcome to use them. They were taken by Erika Belcher, my cousin.

Mark Heath

New Winning Pit c1981

Denby, New Winning Pit and Slag Heap c 1981

Opencasting at Denby Hall Colliery c1981

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