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Explosion 344 killed - Those Who Died


From: Sridhar (booksconnect)
Sent: 6 August 2009
Subject: New Book - '344 - The Story of the Pretoria Pit Disaster'

Andrea Finney
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The story of the Pretoria Mining disaster by Andrea Finney, inspired by the diary of her great, great grandmother, Elizabeth Gore, who lost her son in the disaster, will be published by Peakpublish.

The Pretoria Pit Disaster in 1910 was the third largest mining disaster in British history, when 344 men and boys lost their lives. The story, as written by Andrea, with help from the diary of her great, great grandmother, tells of tragedy and loss to people already struggling with life.

2nd print run, I have had further inclusions in the book (including the names and the ages of the 344 men and boys who died)  and  the front cover has been redesigned which of course ties in with the 100th Anniversary on the 21st December 2010 making the book a Centenary memento.

Further research took Andrea into the archives of 'Bolton News' and the reports of the incident form part of her book.

Geraldine Rose of Peakpublish said, "It is with great pleasure that we introduce '344 - The Story of the Pretoria Mining Disaster inspired by a mother's tale after securing the rights from the author, Andrea Finney.
It is a fascinating story of life in difficult times and a historical documentary of a tragic mining accident. 2010 will be the centenary of the disaster and this is a fitting tribute for the anniversary."

Author Andrea says, "I have been fascinated with history since I was a


In the 1970's I was given access to a diary belonging to my great, great grandmother, Elizabeth Gore, and I never forgot reading about her hard life. In 2003 when I started to research my Family History I thought again of my great, great grandmother's life and the tragic loss of her son in the Pretoria Pit Disaster at Westhoughton in 1910 and it was then that I decided to put it all together in a book".

The editor, Jeni Edwards, said "This is one of those books where truth is stronger than fiction. We are given an intimate glimpse into the lives, loves and tragedies of a close knit northern community. Andrea has captured the taste of the time, and we have the privilege of tasting it too, Jack bait and all."

Click Here to visit Andrea's Web Site and find out about the book, events and where to buy it.
You can also read a small section of the book from the first chapter

From: Andrew Lainton
14 June 2009
Westhoughton Statue Tribute to Pretoria Pit Disaster Victims

Hi Fionn

Andrew Lainton stopped by The Bolton News website and suggested that you visit the following article Westhoughton statue tribute to Pretoria pit disaster victims

Here is his message ...

I found the details of the 1910 Pretoria Pit disaster on your site very informative and thought you might like to see this article about plans to commemorate the centenary next December.

Regards Andrew

Kind regards
The Bolton News Team.

The above email comes from a do not reply mailbox - Thank you very much Andrew for this information

Those Who Died
Westhoughton statue tribute to Pretoria pit disaster victims

11:30pm Thursday 23rd April 2009
By Lucy Ewing

Fred Dibnah statue in BoltonA BRONZE statue is to be erected as a memorial to the hundreds of miners who lost their lives in Bolton's worst pit disaster.

Westhoughton Town Council has commissioned Jane Robbins — the artist who created the Fred Dibnah statue in Bolton — to sculpt a tribute to the 344 men and boys who were killed in the Pretoria Pit disaster on December 21, 1910.

The statue will depict a miner, crouched on a stone plinth with a lamp and a pick lying beside him.

It will be erected in Ditchfield Gardens, alongside a granite wall which will name every miner who was killed.

The Mayor of Westhoughton, Cllr David Chadwick, said: "The Pretoria Pit disaster is part of the history of Westhoughton so it is very important we recognise the 100th anniversary.

"Looking at Jane Robbins' previous work, I'm sure the statue will be wonderful and a fitting tribute to all those who lost their lives."

The accident at the Hulton colliery affected almost every family in the town.

Only three miners survived the explosion, which is believed to be the largest loss of life in an accident in any English pit.

The town council has budgeted £20,000 for the statue and a further £10,000 for the granite wall.

Ms Robbins will spend a couple of months creating the life-size statue in clay in her Shropshire studio. A foundry, in nearby Oswestry will cast it in bronze.

She said: "I was delighted to be asked by the town council to create this memorial. I submitted a few designs to the council and they've chosen the one they think is most suitable.

"Their memorial will last forever because it is made from bronze.

"The miner will be there long after our children, and even their children, are gone. It really is a memorial in the true sense of the word."

The statue will be erected in time for the 100th anniversary of the disaster next year.

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