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Poems and Stories
Gaz ex-miner hence the email address 'detsnpowder'

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I have many poems, pictures and stories you may use for your web site.

I have attached a recent mug shot; hey it's a rare one I've got a jacket on! all my other pics aren't very good; mainly because I'm an ugly bogger!

I am digging up more photos and finding that I did quite a few more poems than I remembered, good thing these computers.

I started my poetry while at Annesley and taking a look back now I can see a sort of order they have been written. They go right up to my last shift down the pit, building up from the pit closures and severance payouts and most of all the rumours that went round. They show my feelings and probably a lot of my old workmates too. I had to use a pen name as I didn't want to upset the management and get the sack!

Ray Gore (anagram of Gary Roe)

Garibaldi Red were two I mainly used.

I also did quite a few other poems not many of late though; I need a good subject to spark me off. I have also done a lot of writing about the past, schooldays especially living in a pit village; they can be a bit long though, I could send them along if you wanted them anytime.

I have dug out a few pictures and will send them along mainly of Annesley and Newstead pits.

Work History

67's is a photo of us before going underground when I was a workman at Newstead

I left school in 1971 at 15yrs old and started at the pit. Moorgreen training centre then Newstead until 1987. I had a short spell at Bilsthorpe and then got a transfer to Annesley which is at the top of the street, then until 1994 when they closed it under British Coal.

I was a mining apprentice then ganger and then at 18 went on the Coal face, in 1983 became a Colliery deputy until I left.

The pit sunrise is or rather was the view from our bedroom window when both Annesley and Newstead pits were going, I never had far to go to work back then!

Annesley Colliery

A picture of the workshops (before blacksmiths) at Annesley Colliery on the last day of production under British Coal.

One I took last year when they had been demolished (pityard 1)


I am married to Julie and we have one daughter who is 18yrs old.

I support Nottingham Forest and have a season ticket, I like gardening (vegetable).

I listen to Country Music but also like the oldies from 1960's back to the 40's.

I write a lot mainly about the past and childhood and have done over 60 poems on various subjects. Most of my writing is light hearted.

I like going on holiday abroad and like a pint of beer now and again, I try to lose weight biking to and from work (its not working). I enjoy the internet and have met up with many of my long lost cousins. I am also one of Joe Kinnears Forst Internet Morons!

Well I've rambled on a bit so I'll say 'si thi fer nah'

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