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Patrick Robertson - Mining Memories
John Oliver - Mines Rescue - First Aid Competition, Mr J Hall's Medal 1932
Ken Anderson - George Claytor, Mines Rescue. Born Clays Cross 1877 and served in The Notts and Derby Sherwoods during WW1
Jane Davies - My Grand Dad Thomas Joseph Clayton From Oswaldtwistle

Patrick Robertson
27 Apr 2017
Mining Memories

Patrick Robertson holding an Oreviver

Hi Fionn, I came across your site by chance, it’s good to see that the proud history of coal mining and the people who served in that industry is still being recorded and remembered... your site is a credit to you and your participants.

I started in the mining industry on leaving school, aged 14, my 15th birthday was in the school holidays, 1964. I started work at Solway colliery in Workington; which at that time was in the Cumberland coalfield.

I undertook training and worked on the pit top, until reaching the age of 16 and then worked underground. On reaching the age of 18, I then joined the Army and served 6 years. I returned to Workington and at this time Solway colliery was closed, this was 1973 and a lot of Cumberland miners where moving to Nottingham and other coal fields. My brother Peter, relocated to Ollerton and worked at Bevercotes colliery.

WinscalesAt this time there was only one mine left in Cumberland, this was Haig colliery at Whitehaven, I started at Haig in ‘73, worked there for 3 years and transferred to Winscales, mines rescue station and served as a Brigadesman for 10 years until the station closed in 1986 along with Haig colliery. Winscales was a ‘B’ scheme station, at that time: Fred Taylor was the Superintendent, Gordon Sloper, formerly of Ilkeston, was the assistant and Norman Fearon 3rd officer. We had 2 fulltime Brigades men, John Hudson and myself, Derek Norman and Hughie McClelland were day workers. Later officers were: Sam Manning, Superintendent and Alan Barker, 3rd officer.

At that time all the rescue teams were Haig men and consisted of 3 teams with back up from the north east. In 1976 the organisational side was provided from the north east.  District rescue managers, in my time, were: Tom Donkin and E Farrage.

I remember my years in the mining industry with affection, the friendship and camaraderie was second to none. Community spirit was very evident. Some people cannot understand how anyone could miss working underground, believe me I would return tomorrow.

I still meet up with friends that I worked with and we have a pint and shift a bit of coal . . . great days.

Keep up the good work.

Best wishes to you and your team.

Pat Robertson

John Oliver
28 Sep 2016
Mines Rescue - First Aid Competition, Mr J Hall's Medal 1932
Hi my name is John Oliver I live in Geraldine in the south island of NZ. I have a medal that was left to me by my granddad a Mr J Hall, it was for 1st place in the South Derbyshire challenge cup [First Aid comp] in 1932. He was with a team from the South Leicestershire Colliery. Any information or photos would be much appreciated. 


Ken Anderson
24 Jun 2016
George Claytor, Mines Rescue. Born Clays Cross 1877 and served in The Notts and Derby Sherwoods during WW1
Dear Sir I have a mines rescue medal, I bought. Can you tell me where l may find out any of this persons, mining history, colliery etc. I know he was born 1877 in Clays Cross, and served in The Notts and Derby Sherwoods during WW1.

Thank You.

Ken Anderson   Ex-Vane Tempest Colliery,  Seaham, Co Durham

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Jane Davies  
6 July 2015
My Grand Dad Thomas Joseph Clayton From Oswaldtwistle

Hi I thought you may like this photo it is of my Grand dad Thomas Joseph Clayton from Oswaldtwistle.

I think it's about 1921

I have another including 3 great uncles about 1910

Please let me know if you can use them.


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Thomas Joseph Clayton was involved in a mine rescue and received a certificate

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