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Joe Henshaw

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Tony Martin - Manners Colliery - Map and Share Certificate - Page 2

List of Manners Employees

1933 list of Manners employees which gives a wonderfully comprehensive catalogue
of the skills required to run a pit

Letter from Arthur Smith Dated May-1942Letter

I have now come across this letter from Arthur Smith dated May-1942, and thanking the men of Shipley Colliery for his rescue. Sadly, there is no story to go with this - perhaps you will be able to tie it in from another direction.

"Report" on Boys' Pocket Money 1939

A hilariously worded "report" on Boys' Pocket Money in 1919. I particularly like the "boy Heaps", who "got 3 shillings, spent it before Saturday night, and cadged off his mother for the rest of the week"!

Notes for a Manners Colliery Limited Shareholder Meeting - July 1932

I have found these notes for a Manners Colliery Limited shareholder meeting to be held in July-1932 which clearly explain the reason for their ceasing trading. My grandfather of course retained his position as manager across the change of ownership, and I am still looking to see if there are any documents relating to this.

Tony Martin