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Joe Henshaw

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Tony Martin - Manners Colliery - Map and Share Certificate

Tony Martin
24 Oct 2017
Manners Colliery

I am starting to do a little family history, and in going through some papers, I found the map of Manners Colliery and share certificate, see below, which I hope will be of interest, and there may well be other relevant papers.

My grandfather was Frederick Durance, listed on your website as the manager of Lodge Colliery from 1918 - 1946. I remember him well in his house in Tansley, where he lived until his death in 1976.

Tony Martin


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Lodge closed around 1896 but was re-opened in 1915-1916 by Manners Colliery Co Ltd. The colliery was taken over by Ilkeston Collieries Ltd in 1932. Frederick Durance was manager at Manners 1915 - 1949 then in 1918 he was given Lodge to manage as well.

Engineering Drawing on Waxed Paper of Washer Screens at Manners

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Manners Colliery Price List April 1930

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I have now come across this letter from Arthur Smith dated May-1942, and thanking the men of Shipley Colliery for his rescue. Sadly, there is no story to go with this - perhaps you will be able to tie it in from another direction.

Tony Martin