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Book 8 – Retired Surveyor


Don't Burn Coal - It is too Precious

The worst thing you can do with coal is burn it. On the diagram see some of the numerous things that can be manufactured from coal.... (400+) ....

Particularly for the Ladies:-

Wake up with an alarm clock...plastic.
You go outside with your waterproofs as it is damp.
In the garden use some weed killer or spray the fruit trees.
Put up a piece of galvanised fence
Use some DDT to clear away the wasps. Disinfect your hands.
Have a shower and use some soap.
Have a cup of tea sweetened by saccharine.
Put on your nice floral printed dress.
Put on your nylons.
Put on your lipstick.
A dab of perfume.
Put on your tanned jacket.
Mend your shoe heel using mastic.
You start up the car...the battery uses electrolyte.
Fill up your car with petrol and drive down a tarmac road.
Don’t brake too heavily.
Get some road tar on your shoes.
Wash hands using scented soap.
Have a meal in a restaurant with some food having coloured flavouring.
Phone a friend using a plastic phone.
You jot down a number using a pencil.
You read the newspaper and the printing ink marks your hands.
Use detergent to clean it off as well as the tar off  the linoleum floor.
You caught the skirting board so you put a dab of paint on it.
You then settle down after making a fire of smokeless fuel.
You use a firelighter to get it going.
You watch a film on TV and see a loud explosion using TNT.
It gives  you a headache so you take an aspirin and go to bed.

You have had a day out on coal......

Future Generation of electricity could come from the following sources by not burning coal:

  • Nuclear
  • Solar
  • Natural Gas
  • Gas From Old Coal Mines
  • Gas From Sewage Works
  • Gas From Land Fill Sites
  • Gasification Of Coal Seams
  • Burning Cow Pats and capturing methane gas from the cows
  • Burning Wood Pellets
  • Burning Fast Growing Willow Trees
  • Hydro Power
  • Oil
  • Oils Shales And Sands
  • Tidal Power Of Sea
  • Wave Power
  • Wind Turbines
  • Thermal Heat From Underground Strata
  • Pet Coke From Petroleum
  • Hydro Carbons From Beneath The Sea
  • Fracking For Gas

This is How You Turn Cow Fart Gas Into Energy

Big Think

Meet the cow-fart-backpack that wants to fight climate change.


The reasoning behind the device is the following – what if we could found a way to capture the nearly 300 litres (or 80 gallons) methane a day, an average cow emits, and turn that gas into useful biofuel? Developing the backpack, the institute's goal was to show that such a process is possible. And so it did.

At present they are developing captivating the gas in the cow shed, as methane rises, but methane can burn up to 5% but between 5 and 15% it is in the explosive range, 9.4% being the most violent, so care has to be taken to make sure the gas is captivated into tanks to prevent this happening.