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The Decline Of The Industry Continued
After Nationalisation 1947

Book 6

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1990 - Page 8

Shireoaks / Steetley Closed After 130 Years

- Continued -

Agents for Steetley:

  • Agent E Thompson.

Sub-Area Managers / Group Managers/ Production Managers:

  • H Coates (2686) Group Manager
  • Jack Goulding Group Manager.

Managers for Steetley (Steetly Wood):

  • Charles Tylden Wright 1873-1886
  • Richard Enos Jones (1927) 1886-1915
  • George Tristram (154 ) 1915-
  • John G Jones (4012) -1925
  • HJ Atkinson (780) 1925-1939
  • JA Barras (temp from Shireoaks) 1940
  • Jack E Waring (568) 1940-1941?
  • L Len Harrison (2784) 1941-1954
  • Chas L Waddell (3740) 1955-1964
  • Jim W Broughton (5469) (transferred to Colliery General Manager Maltby) 1964-1969
  • Chas Roy Hewitt (6209) (transferred from Kiveton Park) 1969-1971
  • Albert Clarkson (5890) 1971-1983
  • John GV Toft (6265) 1983.

Undermanagers for Steetley:

  • Sam Edwards -1930
  • George Raynes 1930-1953
  • A Greenall 1953-1955
  • S Kirkham
  • Terry E Lerigo (9425)
  • GE Thomas (8407)
  • J McIver (10346)
  • T Scattergood (2nd)
  • Albert Clarkson (5890) 1957-1959 (transferred to Thurcroft, promoted to Manager Steetley)
  • Guy W Stevens 1959-1962
  • William E Sellars (9468) 1962-1982
  • John GV Toft (6265) 1982.

Surveyors included:.....

  • Harry Burdon (2570) (transferred from Surveyor 1955-1966 at Sherburn Hill, NE 1966-Sep 1983)
  • Robert E Crosby (2179) for Shireoaks for combine
  • Tony Dziendlziel (5929).

Fatal Accidents Steetley:

  • John Shipley (..?) 2/3/1892
  • Robert Baxter (49) Enginewright, crushed between cage and girder pushing tub of slack that was fast, 2.35pm 17/12/1896

For Both Pits: Reuben Battrum (43) Engine fitter 15/2/1890

  • George Mitchell (57) Labourer 2/6/1893
  • William Kennwell (17) Corporal, 24/6/1894
  • Henry Madison (21) Loader, 29/6/1894
  • Oliver Clay (19) Screen man, 13/5/1896
  • Thos Barrowcliffe (55) Dataller, 24/4/1904
  • Chas Inman (36) Dataller, 4/6/1910
  • Sydney Edeson (17) Slack trimmer 26/4/1911
  • Fred Shearman (50) Stallman, 16/8/1911
  • Arnold Glasby (15) Pony driver, 11/9/1912
  • Dataller struck by tubs 1934
  • Ripper struck roof whilst riding in a tub 1936
  • Arthur Nelson (58) Collier 7/7/1958
  • Derek Stafford (39) Power support fitter 24/7/1968
  • George Ellis (51) Ripper, fall of roof 21/6/1972
  • Anthony David Burbage (28) fall of roof 25/8/1988

Convalescent Home

The UDM Convalescent home at Chapel St Leonards, could now be enjoyed by all UDM members, their wives or widows. The 5 star building is just yards from the beach. The cost for full board which includes 4 meals a day is just £70 per person for a week. There are 35 twin-bedded rooms with own bathroom, tea and coffee making equipment. In addition there are well appointed TV viewing areas, indoor games, and outside a miniature golf course and fishing area. The team of 22 see to the needs of all who attend. A paraplegic bath and shower room was completed paid for by Harworth Colliery who raised the funds on their Open Day last year. The cheque was presented to Neil Greatrex the UDM Area President by Bob Robson the Harworth Manager.

NUM Accepted UDM Pay Deal

NUM members sign for UDM pay deal. They were not allowed to negotiate on their own.
A major breakthrough was achieved when UDM Officials negotiated a pay deal incorporating salary status.

First Aid Champions

Bilsthorpe Colliery First Aid team won the British Open NACA Championship which is an ambulance organised contest open to all manner of safety teams and not just from collieries. This years event was sponsored by NatWest and held at Markham Main in Armthorpe where 56 teams were whittled down to 8 following challenging tests. Some of the tests were for 4 man teams and others were individual and finally Bilsthorpe team emerged victorious with a 9 points win over Maltby.


A record output was achieved at Harworth (North Nottinghamshire) with 45,000 tonnes for the week, with 20,006 tonnes from the Swallow Wood seam face (Waterloo), on 8th September 1990.

On 20th October 1990 the weekly record was broken again at Welbeck (Nottinghamshire) with 54,000 tonnes, 46,200 tonnes from a Deep Soft face. A European drivage record of 168 yards (154m) followed this during a week in November.

Rufford produced a record 40,595 tonnes from the thick Yard/Blackshale face for w.e. 3rd November 1990.

Environment Pollution Act

The Environment Pollution Act 1990 was enacted. Unfortunately this was very bad news for coal as is outlined in various parts.

Exemption Granted At The Closed Warsop Colliery

At the closed Warsop colliery (Nottinghamshire pit in N Derbyshire part of Midlands Area), the shaft ropes which were due to be changed in June 1990, by law, were given an extension of life by the Inspector, following tests by the hi-tech permanent magnet, which had been developed by TSRE Bretby. They were removed in October 1990, prior to the shaft fillings taking place and cut and confirmed all the test reports. The Cementation Co closed down the colliery.