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George Bell

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In MemoryGeorge Bell
16 Feb 2015
Alans Data Base - Anthony Burridge

I refer to the Shireoaks Colliery Fatality Database. I was working there when Anthony Burridge was killed in 1988. I am sure he was living in Langold.

If you wish, I could get further details for you.


We are having a 'farewell social' in a few weeks time, so I will get all the details about Tony.

I have quite a few pics of Shireoaks if you are interested.

See also Bob Bradley For Anthony Burridge

George Bell
16 Feb 2015

I have quite a few pictures of Shireoaks

Tallies, Checks or Motties

All the best Neil G. . . ? - Dennis Skinner - Best wishes Arthur Scargill, Henry Richardson, Anne Scargill
The first one is Dick Gaughan, the folk Singer

NCB Brochure

Illustrated London News, Nov 1861
The Prince of Wales Visits Shireoaks

Early 20th Century Coal Carrying Barge Belonging To Shireoaks Colliery

Shireoaks Colliery