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Memorials - Photographs - Page 59

Croy Welcomes New Miners' Memorial




Thanks to Liz Trayner, North Lanarkshire Council, for the Photos

An eye-catching new miners' memorials and town signage have been installed in the heart of the community in Croy.

Officially opened by Provost Jean Jones on Saturday 7 March 2020, just a day before International Women's Day, it features what is thought to be Scotland's first sculpture of a female miner. Women worked predominately above ground cleaning the coal when it came up from the mine and the 'Bogie' at the start of the village depicts this. 
Helping to mark the proud industrial history of the village, it features a memorial bench and plaque at the site where miners met to travel together to work in the local pits. The 'Bogie' and a large sculpted boulder both feature 'Welcome to Croy' signage. The sculptured stone boulder was donated by Aggregate Industries who own the Croy Quarry and have been a local employers for the last 100 years.

Provost Jones said: "These attractive features are a great testament to the proud mining history of the community in Croy. This project was community led and so many people deserve enormous praise for making it happen.
"Special mention needs to go to Mrs Murphy and the children of Holy Cross Primary School, Father Sullivan and the parish at Holy Cross Catholic Church including the Women's Guild and Tea and Toast group. Colin Bruce from the NLC Community Partnership Team and Liz Trayner NLC Landscape Architect in helping to make this project a reality."

Funding for the project came from the council's Local Development Programme with pupils from the primary school helping to research and work on the designs.

Mining Memorial at Holy Cross RC Church Croy

Croy now has two memorials. The bench and plaque, above, is one.
The statue, below, is the second memorial.

First Photo is from "Glasgow Life"

Glasgow Life

If you google "Croy Mining Memorial" you'll see the above, "Holy Cross RC Church Croy", and an item about this very new memorial in the village of Croy.

Below - My Mining Memorial Photos at Holy Cross RC Church, Croy
Jim Henry

PS. I should say the statue cannot be seen from any public road, it's tucked away in the church grounds.





Coatbridge Sculptures




The area in what was the bed of the Monkland Canal adjacent to Bank Street (south side) and West Canal Street (north) between the two railway bridges just a short way from Coatbridge Central Station.

- Coatbridge Rescue Station -