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Memorials - Photographs - Page 29







 East Kilbride - Dedicated to the Six Men from That Town Killed in the Udston Disaster

Priestknowe Roundabout, East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire
(junction of Whitemoss Ave, West Mains Rd, Stuart St, Churchill Ave)


Caused, it is thought, by unauthorised shot firing, the explosion is said to be Scotland's second worst coal mining disaster.

Keir Hardie, then Secretary of the Scottish Miners' Federation, denounced the deaths as murder a few days later.

In Commemoration Of
The Six Men From East Kilbride
Who Lost Their Lives In The
Udston Colliery Disaster
On Saturday 28 May 1887

• William Babes, 41, miner, East Kilbride. Married and seven of a family. Burning and suffocation.
• Robert Jarvie, 31, miner, Maxwelltown, East Kilbride. Single. Burning and suffocation.
• James M'Culloch, 15, miner, East Kilbride. Single. Burning and suffocation. Both arms fractured.
• James Speirs
• Felix Torley, 40, miner, Long Calderwood, East Kilbride. Married. Burning and suffocation.




South Lanarkshire Council Offices, Brandon Gate, Brandon Street, Hamilton

2 Men


Blackridge Bothie

Unfortunately the Memorial Has Gone


Bothie structure which was at Blackridge West Lothian on the Airdrie - Bathgate Railway Line.

I suspect the copyright is that of West Lothian Council who supplied me with the photo. Trying to find out what happened to it when the railway was built as it is mentioned in the EIA for the railway line.

• Sculpture Title - Bothie by Stephanie Bourne
• Condition - Very Poor (no photograph was included in report as the author stated it was too wet)
• Foundations - None
• Type of location - Intimate
• Engineer Findings - Not worth evaluation. It is in a poor condition. The general process we went through to decommission any artworks that were in such a poor condition was that we contacted the artist and offered them the chance to remove the materials. Some responded saying no thank and others we did not hear from or were unable to track them down. In all cases the decommissioned artworks were disposed of via our waste management process.

Transport Scotland


Winchburgh Shale Miners

Winchburgh, West Lothian

Shale mining commenced in the area in 1875 and continued until the early 1960s.


Centrepiece of the memorial is the former font which was a part of the village’s original
World War One memorial and which lay abandoned in the churchyard for many years.

In Winchburgh Village Churchyard, Winchburgh, West Lothian