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Victoria Elves - Asbestos related disease claim, Hucknall Colliery
Mrs C Winfield - Trying to claim compensation! Father-in-laws was in Lofthouse Colliery Mines Rescue
Andrew Phipps - Respiratory Compensation Claim
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Elaine Holland - How Long Are Medical Records for Miners Kept?

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  From: Victoria Elves
Sent: 26 February 2008
Asbestos related disease claim

I came across your website whilst searching for information about Hucknall Colliery.

I have been instructed by a Tom Atkinson to investigate a claim for asbestos related disease. Mr Atkinson believes he may have been exposed to asbestos when he was employed at Hucknall Colliery as a deputy/ shot firer on the face from 1967 to approximately 1980 and as a belt deputy from 1980 - 1984.

If you are able to provide any information about the conditions at Mr Atkinson's former place of work I would be grateful if you could please contact me, even if you are unable to recall Mr Atkinson.

Any assistance you are able to provide would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me either by e-mail or on (01226) 603230.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Victoria Elves.

  From: Elaine Holland
Sent: 20 August 2006
How Long Are Medical Records for Miners Kept?

Hello Fionn

Could you tell me how long the Medical records for Miners are kept ? And can family see them? also The Miners work records and Accidents that may have occurred, who holds them?

Thank you Kindly.

Elaine Holland

From: jacqueline butterworth
Sent: 15 January 2007 13:23
Subject: the Hollands and the Minnie pit disaster

I noticed on you website that there is an Elaine Holland, I wonder if she is any relation to the Holland’s in the Minnie pit disaster. I am related to them somewhere down the line through Len Joynson my grandfather.

  From: Mick Burton
22 October 2006
Tracing my father’s existence

My sister has applied for compensation in relation to my dad REGINALD BURTON only to be informed that no records exist of him as a miner!

What I know is that he started his life at Ramscroft colliery at the age of 13 looking after the pit ponies. Sometime there he joined the mines rescue service as I have his badge and somewhere pictures of him in his breathing apparatus. He was employed in williamthorpe colliery.

He spent the last days of his career in no3 shaft at Glapwell colliery and latterly in the drift mine before being injured in a shot firing incident. I am trying to find evidence of any of this can you help me.


  From: Andrew Phipps - Email
Sent: 01 February 2007
Respiratory Compensation Claim

Hi, I am working on a compensation claim on behalf of a deceased coal miner from the Nottingham area. As part of the claim it is necessary to confirm the miner’s employment history with as much detail as possible. I have found reference in the miner’s training records to him receiving self rescuer training at Lound Hall. Was Lound Hall ever a functioning colliery site or was it only used as a museum and training area? The real question is, if he had the training at Lound Hall would it be in a dusty atmosphere i.e a functioning coal pit or would it have been in a lecture room or replica pit?

Any information you could provide would be most appreciated.

N.B the miner was employed by NCB in the late 1970s and through the 1980s.

Andrew Phipps

COPD Department

  From: Mrs C Winfield
Sent: 01 February 2007
Trying to claim compensation! Father-in-laws was in Lofthouse Colliery Mines Rescue

Dear Fionn,
We have been trying to claim compensation! for my father-in-laws death due to coal miners decease, (He was Walter Winfield) the latest obstacle is for us to prove that he was a member of the mines rescue team at Lofthouse Colliery between 1935 and 1943, Have you any idea where we can get this information?

The insurers have asked for witnesses! or a statement from a witness to prove that he worked in the mines rescue team, As all previous work mates are long gone, we have no way of proving anything.

He was a miner from the age of 14 years in 1922 to 1929 at Topcliffe colliery Leeds, then 1929 to 1935 at Wrenthorpe Colliery and finally Lofthouse, 1935 to 1959 when he retired with ill health, he was a deputy when he retired from Lofthouse,

Any information you can help with would be gratefully received.

Mrs C Winfield.

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