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Frank Collins - Was Usworth Colliery "Hot and Dusty"
Charlie Davidson - Respiratory Problems
Eleni Abbott - Information on Miners
Steven Lumb - It is Naphthalene that is Dangerous

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It is Naphthalene that is Dangerous
Steven Lumb
Tue 15April 2003

Hi Fionn
Thanks very much for your e-mail, with the reply from Joe Henshaw, Will you thank Joe very much for the reply, it is Naphthalene that is dangerous ( it is a di-isocyanate ) which is very toxic, Naphtha must be a by product of that, I used this frequently for cleaning, and now suffer with my breathing, I think because of exposure to this, and its fumes. We used this without any protective clothing or breathing apparatus, for de-greasing, ropes, bearings and filters, and general cleaning in the winders.
We used it on rags or in containers for cleaning.
I hope to be able to prove that this is one of the causes of my problems.
I suffer bad with asthma, and chronic bronchitis, servere tinnitus, v w f, osteo-arthritis, cervical spondylosis, blood preasure, and kidney stones.

Fighting fit ha ha.
With many thanks for all your assistance.
Yours Faithfully
Steven M Lumb
Ps thanks again Joe.

  From: Eleni Abbott
Sent: 07 September 2005
Subject: Information on Miners

I don't know if you can help me but I thought I'd give it a shot.

My Grandfather worked down the mines and died in 1978, my Grandmother is now trying to look into getting some kind of compensation. However, we don't know how to find proof that he worked down the mines. Do you know of any kind of register proving who worked down the mines and when? Or how to go about claiming compensation for widows of men that worked down the mines?

Any information would be gratefully received but if you can't help, please can you send me quick email to let me know.

Thank you for your help.

Eleni Abbott.

  From: Charlie Davidson
22 February 2006
Respiratory Problems

Wonder if you can help me. I worked in the coal mining industry 1960-62 then again from 1775 to 1986 but I have been told that I can't claim against swallowing dust as I wasn’t in the pits long enough; can you help?

I worked on coal cutting machine at coal face.

Yours Sincerely

Charlie Davidson

  From: Frank Collins
06 August 2006

Was Usworth Colliery "Hot and Dusty

Dear Sir,

I am pursuing an industrial injuries claim on behalf of my father who worked at the "Hole-in-the-Wall" colliery in Crook Co.Durham before being obliged by colliery closure to move to Usworth Colliery at Washington.

In March 1965, he arbitrarily chose to leave his coal face job at Usworth, owing to him not being able to cope with, what he described as the Uswirth "Hot and Dusty" conditions. Incidence of chest ailments being the problem.

His subsequent development of chronic C.O.A.D. and confirmation by subsequent post mortem that his death was due to "Industrial Injuries Disease" (Simple Pneumoconiosis) confirmed this decision as the justifiable for prolonging his remaining life expectancy.

His tolerance to the "Wet" underground conditions whilst at the "Hole-in-the-Wall" colliery was relatively high and did not prompt him to consider departure from the NCB until the Usworth transfer was imposed.

My visit to your web site revealed that a "John Lumsdon" had worked at the Usworth Colliery and would appreciate if you could enable me to make contact with him in order to verify the above.

Any supportive witness evidence on this topic would be greatly valued.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,

Frank Collins
(Son of Francis Collins - ex miner)

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