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Marion Henry - Looking for documents, which could refer to the practice of music in mining communities
Ivan Goldsmith - Looking For Photos of 'Chanters', 'Pretoria' and 'Astley' for a care home in Atherton
Yves Bouveret - Permission To Use Photos
Cristina Chapman - Looking for Photos, Public Exhibition Nov 13th & 14th 2009 in Mansfield

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Ivan Goldsmith
12 March 2011
Looking For Photos of 'Chanters', 'Pretoria' and 'Astley' for a care home in Atherton

Dear Fionn,

We are working on some artwork for a care home in Atherton and amongst the names of the households are 'Chanters', 'Pretoria' and 'Astley', we were considering incorporating some photo's of these collieries in the piece and wondered if you had access to any photography of these particular coal mines? 

Kind regards

Ivan Goldsmith


Yves Bouveret
19 March 2010
Permission To Use Photos

Dear Mr Taylor,
Years ago, I started building a database dedicated to the representations of mining in art in Europe, so it was inevitable I should come across your site one day or the other!

My site is not quite ready to be put on line yet (some people think it never will be, I suppose) and I am in the process of attaching pictures to the bibliographical references of the data base.

I understand from the copyright notice that you have no objection to my borrowing some of your material provided I give you credit for it which I am more than prepared to do of course but can you tell me if     a/ my understanding of the notice is correct and b/ if it is, what form would you like the acknowledgment to take.

My name is Yves Bouveret, I am a retired professor of English at a small French university and the project I have embarked upon owes obviously a great deal to my being the son of a coalminer: after spending a lifetime trying to be something else, it seems fitting that I should atone for it in this way even though my father is no longer here to smile at the futility of it all!
Thank you very much for your help if you decide to extend it to me.

Yves Bouveret

No Problem Yves - So far as I am concerned you can use anything on the site subject to Creative Commons Licence.
If the photo has the name of the contributor please credit the individual or organisation.
If there is anything on the site that infringes copyright, please let me know and I will remove it.


Cristina Chapman
7 Oct 2009
Looking for Photos, Public Exhibition November 13th and 14th 2009 in Mansfield

Dear Happy Chappy,
I’m putting together a public exhibition for the November 13th & 14th in Mansfield for a regeneration scheme and I’m looking to use a picture of a colliery in or around Mansfield that’s now closed. I came across your wonderful site via a Google search and was wondering if you’d be able to help me out.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


Cristina Chapman,

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