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Featherstone ArchiveĀ - Page 3

Irvin Saxton


(Deaths at Featherstone's Mines)

Year Name Age Colliery Job
1864 Benjamin Hepworth 35 Snydale Victoria Sinker
  John Greenwood 34 Snydale Victoria Sinker
1869 Henry Peel Noble 29 Snydale Victoria Drifter
  John Barratt 35 Snydale Victoria Drifter
1870 Ambrose Webster - Snydale Victoria Blacksmith
  R Poole - Snydale Victoria Col1ier
  W Luter - Snydale Victoria Col1ier
1871 Abraham Roberts 25 Snydale Victoria Driver
1872 George Smith 28 Snydale Victoria Collier
  James Corrigan 49 Snydale Victoria Collier
  Samuel Hardcastle 55 Snydale Victoria Furnaceman
  William Phoenix - Featherstone Main Deputy
  W Livesey 14 Featherstone Main  
  John Cawthorne 13 Featherstone Main  
1875 C Green 25 Featherstone Main Collier
  James McVay - Featherstone Main Screener
1877 J Dixon 27 Featherstone Main Col 1ier
1878 E Walker 20 Featherstone Main Collier
  William Wilcox 16 Snydale Victoria Driver
  John Hunter 14 Featherstone Main  
1879 S Kerfool 37 Snydale Victoria Byworker
  William Douthroit 38 Snydale Victoria Byworker
  Charles A11sopp 35 Snydale Victoria Byworker
  John Brown 42 Snydale Victoria Horsekeeper
  William Oldridge 32 Snydale Victoria  
  William Pegg 28 Snydale Victoria  
  J Calcannon 29 Snydale Victoria  
  Samuel Clamp 20 Snydale Victoria  
1881 W White 62 Featherstone Main Collier
1882 J Leadbetter 31 Featherstone Manor Collier
1883 W Wilcox 50 Snydale Victoria Collier
  C Lunn 16 Featherstone Main Driver
  A Steel - Featherstone Manor Driver
1884 W Whaites 24 Featherstone Main Collier
1885 M Luckman 14 Snydale Victoria Driver
  M Westmoreland 21 Featherstone Manor Sinker
1886 T Parkes 40 Featherstone Main Collier
  John Winspear* - Featherstone Main Collier
  W Massey 54 Snydale Victoria Collier
  W Nixon* - Featherstone Main Col1ier
1887 E Limb 56 Featherstone Main Col1ier
  D Hodgson 17 Featherstone Main Screener
1888 A Rowley 20 Featherstone Main Driver
  Thomas Cardo 14 Featherstone Main Trapper
1889 E Luckman 14 Snydale Victoria Driver
  J Humphries* - Featherstone Manor Furnaceman
  H Glossop 22 Featherstone Main Shunter
  W Livery* - Featherstone Main  
1890 S Raleigh 19 Snydale Victoria Collier
1891 W Longbottom 26 Featherstone Main  
1892 J Westwood 49 Featherstone Main Collier
  R Pearce 35 Ackton Hall Banksman
1893 A Hercock 28 Ackton Hall Surface
  T Roberts 14 Featherstone Main Driver
  J Gleed 25 Snydale Victoria Byworker
  J Nash 25 Snydale Victoria Collier
1894 J Sadler - Ackton Hall Sinker
  J Taylor 23' Featherstone Main Byworker
  J Foster 30 Featherstone Main Collier
  El vin 27 Ackton Hall Sinker
1895 George Farrar
Ackton Carting agent
  J Thomas 14 Featherstone Main Surface
  J Fearnley 21 Ackton Hall Col1ier
  Scott 54 Featherstone Main Collier
  J Stead 26 Snydale Victoria Collier
1896 Foster 24 Ackton Hall Collier
  Warman 16 Ackton Hall Banksman
  Heath 30 Ackton Hall Collier
  Frith 30 Ackton Hall Collier
  George Oliver 49 Snydale Victoria Collier
1897 M Layne 3490 Snydale Victoria Collier
  C Foster 44 Snydale Victoria Collier
  T Lister 28 Ackton Hall Collier
  J Winstanley 45 Ackton Hall Stoneman
  T Dutton 16 Featherstone Main Driver
  J Hardy 62 Snydale Victoria Surface
  J Malpass* - Ackton Hall  
  E Al Len 44 Ackton Hall Collier
1898 G Horbury 20 Featherstone Main Shunter
  H Palfreyman 31 Ackton Hall Collier
  E Frobisher 50 Featherstone Main Col1ier
1899 J Housley 34 Ackton Hall Collier
  J Machen 17 Snydale Victoria Driver
  J Cl are 45 Ackton Hall Collier
1900 E Staples 20 Snydale Victoria Surface
  J Coulston 44 Ackton Hall Byworker

Note: Winspear* and Nixon* (1886), Humphries* and Livery* (1889), and Malpass* (1897) were judged to have died from natural causes.

An unnamed person was run over by a locomotive at Ackton Hall Colliery in 1898. It was reported that he was not employed by that mine.

The first four entries are from the 'Pontefract Advertiser'. The remainder are from the Yorkshire inspector of mines annual reports.


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