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Philip Healey - Ilkeston Mines Rescue 1954 - 1971 (Page 2)

I Remember Philip

I miss the old rascal and
I treasure every moment of his friendship.
Regards Doug.




A Persistent Ould Bugger - Dave Wain

Hi Fionn
Liked your site. Well what did I know of the ould sod!!!

I think the words, 'Persistence Ould Bugger' would describe Philip.
The Training Officer at Pye Hill had been ill for some time so, as Safety Engineer for the pit, I came in on Saturdays to interview and take down the particulars of men applying for work. The manager says "interview but don't set anybody on". Philip turns up from Ratcliff Power Station.

"I used to work here before I joined the Permanent Rescue Corps, got any jobs?"
“Sorry youth but no jobs just yet, I'll take your particulars though.”

Next Saturday the same,
"Sorry Philip still no jobs."

Mid week, phone call from the manager,
"I'm sending a man down, set him on".
OK, if he says there’s a vacancy, there’s a vacancy. I do not know if it was that we were short of men or the Healey charm that made the manager set him on.
“What job has he got?”
"I'll sort that out when he's done his training at Moorgreen".

At first he was assigned to be Fire Prevention i.e. assisting the Fire Officer, later he became the Fire Officer. Pye Hill Colliery would have been the poorer for not engaging Philip that day.
“Hello Philip when can you finish at the Power Station and when does the manager want you to start here?”

Best days work that manager ever did. I got a good friend, college and eventually one of the best Fire Officers in the Nottinghamshire coal field.

He ran round that pit, as if his arse was on fire, checking fire equipment. One day I asked him,
“Philip why are you so fanatic about all your extinguishers etc.” His answer was, he'd been in a situation, whilst in the Rescue Service, he was fighting an underground fire and the equipment wasn't where it should have been nor was it up to scratch.
"I never want any Rescue man to come to our pit and have that happen here".

There's many more tales about Philip some are even printable.

Dave Wain

Daniel Healey - Phil’s Nephew

Wot a lovely thing to come across, just doing a bit of research today and stumbled across this page, I had no idea that this existed many thanks.

Daniel Healey

Phil’s nephew.