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Iain Kerr - Death of Bevin Boy, Philip M Smeeton at Silverhill Colliery 24 May 1946

In Memory Philip SmeetonIain Kerr
7 Apr 2017
Death of Bevin Boy, Philip M Smeeton at Silverhill Colliery 24 May 1946


An excellent web-site - thanks for your hard work.

An additional item for your site - the death of a Bevin Boy Philip M Smeeton - see the newspaper transcript below.

Philip's father Ernest was an Electrical Engineer from Yorkshire, married a Mabel Keen from Hillingdon in 1923.
Ernest died in Gloucestershire in 1928 when Philip was two and Mabel was 36. Philip's death, their only child, left Mabel alone at the age of 54.

Crushed By Tub in Notts. Pit

"The boy died for his country just as much as my boy died in the fighting" was the remark made at an inquest at Mansfield today by Mr. U. Walker, of the Colliery Deputies Association, concerning a fatal accident at Silverhill Colliery on Friday to a 19 year old Bevin Boy, Philip Montague Smeeton, lodging in Lime street, Sutton-in-Ashford, whose home was at Hillingdon, Middlesex. While working as an electrician on the repair of an underground telephone line, Smeeton was trapped by a runaway tub, and died on the operating table at Mansfield General Hospital from internal injuries. A verdict of Death from injuries accidentally received was recorded. Evidence was given that a set of tubs became unclipped from a haulage rope on an incline, and collided with others, one of which was derailed, and trapped Smeeton against a stopblock. A haulage hand, William Reuben Westwood, of 57, Co-operative street, Stanton Hill, said the tubs were properly clipped, and he could not account for them breaking away. The clip was found still attached to the rope, Mr. J. Brass, agent for Stanton Ironworks Ltd., remarked that the company and officials held a high opinion of the boy’s ability and concentration on his work.

Nottingham Evening Post - Tuesday 28 May 1946
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Iain Kerr

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