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Ilkeston Rescue Station - Manners Road - Page 3

Thanks To Charlie Snarski For This Newspaper Article

Pits Had Underground Fire Stations

Here we see Les Havill at Calverton Colliery.

On leaving Ilkeston Mines Rescue Les became Fire Officer at Calverton Pit.

Charging Room. This contained the motor-driven and hand-operated oxygen compression pumps of the "Meco" and "Proto" types, oxygen storage cylinders, and charging board for the accumulators of the emergency rescue lamps.

George Brock
School children on visit
Michelle and Tracy - 1982

1978, George Brock, Ilkeston Mines Rescue telephonist and radio operator, in the station lamp house checking the lamps on the charging frame.

Duty Room. The telephone, duty board and gas testing apparatus were placed in this room. It was also used for lecture purposes.

Apparatus Room. Two types of self-contained breathing apparatus were in use, viz.: the "Aerorphor" and "Meco." Fifteen sets of each apparatus were provided. Two "Proto" sets were also provided and used for instructing the members of the permanent staff and for demonstration purposes. Testing meters of the "Combined" and Haldane's types were used to set the feed of oxygen in the compressed oxygen type of apparatus.

Liquid Air Plant Room. This contained the liquid air plant and the air storage containers. Four small containers were always kept ready for emergency use, two in the rescue car and two in the room. Immediately on receiving a call for assistance the manufacturing plant was started; liquid air being obtainable after 20-30 minutes running. The quality of the liquid air, and also the compressed oxygen, was determined by analysis every month by means of a Dr. Briggs oxygen apparatus.

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Garage. This was fitted with large swing doors for the purpose of affording quick exit of the rescue car and fire engine, which stood side by side. A Bowser petrol pump was situated conveniently for the cars. A sliding pole on the Fire Station principle connected the garage with the single men's quarters.

Some of the staff at Ilkeston Mines Rescue Station
30th March 1971.

Ray Havill, John Parkin, John Newton, Ken Musgrove, Frank Morley
Asst Sup Albert E.Sheffield and Superintendent T.Harry Radford


Manners Road, Ilkeston

Ilkeston Mines Rescue Station closed on the weekend of 25th March 1988.

All the windows and main doors were altered for it's new job, a nursing home for the elderly.

On the above date the builders had left the 'Hot Chamber' and 'Galleries' intact

Christmas 2000

Charlotte Layton
24 January 2012
Arthur Briggs Mines Rescue and Denby Drury Lowe

I was wondering whether you had knowledge of, or indeed had known my grandfather, Arthur Briggs. I have photographs of him completing his training at the Ilkeston Miners Rescue but I know that he was a miner at several pits including Denby. He was born in Kilburn but lived on Peashill Road, Ripley whilst working in the mines. This would have been the late 50s to late 60s but he was a miner since the mid 40s.

I am keen to know more about him and regret not listening to his stories more often when he was alive. Do you know where it is possible to research the career of a miner? Or do the archives at Ilkeston provide information? I 'm sure I remember him mentioning Les Calladine.

If you would like a copy of the pictures for your website I'd be happy to send them to you.

Yours sincerely

Charlotte Layton

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Michelle Rice
17 January 2009
Mining Trip
School children, on a visit to the station in 1982 venture down into the
underground training gallery.

Michelle Rice

Tracey Brock

I found myself (Michelle Rice) by accident whilst searching the web. I believe that the date should be 1982 as I recall just having started senior school when Tracy and I made this trip.

Hope this helps

Bubbles from Robin Hood Country
03 February 2004
We Had A Tour Of The Rescue Station

I am very interested in your site.
1. My late cousin Pauline and her then Husband Gordon lived in a flat over the rescue station. It was massive.
2. I went to Cotmanhay Junior Mixed school and we had a tour of the station. I wore a white dress - needless to say that after having been shown around the tunnels it was far from white. I also remember the officer showing us dry ice.

Bubbles from Robin Hood Country

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