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Underground - 1986
"Cracketts" were not confined to the coal industry

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'trappers seat'We have had a lot of people coming around for a look at the place, even one lad who lives near Kendal but originally came from Kent. He too was taking photos and he told me that he used to live near some coal mines in Kent which are all closed now and this is how he become interested. He took some really good photos all black and white which made them look for photos from the olden days !

I have included some photos, from underground, from 1986.

The first one shows a 'trappers seat'. A young lad would sit here (probably in darkness) waiting for the tubs to come and then open the ventilation doors. once they had passed he would close the door.

Lawerence Armstrong holding a 'Hewers crackett'.

I am going to keep you in suspense on this one and see if you or anybody has any idea of what it is !

Hewers crackettI am not sure if the name was just used in Northumberland or they were used all over the coalfields.

By the way I did not know what it was either and the lady that gave me these photos told me off for not knowing ! Cracketts were not confined to the coal industry so you might have come across it before.

(Hewer:- Coal face worker who loosens coal with a pick Cracket:- A small triangular stool for supporting the coal hewers shoulder , which added leverage when using the pick. This information comes from Bill Riley's site)


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