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KNOCKSHINNOCH - Disaster 1950

The Disaster 1950 – Videos on YouTube

Ronnie Hunter - Cutty Sark Knockshinnoch
Bobby Guthrie - The history of the parish of New Cumnock
David Anson - The Film "The Brave Don't Cry"
Ronnie Hunter
13 March 2002

I am involved with a Scottish Celtic band called Cutty Sark, one of our most popular songs is Knockshinnoch, which is about the pit disaster, if you are interested in hearing it or using it on your site please contact me. (I will include a link to their site as soon as I get the information)

Knockshinnoch (R.Hunter/D.McClymont) Castledean Music(c) 2000

This pit disaster is etched on the minds of the pit men in the local area, if only the simplest safety precautions were taken the disaster would never have happened, even the sheep and the cows stayed away from the field.

1) It poored like monsoon rains
Fillin a the gutters and drains
Twis miserable tae go tae work
Yet these men were used tae dirt
Fur Knockshinnoch wis a they knew
An the bread o life gae few
As a class they were mighty proud
Tae graft they a hae vowed

Fur their lifes were coal and stoor
Till that awfull evil oor
When New Cummnock folk
Were torn from their men

2) As the pit men left that day
From their prefabs tae earn their pay
There were streams of clothcapped souls
Fur coal they dug like moles
Little knowin what was in store
That some would see no more
The dazzling sun sae bright
Or the moon and stars at night

3) O the coos and the sheep knew weel
That the field was aboot tae keel
Wae warnins starin them in the face
And the men doon below in the waste
Like yon flood back in Noahs day
When a flesh wis washed away
Never mare wid we see the like
Entombed in their darkest night
Bridge Sobrither so the dust sleep weel
Een times naen ard tae heal
Though Knockshinnochit is nae mare
Fallen comrades we miss them sare


The History of the Parish of New Cumnock
Bobby Guthrie

Hello All,
I was extremely interested to learn from your wonderful web-site that there was a song about the Knockshinnoch Pit Disaster in New Cumnock in 1950. I have my own web-site on the history of the parish of New Cumnock, including some pages on the New Cumnock Coalfield ( see ). I am currently working on a few pages about the Disaster and it would be great if I could make contact with the band Cutty Sark, through your web-site.
If it is ok can I add a link to your site on my web-site . Keep up the excellent work.
all the best
Bobby Guthrie