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With thanks to John Lumsdon who supplied this photograph of
Mossfield Colliery, North Staffordshire.

Mossfield Colliery Explosion 1889

After the disaster resumption of work was not a success but a losing concern and a liquidator was appointed on the 30th August 1890.
Negotiations went on until November 1892 when W. Rigby & Co. took over. They were then taken over by Rigby & Co. Ltd on the 31st March 1897. In December 1902 Mossfield Colliery Ltd came into existence.

Mossfield was known as "The Old Sal". It used to have a beam pump to pump out the water from the workings. The pump man, Tom Jones was also the Hauling Engine worker. He could not do both jobs at once so his wife Sarah would watch the pump while he was hauling coal.
If she was not knitting away near the pit head she was sitting over in George Salt's Cottage, where she could still keep an eye on the pump.
Sarah was soon immortalized, the men named their pit after her, calling it "Old Sal" and the name stuck right up to it's closure in the 1960's.


Mossfield Colliery No.1 Rescue Brigade with Walter Clifford (Superintendent) standing centre

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