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Ken Wain - The memorial is called “Walking Together” representing the miner’s walking to and from the pit.

The Memorial is called "Walking Together"


19 November 2012 - A new artwork called 'Walking Together' is to be built in a £188,000 scheme.

It will provide a walking tour of Markham's mining heritage in the form of 100 steel figures on a route through the site, symbolising the walk to and from the pit head by miners. 

We want former miners and their families to share their memories to help shape an exciting new artwork on the site of our flagship regeneration scheme.

Update - Feb 2020

Funding boost for mining memorial project Published: 4 February 2020 More life-size steel figures honouring miners who lost their lives in 3 disasters at Markham Colliery are to be added to a memorial project following a £30,000 funding boost.

Together with the Markham Vale Heritage Group, we have successfully bid for an award from Viridor Credits Environmental Company via the Landfill Communities Fund to further develop the ‘Walking Together’ memorial at Markham Vale – the former colliery site reclaimed by us and Henry Boot Developments.

It means a further 14 figures can now be added to the 61 already in place to remember the men who died in 3 major disasters at the pit in 1937, 1938, and 1973.

On 21 January 1937 an underground explosion claimed the lives of 9 men. A further 79 miners lost their lives and 40 were seriously injured in a second explosion in 1938. And 18 miners died and a further 11 others suffered serious injury in the 3rd disaster at the colliery when the mechanical brake on a lift carrying them to the coalface failed on 30 July 1973.

Designed by Cheshire-based artist Stephen Broadbent, the trail will eventually feature 106 figures stretching between the village of Duckmanton in Chesterfield and the former pithead which symbolises a miner’s journey to the pit and back home again.

Each figure carries a tag with the name of one of the miners, along with their age and job role.

Our Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Regeneration Councillor Tony King said:

“This is a welcome boost for the project and we hope to put the extra figures in place by the end of the year.

“As Markham Vale continues to grow delivering much-needed jobs for the area, it’s important we don’t forget our local heritage and the brave men who lost their lives in the three disasters at the colliery that once stood there.

“It’s been an incredibly moving to see this project unfold and, as it nears completion, I’d like to thank all the staff and volunteers for the role they have played in helping to research the lives of each of the 106 men and reach out to their friends and relatives to make the project a success.”

Gareth Williams, Operations Manager at Viridor Credits, said:

“This is an important project to mark the lives of the men that tragically died in 3 separate disasters at the colliery.

“Mining is such a huge part of the DNA of the area, and Viridor Credits is pleased to support this project for those men and their families.”

The Walking Together project is supported by Markham Vale Heritage Group and Beam arts organisation which helps to guide the project and research into the miners and their families.

Anyone interested in sponsoring a figure can contact Head of Markham Vale, Peter Storey by emailing: or by calling 01629 535417 for more information.

Markham Story

‘The Story Mine’, is a project supported by Heritage Lottery Fund and Derbyshire County Council to unearth and share stories from Markham Colliery

Ken Wain
22 March 2013
The memorial is called “Walking Together” representing the miner’s walking to and from the pit.

Hi Fionn,
Since I last contacted you, re the book I am just completing, I was invited to join the steering committee for setting up a memorial for the miners that were sadly lost in all the Markham  accident’s and disaster’s.

We are progressing well, the idea was initiated by Derbyshire County Council and will cost in the region of £188,000, as part of the Markham Vale project, which is a project to redevelop the site of the old Markham Collieries.

The memorial will not be in the usual “Half a winding wheel format”, but more of a forward looking art form for future generations.

The memorial is called “Walking Together” representing the miner’s walking to and from the pit.

This will be achieved by a series of stainless steel figures, either singularly or in groups, set into the ground along a winding trail leading to and from the old Colliery site. It is designed by the Artist Steven Broadbent who has designed similar projects all over the country.

An exciting addition to the design is the addition of a wall on which will be mounted plaques with information of all the miners.

The wall will be sited at the start of the trail beside the new “Environment Centre” at Duckmanton.

Modern technology is engaged into the design which will allow anyone to listen to information and stories associated with the events and families of those involved.

On the figures themselves will be imitation pit checks which will also have similar technology and the facility of being able to use your mobile phone to see and read the information and stories, and ”Apps” to access the same.

This is a totally computerised system.

Local Schools are currently in harness with us, with the children doing projects by talking to their parents and grandparents about the Markham Collieries and the disasters etc. and we are asking for local ex-miner’s from these Collieries to contact us with a view to submitting information or better still to join the group  to help us with the project.

If you or any of your web site readers are able to help or would just like further information as things develop I will be only too willing to oblige if you send me e-mail addresses.

P.S. I will send you details of the next meeting when I have a date and venue details.
I would very much like to meet you.

Kindest regards.



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