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Rishton Colliery

Jane Davies

Jane Davies - My Grand Dad Thomas Joseph Clayton From Oswaldtwistle
Jane Davies - My Great Uncle Lawrence Died In A Canal Accident. Miner Who Walked Into The Canal

Jane Davies  
6 July 2015
My Grand Dad Thomas Joseph Clayton From Oswaldtwistle

Hi I thought you may like this photo it is of my Grand dad Thomas Joseph Clayton from Oswaldtwistle.

I think it's about 1921

I have another including 3 great uncles about 1910

Please let me know if you can use them.


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Thomas Joseph standing far left. His son my, grand dad, was involved in the early trade union, he died of lung disease after being in the mines. My other grand dad was also a miner. 

He worked in Rishton, Oswaldtwistle, ? Hapton. 

Thomas Joseph Clayton was involved in a mine rescue and received a certificate

Great Uncle Fred. Far right

My Great Uncle Lawrence Died In A Canal Accident

Fog Tragedy
Miner Who Walked Into The Canal
Body Found After A Month

The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Lawrence Clayton aged 27 years, an unemployed coalminer, of 30, Busk Meadow Street, Oswaldtwistle, was solved on Sunday when his body was recovered from the Leeds and Liverpool Canal near the High Street Bridge, Rishton.

Deceased had been missing since Friday night, November 20th.   On that night there was a very heavy fog in the district but none-the-less he started to walk home from Rishton by way of the canal bank at 10-30 at night, leaving a friend who advised him to go by train. He was never seen again, and on Sunday his body was found floating in the canal near High Street Bridge.

An inquest was held at Rishton Police Station yesterday afternoon by Haylewood (?), the East Lancashire Coroner.

Mrs Ivy Clayton, the widow, said her husband, who was a dataller, but unemployed, had always enjoyed good health. He left home at 10-30 on Friday morning, November 20th, to go to the Labour Exchange, Accrington, and also to Rishton to see Mr Ashworth, the relieving officer. The day was very foggy. He never returned and on the Monday following she made enquiries and found that he had called on Mr Ashworth and received relief. Deceased had never threatened to do away with himself, nor had he been depressed unduly. There had been no trouble at home.

John Grimshaw, 15 Eachill Road, Rishton, a coal miner said that he had been with the deceased on Friday, November 20th from 8-15 to 10-35 pm. They visited the Roe Buck Hotel, Rishton, and had two glasses of beer each.  They afterwards had supper in the Don Café and parted at the Post Office at 10-35.  On account of the dense fog, witness tried to persuade Clayton to return home by train, but he refused, saying he would get home sooner by walking along the canal bank.  Deceased was perfectly sober when they parted.

After Lupton, 2 High Street, Rishton, clothlooker, said that he was walking along the tow path of the canal at ten o’clock on Sunday morning, he saw, near High Street Bridge, a body floating in the water, he informed the police.
P.C. Harrison deposed to recovering the body from the canal. The body was fully dressed, excepting the head. The body had been bruised by passing boats. The tow path, under the bridge, was only 5 feet wide and it was dangerous to walk along it on a dark, foggy night. It was very probable that deceased missed his footing and fell into the canal.

The Coroner expressed the opinion that deceased missed his footing and fell into the canal, and returned a verdict of accidental death.

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