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Hatfield Colliery, near Doncaster, closure announced
29 June 2015 - From BBC Sheffield & South Yorkshire

One of the last three deep coal mines in the UK is to be closed by the end of the week, with the loss of 430 jobs.
Hatfield Colliery, near Doncaster, South Yorkshire, was due to shut in the summer of 2016 but the move has been brought forward unexpectedly.

Micheal O'Sullivan, spokesman for the colliery, said: "We can't find a market for the coal, so there is no point in producing it."

The pit has been run by an employee-owned trust since 2013.

Hatfield along with Kellingley in North Yorkshire and Thoresby in Nottinghamshire was the last of the UK's deep seam mines.

Mr O'Sullivan said workers were told the news as they came on shift at the mine on Monday evening and there was sufficient money to pay all "contractual undertakings" for the workers.

He said the closure was "in no way due to failings of the workforce or management".

External factors such as low coal prices, a switch to renewable energy and large coal stocks have made a set of "almost unprecedented circumstances", he added.

An official winding-up petition is to be issued on Tuesday.

The BBC understands work to backfill the mine shafts is set to begin on Friday.

In May, a government grant of £20m was aimed to provide Hatfield Colliery Partnership with support until its planned closure in August 2016.

Last year the colliery also secured a £4m loan from the National Union of Mineworkers.

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Dennis Skinner MP's plea for the three deep mine pits
25 June 2015

A veteran Labour MP and former miner has made a plea for the government to use "state aid" to save the remaining deep mine pits in the UK from closure.

Dennis Skinner, MP for Bolsover, made the appeal in the House of Commons.

The three collieries are Hatfield in South Yorkshire, Kellingley in North Yorkshire and Thoresby in Nottinghamshire.
All are to shut by 2016 unless a rescue deal is agreed. Energy Secretary Amber Rudd gave no commitment.

Mr Skinner said: "The last government took £700m out of the miners' pension fund.

"Let's give some of it back, apply for state aid, save the three pits in question and save a lot of jobs."

Ed Miliband, former Labour leader and MP for Doncaster North, also asked for urgent action to keep Hatfield Colliery, in his constituency, open until summer 2016.

Ms Rudd said the government had agreed to provide Hatfield Colliery Partnership with £20m support until its planned closure in August 2016.

About 430 people work at the employee-owned colliery.

Kellingley and Thoresby, which employ about 1,300 people in total, are scheduled to close in 2015.

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