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Mines Rescue
Creswell Memorial
26th September, 1950 - Those Who Died

Creswell Memorial

Thanks to Ian Gilbert for this information

The photograph of the Creswell memorial was taken by Ian Gilbert who was an undermanager at Creswell Colliery for several years in the 1980's. Ian is now retired.

The memorial was renovated for the year 2000.

The garden was laid out and the memorial erected by the Elmton with Creswell Parish Council and the National Union of Minewokers, Nottinghamshire Area, in memory of the men who lost their lives in the disaster.

Memorial Service

While the pit-head wheel turned high above the Colliery yard late on Tuesday evening, a crowd of nearly 2.000 miners and relatives of the dead joined in a service of hymns and prayer led by the Vicar of Creswell (the Rev. C. S. Branson)."

On this tragic occasion we can do no more than to offer our thoughts to God. Let us in the silence of our hearts remember those who have so swiftly passed into eternal life today," the Vicar said when during the service he called for a brief minute of silent memory.

Children stood among this congregation of women, miners, officials, local councillors and rescue workers, many of them still in their pit clothes. Together they joined in the hymns, "0 God Our Help in Ages Past" and "Abide with Me." The lesson was taken from the 21st Chapter of the Book of Revelations.

Canon G. A. Lewis Lloyd (Rural Dean and Vicar of Bolsover), told the mourning people: "Those who have lost their lives in the service of the community in peace-time have laid down their lives for their country just as, much as those who fell in the War."

He went on to read a telegram received shortly before the service from the Bishop of Derby (Dr. A. E. J. Rawlinson). It stated: "Deeply distressed by news of disaster. My deepest sympathy and my prayers for the bereaved, The Bishop, said Canon Lloyd, hoped to join Creswell parishioners at their services on Sunday.

Of the visit to the pit-head that afternoon of the Provost of Derby (Bishop) R.S.M. O'Ferrall), Canon Lloyd said: "He was to have taken part in the evensong broadcast from Derby Cathedral this afternoon. When he heard the news from Creswell he knew that his place was amongst you here." Other clergy present included the Rev. John W. Jackson, Creswell Methodist Minister, who also spoke: the Rev. C. H. Page, Supt. Minister, Worksop; the Rev. W. S. C. Leach. Methodist Minister, Worksop; the Rev. R. B. Wright, Methodist Minister, Clowne; the Rev. W. E. C. Sternberg, Rector of Whitwell, and from the Salvation Army were: Capt. W. H. Smith. Clowne Div. Commander Senior Major G. Lancashire, Major Edith Banks (representing Div Commander Col. Selby).

Chief mining industry representatives were: Sir Hubert Houldsworth, who was accompanied by Lady Houldsworth, Mr. G. A. Inverarity (Creswell Colliery Manager). Mr. Arthur Horner (General Secretary N.U.M.), Ald. W. Bayliss (President Nottinghamshire branch N.U.M.), Mr. R. Ringham (Deputy Chairman East Midlands Division N.C.B.), Mr Norman Fricker (Marketing Director), and many other leading officials of the Board and the Division.



Sam Cocking - Cutterman
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Remembered by Darren Allsebrook, Sam's Great Nephew And Sarah Fores, Sam's Grand Daughter

Names Age Occupation
1. Leonard Bower
38 Shot Firer
2. Harry Godfrey
51 Overman
3. Horace Attenborough
45 Packer
4. William Henry Bird
39 Ripper
5. John Henry Bowden 29 Meco Moore Operator
6. Ernest Briggs - Gerald, nephew of Ernest
33 Packer
7. John Williarn Brocklehurst
44 Packer
8. Robert Brough
36 Cutterman
9. Alfred Edgar Bryan
56 Packer
10. Herbert Stanley Buckle
48 Gummer
11. Sam Cocking - Darren Allsebrook, Sam's great nephew and Sarah Fores, Sam's Grandaughter
42 Cutterman
12. Ernest Deakin
60 Gummer
13. Ernest Dodd
37 Ripper
14. John Dodd
45 Packer
15. Fred Doncaster
27 Conveyor Erector
16. John William Doxey
45 Packer
17. George Ellis 51 Packer
18. Charles Foulkes
49 Cutterman
19. George William Gillert
38 Ripper
20. Kenneth Amos Goucher
42 Conveyor Erector
21. Peter W. Green
53 Packer
22. C. Hemingray
25 Conveyor Erector
23. Cecil Hendley
34 Cutterman
24. Reginald C. Holmes
44 Cutterman
25. Arnold Hutton
48 Packer
26. J. T. Jackson
58 Gummer
27. Robert James
52 Packer
28. Ernest Johnson 36 Packer
29. E. Johnson
46 Packer
30. Reginald Kirk
39 Ripper
31. William Mellish - Vicky, Great Grand Daughter
55 Steel supervisor
32. Edward Millward
44 Packer
33. Ernest Leslie Needham
44 Stone Contractor
34. William Henry Orvice
49 Conveyor Erector
35. Kenneth F. Robinson
25 Packer
36. G. Sydney Rogers
44 Ripper
37. Victor Rose
52 Cutterman
38. Leslie Rutherford
25 Cutterman
39. Thomas J. Senior
42 Packer
40. J. Shaw
56 Ripper
41. Herbert Shipley
38 Cutterman
42. Thomas Smith
43. Thomas Traylor
43 Cutterman
44. Robert WilliamThomas Walker
38 Packer
45. Colin Clifford Ward - Audrey, daughter
30 Packer
46. Frederick Whitlam
52 Packer
47. George Yearham 57 Face Timberman

BODIES RECOVERED ON 25th March, 1951

48. Leslie Marshall
42 Deputy
49. Reginald Teasdale
46 Supports Economy Officer
50. William Adams
51 Packer
51. Frederick Barker
41 Ripper
51 Lee John Buxton
59 Steel Supervisor
53. Allen Davis
63 Stone Contractor
54. Leslie Dodd
47 Ripper
55. Thomas Henry Evans
50 Packer
56. Gordon Fox
62 Ripper
57. Leslie Hancock
28 Packer
58. James Arthur Harrison
60 Cutterman
59. Thomas Hart
39 Datal
60. John William Humphreys
50 Ripper
61. Albert Lewis
46 Packer
62. Edward Limb
55 Datal
63. John Henry London
48 Ripper
64. William James London
51 Packer
65. Albert Cecil Mallender
47 Ripper
36 Datal
67. Eric Parkin
36 Cutterman
68. Robert Idris Price
34 Packer
69. Arnold Loftin Robinson
29 Packer
70. James Lewis Sadler
41 Ripper
71. Thomas Arthur Severn
46 Datal
72. Williarn Ernest Stonach
36 Ripper
73. Joseph Taylor 42 Face Timberman
74. George Wass
37 Packer


75. Thomas William Hunt
51 Deputy
76. Harry Clarke
46 Ripper
77. George Charles Cope
59 Datal
78. McDara Connolly
28 Ripper
79. John Edwin Oliver - Garry Fell, John's great nephew
53 Ripper
80. Carey Gersham Thorpe
46 Gummer

In each case the cause of death was carbon monoxide poisoning.

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