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Clifton Colliery - Nottinghamshire

My Great Grandfather John Dickens Died at Clifton Colliery on 2 April 1909 Aged 54 yrs
Clifton, Nos. 1 & 2, Nottingham. Originally owned by Clifton Colliery Co., Nottingham

William L. Dickens 
23 March 2013
My great grandfather John Dickens died at Clifton Colliery on 2 April 1909 aged 54 yrs
Dear Fionn

I have some information regarding my ancestors who all worked at Clifton Colliery in Nottingham.

I worked as a supplies pit pony ganger from 1966 - 1967.

  • My father William Joseph Dickens was a ripper on headings from 1936 - 1969 and was one of the last coal miners to leave Clifton Colliery before it's closure.
  • My grandfather William Henry Dickens was a shaft maintenance man from 1914 - 1943.
  • My great grandfather JOHN DICKENS was a colliery engine fitter from 1875 - 2 April 1909. We think he help in the sinking of Clifton Colliery.

JOHN DICKENS of "Bede House" Ruddington Lane, Wilford Crossroads, Wilford, Nottinghamshire.  died at Clifton Colliery on 2 April 1909 aged 54 yrs; I have attached a copy of his death certificate to show this and his son's birth certificate.

I was hoping you could include JOHN DICKENS name and details on you coalminers remembrance website, I would be extremely grateful if you could do this for me, could you please also include a red flower that would be great.

Thank you very much for your great website

Yours Sincerely
William L. Dickens 

Unusually the Dickens family were associated with the pit from its inception to its closure. William Dickens was a pony ganger 1966-1967. His father William Joseph Dickens was a ripper in headings from 1936-1968 and stayed on after the pit closed on salvage work till 1969. His Grandfather William Henry Dickens was a shaftsman from 1914-1943. His Great Grandad a colliery engine fitter from 1875 died at work on 2nd April 1909 aged 54. He was associated with the sinking in 1868. There cannot be many families with such a history at one colliery.

Bob Bradley

David Murden
16 Jan 2014
Dickens - Clifton Colliery

Found your great website today whilst researching my family tree.  I found a posting by a William L Dickens from March 2013 which refers to his Great Nan Anne Dickens and Great Grandfather John Dickens who died at the colliery.  These are my great, great grandparents through another one of their children Rose Amelia. 
I wonder if it’s possible to pass my email address on to Mr William L Dickens so we could perhaps get in touch to share information on our ancestors.  The article is posted here.  
Many thanks if you are able to make this happen.

Kind regards


Clifton Colliery Nottinghamshire

Clifton Nos. '1 & 2' pits were originally owned by Clifton Colliery Company Nottingham and opened in 1871. The owner was Saul Isaac who was also MP for Nottingham between 1874-80.  Isaac visited Nottingham around 1867 and stayed at Clifton Hall with his friend Sir Robert Clifton. Clifton was sinking a new colliery on his land but died in 1869 before it had begun operations. Isaac took lease of the colliery from Clifton's heir and came to live at Tollerton Hall in Nottinghamshire.

The colliery supplied the coal for Wilford Power Station which was situated next to it, as well as domestic fuel. Coal production ceased in the 1960's. It is all now the site of the Queens Drive industrial estate and Retail Park.


Wilford Church and Clifton Colliery abt.1900


Clifton Colliery underground. Empty truck on left and full truck coming in from the right.


Clifton Colliery 1926 - Possibly During The General Strike.


Coal Screens 1895 - By now children were not allowed underground 
but they could still be employed above ground.

Clifton Colliery 1912, End of Shift


The photo shows my Great Nan Alice Dickens, nee Beecroft, wearing the trendy cloth-cap
she is stood at the bottom of her garden chatting with here neighbour Hannah Woodcock.
Photo and Info Source: The Wilford History Society.
"It was the fashion in them day's for ladies to wear caps maybe she smoked a pipe too"
Kind Regards from William Dickens


Miners at Clifton Colliery (Pit Closure) 1969

Image from The Nottingham Forum @ Nottstalgia.Com

right Pits in the East Midlands